SimplyFun Builds Autism Awareness Through Game Play

By Shannon Gurnee
In Game Review
April 12, 2015


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One of my favorite game brands is SimplyFun! In fact, I was first introduced to SimplyFun at a friend’s game night I was invited to when I was living in Seattle. I had no idea we’d be playing games all night that I had never seen or heard of….and had tons of fun playing! I not only love SimplyFun because their games are great for adults, but because they are fun for kids too.

Did you know that all April long it’s Autism Awareness Month? At SimplyFun, they believe that all children have the opportunity to benefit from game play and they’ve added more depth to their work with autism. Recently, their games were analyzed by an independent team of advisors who have identified games within SimplyFun’s portfolio that build on common strengths found with children on the spectrum, as well as providing suggestions for game play suitability and/or changes to the game play to make the game more accessible. Here is a link to more information on their work:

#SimplyFun #Autism #GamePlay #spon

SimplyFun, LLC., is a developer of award winning educational board games that allow children to build their core thinking, academic and life skills through game play. SimplyFun is supporting autism awareness through initiatives designed to holistically support children with autism by both addressing their unique challenges and building on their strengths and interests. This extra focus on the child’s strengths and interests is unique to SimplyFun. It comes from their commitment to finding ways for all children to reach their potential, experience pride in accomplishment, and connect with family and friends.

To further their commitment to supporting children with autism, SimplyFun is introducing another approach to game analysis. Have you noticed that sometimes children with autism are overlooked regarding their strengths due to their typical focus on concerns? This is why SimplyFun is presenting how certain games in their catalog can capitalize on things children with autism may do well, while providing an important venue through which parents and children can connect. 

“It has been such a learning experience to work with our Play Advisory Council experts, Dr. Toni Linder and Matt Brown to define an approach that we believe can help give parents of children with autism hope for their child’s future while creating a point of connection with their child through game play,” says SimplyFun President and CEO, Patty Pearcy.

“Board, card, and action games can serve a valuable role in the life of the child with autism,” explains SimplyFun Play Advisory Council member and independent game evaluator, Toni Linder. “Through these types of games, children with autism learn to take turns, pay attention to others’ needs, communicate with and interact with others in a positive and motivating way. Games provide a structured form of play that give children with autism a framework for engagement with others, a set of rules to follow to give them a sense of security, and a goal to work toward. Games can also allow children with autism the means for expressing and sharing their strengths with others in a way that is nurturing and fun,” says Linder who goes on to say that “Many children with autism have strong visual or verbal memories, spatial reasoning abilities, interests in and skills with numbers or letters, and strengths in many other skill areas. Children love to do things they enjoy and are good at, so we want to help match games to strengths.”

Play Advisor Council member Matt Brown enthusiastically adds, “Last year, I helped develop guidelines for parents, teachers and other care-givers to find games that help remediate areas of need for children with autism. That was valuable, yet only addressed one half of the child. Children with autism also have great strengths and interests. That is why I am more excited than ever to be collaborating on a new set of guidelines that will help adults find games that build on those strengths and interests. I believe that everyone needs to experience competency and be valued for what makes them unique, since we are all our own snowflake. And, children with autism deserve to be celebrated and encouraged to pursue their passions and grow their skills.” 

I love that SimplyFun is focused on building Autism Awareness through game play. I also love that their attitude is focused on the strengths of children with autism and how to build those strengths through playing games. Thank you SimplyFun!

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25 Responses to “SimplyFun Builds Autism Awareness Through Game Play”

  1. Brandy says:

    OH my gosh, this is too cute. I love finding new games for our Family Friday Nights! I will look into this one, had not heard of it before! I think you will like the Sock Puppets Charades game I recently reviewed on my blog!

  2. Debra says:

    I love playing games with my kids. Certain games help teach them about physical, cognitive, language and social skills.

  3. I have some friend’s kids that would really get some use out of this! Being aware and understanding the condition is helpful for anyone.

  4. I love finding new games for family game days! Game play is an important part of learning, I love that they focus on what the child does well.

  5. Mitch says:

    My son loves to play games, this is a great one for him, and it offers me an opportunity to talk about his various friends who might have different issues.

  6. Stacie says:

    This is such a great way to make fun time learning time as well. I love it!

  7. Rachelle J says:

    Having a daughter on the spectrum this is something I LOVE to hear about! I’m going to get this for my daughter!

  8. Chrissy says:

    I love these games! I wonder if these could be used in classrooms to help with awareness and understanding?

  9. Pam says:

    We have always had a family game night. I love that SimplyFun is bringing awareness to autism. And in such a creative way!

  10. Catherine S says:

    We are a big gaming family. I like that you can have fun and also learn at the same time. SimplyFun sounds like a great company with great products.

  11. Jeanine says:

    We love playing games. We play as a family multiple times a week. This is an excellent idea!! Having fun while being educated… Always welcome!

  12. Liz Mays says:

    This would be such a blast. I’m glad there are games like this that can help develop skills for kids on the spectrum!

  13. Marcie W. says:

    This is wonderful! My son is on the autism spectrum and I am always on the lookout for companies that assist in bringing awareness and understanding to this cause.

  14. Veronica says:

    I love it when a company uses their platform to bring awareness to a worthy cause

  15. Crystal says:

    What a fantastic way to help children, those on the spectrum and not, to build important skills. I know how challenging it can be for a child to demonstrate patience during game play. This sounds like a wonderful company. I can’t wait to pick a game up for my family.

  16. Nina Say says:

    This is such an amazing and inspiring way to help. I have a few people who are going to love this. thanks!

  17. That’s really interesting. I never have considered the fact that autistic children are always talked about because of their issues, but not because of where their strengths lie. SimplyFun seems to be taking a novel approach to autism awareness!

  18. Ronni says:

    Our 8 year old has Aspergers. It can be tough finding fun in learning. I’ll have to look for this! They are all so different and we’re up for anything that helps bridge the gap!

  19. Christie says:

    Game can be fun for any kids! I love how SimplyFun is helping those with autism

  20. It is great that Simply fun is helping with Autism awareness. My friends little girl is five and is Autistic and non verbal. She has so many great strengths.

  21. I think it is great that SimplyFun is focused on building Autism Awareness. There are just so many people who just do not understand. Every program that steps up to bring awareness helps to get more voices out there.

  22. Marina John says:

    This is awesome! I had never heard of Simply Fun before, but it sounds like a company I’d like to look more into. I love that these games bring awareness to autism.

  23. So cute. What a great way to make learning fun.

  24. Amanda says:

    I love that these games are fun for everyone and bringing awareness about autism! Very cool! We love family game night here!

  25. Carly says:

    I love this! As a teacher who mainstreams children on the spectrum…..I need to get more info about these games!

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