Find the 7th Minion Toy with General Mills Cereal

By Frank Gurnee
In Food
July 6, 2015

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#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias  

Do you remember being a kid and seeing your mom or dad come home with that new box of cereal? Well, what’s more exciting than getting a new box of cereal? That’s right! Getting a new toy in your box of cereal!

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

I recently headed over to Walmart and discovered the Minion Toys were available in select varieties of General Mills Cereals! Our kids love the Minions and are gonna go nuts over these little gems! I was gonna pick up two boxes and decided to go for four of them since four of our six kids really love Minions. General Mills Cereal varieties included Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, Trix, Cocoa Puffs and Golden Grahams in the XL/Family Size boxes. I not only found them in the aisle with a little Minions sign, but I found a display in the middle of the large aisles as well. They were only $3.98 per box.

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

Our kids love digging in the box to get the toy out. I don’t know about you, but I cringe a little when the toy is actually in with the cereal itself (like it was when we were kids). I love that General Mills Cereal has the toy wrapped by itself and is outside of the plastic bag of cereal in the box. No getting your hands dirty or getting dirty hands on the cereal. Great idea General Mills Cereal!

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

While we bought four boxes of cereal, we only found three different Minion toys. Not only can they fit these little toys in their pockets (making it easy to take with us when we go see the Minions Movie), but they connect together as well. Our kids can’t wait to collect the other four! Remember, you’ll only be able to get the 7th Minion Toy with General Mills Cereal at Walmart! So be sure to head there and pick up your favorite General Mills Cereal flavor and collect all 7 of the Minion toys!

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

#The7thMinion #CollectiveBias

Be sure to head to Walmart and pick up the 7th Minion Toy with General Mills Cereal!

Who in your family would love the Minion Toys in General Mills Cereal from Walmart?
What flavor cereal would you choose?

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20 Responses to “Find the 7th Minion Toy with General Mills Cereal”

  1. That’s so genius that General Mills has the toy packaged separately from the cereal. What a totally different experience than what we had growing up! #client

  2. Jeannette says:

    I love the idea of letting my kids find a Minions toy in their cereal! I so remember loving finding toys in my cereal when I was a kid and I think this is a great way for them to have the same experience!

  3. Oh we all love the Minions! Our favorite of these cereals would have to be Honey Nut Cheerios! I remember looking for secret toys in cereal boxes when I was a kid.

  4. Jaime Nicole says:

    We are looking for the Minions, too! So far no luck on finding the 7th, but we are enjoying the search a bowl at a time.

  5. Denise says:

    This is going to be a great movie and with all of these things, kids are going to love it and go crazy. Thank you

  6. Michele says:

    There were no toys in cereal boxes when I was growing up–but I remember getting all sticky trying to find the prize or toy in the Cracker Jacks box!!!!!

  7. miriam says:

    It’s pretty clever how Walmart teamed up with the Minions to bring more people to the store. I know how crazy kids are about the Minions…

  8. mykidsguide says:

    My girls are all minions and they’re looking forward to seeing the movie. They’ll have tons of fun looking for it in their cereals.

  9. Chantal says:

    These are super cute! I love how the minions have their own movie!

  10. CourtneyLynne says:

    Hehehe I just heard about this the other day. I’m shopping at Walmart on Thursday so I will probably be doing this lol

  11. Franc Ramon says:

    Let me check this one in our own stores. The minions would really be such a cute collection.

  12. Angie says:

    I used to love those cereal prizes!! It’s nice to see that they have some fun ones out again and you’re right, it’s much better how they package them now!

  13. I love minions and I love getting toys in my cereal, it was such an experience doing that when I was a kid and its now just fun to do it.

  14. This looks to be a very fun movie; one I am looking forward to seeing! What a great idea to include a bonus and prize toy surprise in the cereal box! I hope you find your treasure!

  15. It was always so much fun to get the toy out of the box of cereal. I’m not sure that my kids really had that experience.

  16. Lovely says:

    Cereal that has the wrapped toy by itself and is outside of the plastic bag of cereal in the box. why didn’t we think of this sooner?? I remember as a kid, dumping the cereal into into a bowl and shifting for the toy.

  17. XmasDolly says:

    Well, my granddaughter and I are going to Walmart tomorrow, and I guess we’ll pick up some Honey Nut Cherrios. That’s hubby’s favorite. I have got to see what these little guys look like! LOL

  18. addi ganley says:

    The kid in me says Lucky Charms but the adult says Honey Nut Cheerios. Who am i kidding? The kid is obviously gonna win! lol

  19. vickie couturier says:

    i would love to get some of those,but with 14 grandkids i cant eat that much cereal,lol

  20. Cynthia R says:

    Those minions are so cute, even as an adult I wouldn’t mind a few minion figure toys. Can’t wait for the movie.

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