Protect Your Baby From Bacteria with UviCube

By Shannon Gurnee
In Baby Products
February 9, 2015


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From the moment I find out I was pregnant with each of my boys, I wanted to do nothing but protect them. When they’re infants, you pretty much can protect them from anything. However, once they start crawling and moving around, it gets a little tougher as they start putting everything they encounter in their mouth!

#UviCube #babies #ad

Let me introduce you to UviCube. UviCube eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria with ultraviolet (UV) light technology. You can easily dry, disinfect and store baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups while also safely sanitizing mobile phones and electronics. Because it uses UV light, you can sanitize mobile phones, electronics, toys and other household items that cannot be exposed to moisture or heat. Basically, UviCube helps disinfect normal household items babies put in their mouth. As a result, it keeps babies and the entire family healthy by reducing the number of germs in your household.

#UviCube #babies #ad

Why Use UviCube?

– Frequent sanitizing leads to a clean environment. Therefore, keeping a clean baby care environment is one of best ways to ensure your baby stays healthy.

– There is NO burn risk. UviCube doesn’t use boiling water or hot steam, thereby avoiding the risk of burns. UviCube uses a low-heat infrared light to dry and UV light to disinfect, so there’s no risk of burning your fingers.

– Dry and store.Β Because UviCube dries your bottles and kills germs, you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty again while drying or needing extra countertop space to dry. Your bottles can stay in UviCube until you need them.

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Meet the Founders Ben and Autumn Colayco (Kickstarter Video) from UviCube on Vimeo.

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