4 Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy Smile

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
October 6, 2014

I taught my child the importance of oral health care with LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #besweetsmart.

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With 6 children in our home, it’s important that we set morning and nighttime routines.  In the mornings, they have “chores” that they complete.  These chores include brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, eating breakfast and getting dressed for school.  They also have a routine at nighttime.  At night, their routine includes putting their pjs on and brushing their teeth.  They alter showers in the mornings and evenings, depending on their preference.

One thing that has always been important to me has been a healthy smile.  Teaching our kids when their young is the perfect time to instill good oral hygiene  With our children, it starts with brushing their teeth.  It is possible for our children to have healthy smiles, but we have to lead by example (aka do what we preach so they see how important it really is).  Especially with Halloween just around the corner and lots of sweet treats to come with the holidays, it’s especially important to get our kids in the habit of taking care of their teeth!  Here are 4 Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy Smile.

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4 Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy Smile

1 – Brush their teeth.  One of the easiest ways to give your child a healthy smile is have to have him or her brush their teeth.  Brushing in the morning and at night are super important.  Brushing in the morning helps your child start her day with clean teeth and fresh breath as they head out the door for school.  Brushing at night cleans away the plaque and bacteria from the various foods they’ve eaten during the day and also helps to relax them – getting them in that “bedtime” mode.

2 – Floss on a regular basis.  For our kids, we try to encourage them to floss at least once a day.  This can get a little trickier, but that’s where kid-friendly flossers come in handy.  Flossing is important because it gets hard-to-reach food out from between the teeth.  Plus, it gives them better smelling breath and a clean smile!

3 – Rinse with LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE.  LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone and provides 12 hour cavity protection.  It’s really important for our children to take care of their teeth, as well as the health of their mouth.  Using a rinse helps to cleans places that the toothbrush cannot reach and is essential for a healthy smile and to help prevent cavities in children.

#BeSweetSmart #Listerine #Smile #ad

#BeSweetSmart #Listerine #Smile #ad

#BeSweetSmart #Listerine #Smile #ad

4 – Visit the dentist on a regular basis.  Regular visits to the Private Dentistry office should start at an early age.  The dentist can catch problems before they start, as well as give your child advice on good oral hygiene. They can also provide services like dental implants and braces to further improve their smiles.

Getting your kids into morning and nighttime routines can be a challenge at first, but once they get the hang of it, they will thank you (and so will their teeth and gums)!  As a parent, I’m so glad that there are products available like LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE to help give each of our kids a healthy smile.

What tips do you have for giving your child a healthy smile?  
Do your children floss or using mouth rinse?

I taught my child the importance of oral health care with LISTERINE® SMARTRINSE, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #besweetsmart.

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33 Responses to “4 Ways to Give Your Child a Healthy Smile”

  1. Theresa says:

    I made sure my children started a routine early. Now it is just habit for them to brush, floss, then rinse, and so far, perfect check ups! And my girls do love Listerine mouth washes!

  2. kristin says:

    Oh how great!! My girls love to rinse, it’s just a fun step in brushing. We are flossing now too but it’s probably our biggest struggle.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We use Listerine Smart Rinse. I love that it helps the kids get those hard to reach spots between teeth.

  4. These are great tips! Our dentist always stresses the importance of using mouthwash along with brushing.

  5. Catherine S says:

    It was always a struggle to get my son to brush properly when he was little. I would have to stand watch and make sure he did it. I wish I would have had Listerine Smart Rinse.

  6. My kids love to use this mouthwash. Flossing is another story, lol.

  7. Dawn says:

    It’s super important to get kids on a good oral health routine early. ESPECIALLY flossing. You gotta floss.

  8. Mitch says:

    Listerine is our first choice of mouth wash already for the adults! I wuld love this for my son, we are very aware of his teeth as he has had braces since he was 9!

  9. Pam says:

    Flossing is the one thing my kids could be better about, dental wise. They always make sure to brush their teeth and they love using Listerine!

  10. If my husband saw Listerine with Captain America on it he would make me buy it. He won’t care that it’s for kids.

  11. Kiwi says:

    I love Listerine has made a product for the kids! Keep the kiddies mouth clean and healthy I must share with my nephew!

  12. Veronica says:

    My son hates to floss. It is like moving a mountain getting him to floss

  13. I need to do to a better job of keeping my kids mouths healthy. Although I did my son some mouth wash but he poured it down the sink. 🙁

  14. Christina says:

    this is a great way to get them to have good habits. Great choice when the regular listerine is too strong for kids.

  15. Melinda says:

    it’s a great way to finish the teeth cleaning process. mouthwash seems to be a favorite in our house.

  16. Mel Cole says:

    Listerine is one of those products that my family always use since I was a kid. They have been a strong brand. It’s very effective.

  17. Great tips! We use all four, teeth are something you only get twice and have forever, it’s important to take care of them.

  18. Krystal says:

    Flossing is a biggie. You can’t neglect your gums, and children will if you don’t stay on top of them.

  19. Tracey says:

    These are really great tips! Oral care for kids is so important!

  20. Christie says:

    Listerine rinses are pretty cleverly tailored to kids! My son loves his!

  21. Candy O says:

    Great prodcuts to get kids to brushing. We just got our teeth cleaned last week.

  22. Amanda says:

    Great tips! I need to check the ages on the rinse. My kids are 3 and 5 but I would love if they could use the rinse. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Margot C says:

    So important to start good dental hygiene early and make it an absolutely fixed routine. My daughter has absolutely perfect teeth (not like mine!) and I know that is why.

  24. I’ve gotta grab a bottle of that mouthwash! I’ve heard great things about it.

  25. Camesha says:

    I was just talking to my son about mouthwash. He’s only 4 and currently rinses with water. He saw some at the store and was super curious about it.

  26. Debbie Denny says:

    Fantastic post. Good tips for the family.

  27. we have been useing Listerine for years, we also love the listerine floss, we have very few cavities, and less colds and flu, sooooo many mouth problems Listerine protects our mouth and gums, and many germs that come from our mouth,

  28. Jennie Larrison says:

    I do not have children at home anymore. All grownup with children of their own. My grandchildren all brush morning and evening and use Smart Rinse. They love it. Too bad we did not have Smart Rinse when my children were growing up.

  29. Janet says:

    My Grand-kids love to to Brush and Rinse, but like most Moms on here I am having a time with the flossing.

  30. Debbie McBrearty says:

    When my kids were little we had a two story house. To make sure they brushed after breakfast I had tooth brushes for them in the bathroom just of the kitchen for the morning rush and tooth brushes upstairs for them at bed time. It was easy to get them to the dentist because he was a close friend that we associated with often.

  31. We have well water which does not have fluoride. So everyone here has to try even harder to brush and floss and rinse. Candy is no body’s friend.

  32. Yolanda Davis says:

    I make sure my son brush 3 times a day morning noon and night for a healty smile teeth and evethi.g rsl health is mekhi nportant to me and my family

  33. Cindy Felts184 says:

    My kids love keeping their teeth healthy with your products!

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