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By Shannon Gurnee
In Hair
October 17, 2015


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I love makeup and all things beauty! I recently discovered a fabulous company called Phuse! Phuse™ is a brand that sells its products through shopping parties or online – bringing the products directly to consumers in their living rooms. I had the opportunity to check out the Let’s Makeup Brush Set and What a Lightweight Dryer and I love them both! 

Phuse™ Let’s MakeUP Brush Set

The Phuse™ Let’s MakeUP Brush Set has you completely covered. Brush the brows, eliminate that crease and add seduction to those eyes, this set has six fabulous brushes. Brush on beauty wherever you go the custom designed case is perfect for home or travel.

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

Each Phuse™ makeup brush is equipped with soft, synthetic bristles that have been individually designed to provide a level of different coverage. From brows to bronze the Phuse™ makeup brushes have your face and dare we say flaws covered.

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

To care for your Phuse makeup brush, use a small dab of gentle, mild soap (What is our definition of a small dab? Half the size of a dime is good. Gentle, mild soap? What you would use on a baby or your face works.), softly rub the soap on the bristles and then run it under warm water, using your fingers to rinse the soap out. Squeeze out the excess water from the bristles and lay brush on a clean towel to dry. Voilà! All clean and pretty.

The Let’s Makeup Brush Set retails for $60.

What a Lightweight Dryer

No more heavy lifting—the weightlifting/styling program stops with the Phuse™ What a Lightweight Dryer. Only 16 ounces, this dryer is light on the biceps but provides a solid workout for your hair with beautiful results. Equipped with an Ionic generator that will breakdown water molecules fast, so your hair will dry faster—nice! What a Lightweight Dryer also includes Ceramic and Tourmaline technology which promotes healthy, shiny looking hair and helps reduce unwanted static electricity. Designed for both left and right handed users, so switch it up, it’s light enough.

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

#Phuse #Makeup #Beauty #BBlogger #ad

  • Light. Only 16 ounces…
  • Powerful. It is super energy efficient, only using 1500 Watt, 2 speed high performance motor—vroom.
  • Ergonomic. Designed for style and comfort, the control feature set has been strategically contoured to accommodate both right and left hand users.
  • Accessories. What a Lightweight Dryer comes with two very important accessories. First the Concentrator. This little beauty is perfect for focused drying, sections at a time. Second is the all important Accelerator Shot. The Accelerator Shot takes drying to the next level with wind forces exceeding 50 MPH—don’t worry you won’t get a speeding ticket.
  • Pretty Fast. The combination of the Ceramic, Tourmaline technology and Ionic generator results in shiny hair and fast drying time.

The What a Lightweight Dryer retails for $125. 

Have you ever heard of Phuse™ before? If so, what’s your favorite beauty tool?

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