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By Shannon Gurnee
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October 1, 2015


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Our kids love to play with electronics. Whether it’s on a tablet, a laptop, a phone or a gaming system, they love to play games! As a parent, I know that games can be fun, but I also like for them to be educational. That’s where Safari Tales comes into play!

#SafariTales #Game #iPhone #App #ad

Safari Tales is a learning-through-play app for kids that encourages exploration in reading and vocabulary skills by engaging kids in a fantastic 3D game which casts the play as both adventurer and storyteller. In Safari Tales, kids join five baby animal friends as they explore a vast African savannah filled with wildlife, mini games to master and artifacts and relics to discover and collect. Pretty cool, right? Through these game adventures, kids learn countless facts and figures about the various environments, their inhabitants and items they encounter on their way, building knowledge and enhancing reading skills.

#SafariTales #Game #iPhone #App #ad

At the end of each play session, Safari Tales uses patented technology to convert children’s adventures, discoveries and achievements into an incredible interactive storybook. Each new tale can be saved and stored to be read over and again with parents and loved ones, strengthening literacy, reasoning and enquiry skills.

#SafariTales #Game #iPhone #App #ad


Safari Tales was developed by Kuato Studios, a company formed by experts from the computer games industry and also award-winning teachers with a view to making fun and exciting games which really engaged with kids. By capitalizing on this huge engagement, they discovered a way to enhance learning without the kids even feeling like they’re playing an educational game!

Kuato Studios focuses on providing apps for kids which offer the same level of fun and engaging gameplay as the best games they may already have on their tablets. However, all of their titles have a strong learning focus. Something they noticed is that when their kids were playing a game they loved, their engagement with it was huge as they wanted to learn all about its features, rule sets and strategies. If they could ensure that those things being learned in-game were transferable to their everyday lives, their kids could have fun and learn simultaneously.

Their first game, Hakitsu, is a robot battle game where kids take control of a robot and direct him into combat with another. However, in order to direct him, they have to program his moves in real Java Script. They start with basic commands, where the game writes much of the code and the player tweaks, eventually getting to the point where the player fully programs his own robot battle moves. It has been a phenomenal success both in schools and at home.

Their “Tales” series of games (Dino Tales is the first and Safari Tales is the second) aims at enhancing literary skills in kids ages 4-10. They have created a wonderful 3D world which young kids can play in, rich with places to visit, games to play and animals to discover. Throughout the game, kids will be reading in order to follow their quests, and can ask in-game character, Darwin, real questions by selecting words and joining them together to form sentences. There are a few thousand possibilities and he will speak back the answer with facts about animals, their environment, eating habits, etc. This encourages kids to form sentence structure correctly, read and understanding meaning.

#SafariTales #Game #iPhone #App #ad

#SafariTales #Game #iPhone #App #ad

The great thing about this game is that the game records their adventures and at the end of each session, creates an interactive storybook which can be read with the parent, all about what they did in the game Words can be tweaked with synonyms in the storybook so kids can read and even learn at bedtime.

Kuato Studios has won numerous awards for their previous game, Dino Tales, and Safari Tales has just been the no. 1-selling paid iOS game in Apple’s Kids category, Entertainment category, and the no. 1-selling paid app overall in the UK.

Be sure to check out Safari Tales today!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/safari-tales/id1003842599?mt=8
Amazon: http://www.amazon.ca/Kuato-Studios-Safari-Tales/dp/B011VCDF7A

Who in your family would love playing Safari Tales?



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