How to Romance Your Man with 12 Days of Passion

By Shannon Gurnee
In Lifestyle
November 19, 2015

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My husband and I met almost 3 years ago through a dating website. Both of us had been married before and brought 3 kids each to the relationship (for a total of 6 kids). My best friend asked me to marry him on Thanksgiving Day in 2014 and we got married on February 28th, 2015. After the honeymoon was over (literally), it was time to get back to everyday life. Let me tell you – life with 6 kids gets pretty dang busy, but there’s no reason passion and intimacy have to stop! Here are some ways to Romance Your Man with 12 Days of Passion.

1 – Write a love letter. Ladies, you know we love to receive love letters, so why would we expect any less of our men? Write him a letter telling him how much you love him and what you love about him. Leave it on his pillow or send it with him in his lunch or briefcase as he heads out the door to work.

2 – Kiss him every day. Life can get busy with making meals, getting kids off to school, working and doing daily tasks, but kissing every day is super important! It doesn’t have to be a major make out session either! It’s amazing how much kissing your man helps strengthen your relationship. And if your man travels, send him a kissing emoji! I know it’s not the same, but the idea is still there.

3 – Plan a date night. Whether it’s going out or staying in, date night is super important in keeping the passion with your man.

4 – Watch a romantic movie together. I always love a good romantic movie! I love to cuddle with my man while we’re watching the movie. Who knows, maybe you’ll both sneak in a kiss or two during the movie too!

5 – Text him a romantic message. This doesn’t mean you have to get all inappropriate or anything! Text him and tell him how much you love him, how much he means to you, how lucky you are to have him.

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6 – Buy something that makes you feel attractive. Men love to look at things and a hot-looking outfit is often times one of those things they love to see. You can either let him choose for you or surprise him! Definitely a great way to find the passion!

7 – Give him a massage. My man loves it when I give him back and foot massages. Not only is it relaxing, but it shows him that I love him. Feel free to add in scented lotions or oils to make it super sensual!

8 – Turn on romantic music and candles. Music can definitely help in the passion department with your man. Turn down the lights, light up (or turn on) some candles, and get close to your man. Let the passion build from there.

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9 – Shower and put on makeup. Ok, I’m going to admit something. I work from home and lately, I have not been doing my hair or makeup. It’s amazing how much better I feel about myself and how I look when I do my hair and makeup! Plus, let’s admit it ladies – there’s probably a good chance our men saw us without makeup when we were dating! Get dolled up for him – he’ll love it!

10 – Spray some perfume on before bed. My husband loves it when I smell good! It’s as simple as some good smelling deodorant and a spritz of my favorite perfume before bedtime (or anytime during the day really).

11 – Enjoy foods that get you in mood. Foods include oysters, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate. Mix them up how you choose.

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How will you plan for romance this holiday season?

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  2. Congrats on celebrating your first holiday season together as a married couple! Just make sure you set aside some time for romance – it sounds like you have some great ideas. #client

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