Holiday Cookies with Hampton Creek

By Shannon Gurnee
In Cooking with Redhead Mom
December 24, 2014


#HamptonCreek #Cookies #Holidays #foodie #ad 

I love the holidays!  Not only do I love the decorations and the gifts, but I also love the sweet treats!  One of my favorite holiday treats to make are cookies!  In fact, I have great movies of making Chocolate Chip Cookies with my mom for Santa on Christmas Eve!  I can also tell you that we have 6 kids (and 2 adults) in our house who LOVE to eat Chocolate Chip Cookies!  So when I mentioned that I needed to bake up some cookies from Hampton Creek, my family was eager to eat them all up!  In fact, I had planned on making Ice Cream Sandwiches, but the cookies just didn’t last that long!

#HamptonCreek #Cookies #Holidays #foodie #ad

#HamptonCreek #Cookies #Holidays #foodie #ad

We received a tub of Just Cookie Dough from Hampton Creek to try out and share on The Mommy-Files.  We not only enjoyed baking them up and eating them after they were cooked in the oven, but we also really enjoyed eating bites straight out of the container!  Just Cookie Dough from Hampton Creek was super yummy, but we had to limit how much we ate since we needed to bake up some of the cookies.  This is definitely something I could grab a container of with a spoon and sit down and eat while watching a movie at home.

#HamptonCreek #Cookies #Holidays #foodie #ad

Have you heard of Hampton Creek before?  It is a new kind of food company that’s making it easier for families to make better food choices.  Both their Just Mayo and Just Cookie Dough products are delicious, affordable, better for you (cholesterol-free, allergy-friendly) and better for the planet.  The Just Cookie Dough just launched in Central/Southern California Whole Foods, too!

  1. Here are some fun ways you can use your Just Cookie Dough from Hampton Creek:
  2. Ball it up and toss into your brownie mix so it has “ball surprises.”
  3. Stick a wad between two crackers and have a dough sandwich!
  4. Toss into your milkshake for some extra fun.
  5. Put a couple bits in your child’s (aka your) yogurt to get them (you) to eat it.
  6. Make the base of your pie/tart a whole lot more yummy.
  7. Cookie dough pops!  Put sticks in the bottom of dough balls and pop in the freezer.
  8. Instead of frosting between your cake layers…dough it up!

How would you enjoy your Just Cookie Dough?

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.

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50 Responses to “Holiday Cookies with Hampton Creek”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those cookies look amazing. They are perfect for dipping in a glass of milk πŸ™‚

  2. Jaime says:

    The cookies look fantastic. I’d probably love eating this straight out of the container. That’s allowed, right? πŸ˜‰

  3. Yum! I have never heard of Hampton Creek before so I’ll have to scope them out. Nothing better than hot cookies, straight outta the oven.

  4. Kay Adeola says:

    In the UK I do not see so much cookie dough like this which is a shame because I would be buying it all the time.I have never heard of this company before.

  5. Krystal says:

    I’ve got to give this a try. Those cookies came out exactly like I like them.

  6. Kungphoo says:

    I dont need to put that in the oven, i am a cookie dough fanatic.. this is a new kind for us to try!

  7. Oh, they look great! Like you, I would have loved to try make ice cream sandwiches out of them. Again, not sure if they would last long enough for that!

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    Yum yum these sound delicious – I am always ready for a nice cookie! x

  9. I haven’t heard of Hampton Creek, but I love having dough in the freezer to make up some quick sweets if needed!

  10. Oh my goodness, this looks heavenly, and I just started my healthy eating plan today. And now I really want these cookies too πŸ™

  11. aimee fauci says:

    Every holiday season and during the summer I always buy cookie dough. It makes it so much easier since we bake so much during these times.

  12. coolchillmom says:

    the first way I would enjoy it would definitively be with a spoon!
    those cookies look amazing yum

  13. Fi NΓ­ NeachtΓ‘in says:

    I’ve never heard of the Hampton Creek brand before. These cookies look so delicious though!

  14. Andrea says:

    mmmmm! These look delicious! Another great recipe to try!

  15. I would have a very hard time keeping my spoon out of that container of cookie dough. Looks so good.

  16. Liz Mays says:

    Gosh I’d love to send one of these tubs to my son. I could actually get him to make his own cookies.

  17. Amber NElson says:

    Those look perfectly delicious. I love making cookies!

  18. Jeanine says:

    Those for some reason made me think of ice cream. I would love to eat those with French vanilla. I don’t know why but yum they look good!

  19. Pam says:

    I had heard of their Just Mayo, but I’m not a mayo fan so this Just Cookie Dough is way more my style. I’d have a hard time not eating all of it before it made it to the cooking pan.

  20. I have not heard of Hampton Creek but am going to give them a look. You forgot my fav way to eat cookie dough…by itself!!!

  21. Those look amazing, and I wish I had a plateful in front of me now! It would be hard for me now to start eating that dough right out of the container!

  22. Killing me! I could house this whole thing right now!

  23. Those cookies look nice and fluffy, just how I like mine! I would make them and share with others.

  24. Veronica says:

    there were no cookies in the house for the holiday. These look really yummy

  25. Nicole says:

    I’m a sucker for the tubs of cookie dough. I have a problem keeping the dough just for cookies, because sometimes you just need a spoonful of dough…

  26. I love chocolate chip cookies. This is a great way to enjoy a yummy treat with the family.

  27. Annie says:

    Your cookies look so perfect, yum! Looks like great cookie dough πŸ™‚

  28. Theresa says:

    Those cookies look so good! Light and fluffy, the way I like my cookies!

  29. maria says:

    This looks perfect for my family! The cookies came out perfect!!

  30. Elizabeth O. says:

    The cookies look delicious! I can’t wait to try these from Hampton Creek! Super yum!

  31. Nothing like a classic chocolate chip cookie, I would love to have some right about now!

  32. I can just imagine all of the time I could save with this cookie dough. I bake a lot of cookies for the grands {much to my kids horror, lol} and sometimes I have to rush and miss an ingredient or two.

  33. Robin Gagnon says:

    This is certainly far less messy than when I make cookies from scratch. I hate doing the extra dishes.

  34. Tess says:

    I can just smell those cookies! I love making cookies on a cold day.

  35. Pam says:

    I have not heard of Hampton Creek but I would love to try their cookie dough. It would sure make life a bit easier and from the pictures, it looks delicious.

  36. Jamie says:

    I love cookie dough – I used to just eat it straight out of the package haha – how bad is that??

  37. Rosey says:

    This is my first time hearing of Hampton Creek. This sounds really good to me, we love cookies. πŸ™‚

  38. Melissa Smith says:

    Those cookies have my mouth watering! But I won’t lie, I’d end up just eating the dough with a spoon. LOL

  39. lisa says:

    These look so good! All I need is a spoon and I’m set!

  40. Sara says:

    I’ve never heard of Hampton Creek before, but I love cookie dough. I rarely get to bake it though since my boys are fans of eating it with ice cream!

  41. The cookies look so delicious, I bet the candle smells amazing too. My hubby would love them!

  42. Tamika says:

    This is the first time; I’ve heard about Hampton Creek. The cookies looks really delicious. Do they make this in gluten free?

  43. OMG! I love cookie dough! Haven’t heard of this Brand before but i will be sure to check them out! looks delicious!

  44. ann b says:

    I tried just cookie dough a couple weeks ago and they are awesome! Hampton creek has just mayo too that is amazing.

  45. Alice Chase says:

    Adding it to a milkshake sounds like a cool idea! My kids would love that.

  46. Just baked soft chocolate chips cookies are the best. These look good. Thanks for the tip on this brand.

  47. I love to make cookies – I just always have a hard time to be successful at it, lol! I want this one!

  48. Erica says:

    those look amazing and yummy. I love when I can find the perfect pre-made cookie dough

  49. I love this product! How great would it be to just grab the tub and cook up only as many as you need without all the muss and fuss?

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