Beauty: Remington TStudio PROtect Flat Iron Review

By Shannon Gurnee
In Hair
July 30, 2015


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I have very curly hair, but love the way my hair looks when it’s straight! Straightening hair can be a real pain in the rear, especially if I have a flat iron that doesn’t really get the job done right away. I didn’t have any of those problems with the Remington T|Studio™ PROtect™ Flat Iron though. I love the way my hair turned out when I used the flat iron it!

#RemingtonReady #Beauty #BBloggers #ad

The Remington T|Studio™ PROtect™ Flat Iron is awesome! It combines 1″ Ultra Ceramic plates with the revolutionary Vapor Infusion Technology to provide 90% more frizz control and 68% more protection from breakage compared to standard Remington straighteners without PROtect technology. PROtect uses water and an included macadamia conditioning treatment to supply cool micro vapor that absorbs into hair, protecting it from damage while you style. Plus, the 450° heat gives you salon-quality results that last. Experience the Remington T|Studio PROtect Flat Iron and leave your hair cares behind!

    • Vapor Infusion Technology
    • 1” Ultra Ceramic Plates
    • Macadamia Conditioning Treatment
    • 450° Salon High Heat
    • 30 Second Heat-Up
    • Digital Controls with Temperature Lock
    • Swivel Cord
    • Auto Shutoff

#Remington #RemingtonReady #Beauty #BBloggers #ad

What Is TStudio PROtect?

Remington’s T|Studio PROtect features revolutionary Vapor Infusion Technology that seals in moisture to provide a healthy, long lasting finish.

#RemingtonReady #Beauty #BBloggers #ad

How does the straightener work?

Rehydrate: The straightener releases a cool micro vapor that treats hair while you straighten for frizz control and long-lasting style. Protect: The hair absorbs moisture from the straightener to prevent hair breakage and damage. Straighten: The ceramic content of the plates aids in heat recovery for fast styling with one pass.

What features do you like about the Remington T|Studio™ PROtect™ Flat Iron?

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50 Responses to “Beauty: Remington TStudio PROtect Flat Iron Review”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I get keratin treatments, but still need to flat iron my hair to make my curls go away completely.

  2. I love that it releases vapor to keep hair hydrated as you straighten. Normal flat irons can really dry out your hair!

  3. Dawn says:

    This is the coolest! I’m glad there’s finally a flat iron that addresses the problem of how drying they can be.

  4. I like that vapor infusion button! I have straight hair already, but sometimes I use a flat iron too.

  5. Maureen says:

    This sounds like a great flat iron. I like that it releases vapor to keep hair hydrated!

  6. Catherine S says:

    This looks like a great flat iron. I like the vapor infusion technology.

  7. Liz Mays says:

    This sounds like an awesome iron. I really like that vapor infusion feature.

  8. Valerie says:

    Add me to the list of those that like the vapor infusion feature. It is so easy to dry out your hair so stopping that is perfect!

  9. Now that my daughter has her hair grown out, I an use a flat iron on her hair. This looks like a great brand to try.

  10. Mandee says:

    I love that it treats the hair for frizz control. I have a major frizzy hair issue!

  11. Kristin says:

    This sounds like a nice product. I have pretty straight hair but do need it on those crazy hair days. Thank you for the share.

  12. I wonder how that cool vapor would work on coily, kinky hair. I like to flat iron my hair a few times a month to stretch the length and style it.

  13. I’m always looking for a good flat iron! I have thick, long curly hair so I love all the features the Remington TStudio has!

  14. Penelope says:

    I would never buy a flat iron that wasn’t ceramic. It makes such a difference in my hair!

  15. Felicia says:

    That looks like an awesome flat iron. I really need to look into this one more. Mine is ok, but this one seems easier to use.

  16. I really (REALLY) need a new flat iron – I have purchased so many over the years that are just not up to par.

  17. I have always loved Remington. This flat iron looks so nice.

  18. Is the Macadamia Conditioning Treatment something that comes with the flat iron or is the iron infused with it in some way? My trusty Sedu died out on me, and I’m not thrilled with the brand I bought as a replacement so thanks for putting this one my radar!

  19. I love how the Remington TStudio Protect rehydrates the hair. Using flat irons to straighten the hair can leave them dry and brittle, but not with the Remington! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This is an awesome flat iron indeed. I have been looking for a good flat iron and this one I am going to be checking out for sure. The fact that it rehydrates the hair is a big plus for me. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Alli says:

    My hair has a tendency to frizz, so I love the idea of the cool vapor mist. When I need a new flat iron, I’ll look for this one. I really like the features.

  22. The vapor infusion feature is great. I avoid using irnon for the fear of damaging my hair but this sounds like a good one.

  23. Mhie Lee says:

    Wow! this is what I needed. Rehydrates the hair is a big plus.I seldom iron my hair because of the fear that will damage.

  24. Rosey says:

    It’s nice to find a flatiron that you like. Mine burns my hands on the outside so I don’t use it often.

  25. I love my flat iron! I am not great at styling my hair, but when it is flat it always looks great!

  26. This looks like a good product compared to ordinary hair irons. I like the idea of vapor infusion, won’t totally dry out your hair.

  27. Jeanine says:

    Oh this sounds like a nice flat iron. I’m in need of a new one and this sounds like a fantastic choice!

  28. Lynndee says:

    The vapor infusion technology is something new to me, but it definitely sounds neat. I would love to have that flat iron.

  29. Frizz is something I have to deal with every single day. I love that this release a cool micro vapor that treats the hair.

  30. Sandy KS says:

    Oh wow, a vapor infuse button, how cool is that. I think that is the best feature on this product. Mine doesn’t have one. Guess it is time for me to upgrade.

  31. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    My flat iron just stooped working the other day. I will have to pick this one up to try. I always buy Remington when i can.

  32. Nickida says:

    This looks like a great flat iron. I do wonder how the vapor would affect my natural hair. Interesting concept though.

  33. Bonnie @ wemake7 says:

    This sounds like a really great Flat Iron. Your hair looks wonderful, I have to get one of these for my hair.

  34. Veronica says:

    I rarely use flat irons, but I just got a new one

  35. What a great product, I used to be a slave to the flat iron. I loved the way it would transform my hair into different styles.

  36. I have really frizzy hair so when I had to use the flat iron, it’s really a big deal! I would love to try this brand and see if it makes the whole process easier lol

  37. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    An excellent flat iron is a girl’s best friend! Love the pic in the hat!

  38. HilLesha says:

    I have never tried their flat irons before, but they sound promising. Thank you for the recommendation!

  39. We don’t usually use our flat iron but this actually looks pretty good.

  40. ARod says:

    Sounds like a great flat iron. And your hair looks great in that picture. I love my hair straight as well. Will be on the lookout for this flat iron.

  41. Christie says:

    Straightening and cooling would definitely help protect my hair from heat! Sounds like a great straightener!

  42. I love using a straightner on my hair but it takes forever. I have super thick hair.

  43. CourtneyLynne says:

    I’ve been on the market for a new flat iron!! This one sounds pretty fantastic. I will have to look more into it!

  44. I’ve always been a fan of Remington products! I would love to have something like this for my hair!

  45. Debbie Denny says:

    That is nice. I like the moisture feature

  46. I love to flat iron my hair, but hate how dry it gets. The vapors to hydrate your hair is brilliant.

  47. Krystal says:

    I go through flat irons like CRAZY! I should try this one and see if it helps me!

  48. Latoicha says:

    Your hair looks awesome! This iron looks amazing. I want to try it!

  49. Shell says:

    I like the auto shut off feature. I always second guess myself after I left that house, wondering if I turned mine off.

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