Creating a More Sustainable Home with Our Family This Summer

By Shannon Gurnee
In Lifestyle
June 7, 2014

#BrightFuture #Upcycling #spon 

#BrightFuture #Upcycling #Sustainable #spon

In our home, we recycle cardboard boxes, paper, glass and plastic on a regular basis.  Our “blue” recycle bin is always full (I’m sure other bloggers out there can relate).  Well, this summer, our family is going to be taking it one step further!  Thanks to Unilever, we are going to take steps to “Be Your Own Farmers Market.”  I am so excited about this activity and am looking forward to seeing our kids’ reactions to it as well.

#BrightFuture #Upcycling #Sustainable #spon

So what exactly does it mean to “Be Your Own Farmer’s Market?”  It means that we’ll be growing our own vegetables, fruits and herbs by up-cycling glass or plastic jars (such as Hellman’s mayonnaise containers).  I haven’t ever done this before and am excited to find a new way to make our home more sustainable!

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of Food, Home and Personal Care products, Unilever is behind many much-loved brands that touch two billion people every day around the world.  Unilever is also a global leader in promoting sustainable living – such as Lipton® working with the Rainforest Alliance to develop more sustainable approaches to tea farming or Hellmann’s® making a commitment to transition its entire product line to 100 percent cage-free eggs by 2000.

#BrightFuture #Sustainable #Upcycling #spon

In November of 2013, Unilever launched a new initiative promoting sustainable living. Unilever Project Sunlight is a long-term initiative to motivate people to live sustainably by inspiring them to create a brighter future for children.  It aims to create a growing community of people who believe it’s possible to build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainably, without compromising the needs of future generations.

Taking a cue from the optimistic outlook children have on the world, Unilever Project Sunlight launched a new short film, “The Way Kids See It,” to inspire people to take small actions to live sustainably.  Unilever Project Sunlight created Summer Sunlight Activities to encourage families to adopt sustainable habits at home.

What do you do to have a sustainable home (i.e. up cycling, recycling, etc)? 

While this post is part of a sponsored campaign by Unilever Project Sunlight,
all opinions and experiences expressed are entirely my own.  

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7 Responses to “Creating a More Sustainable Home with Our Family This Summer”

  1. That is so neat! I never really considered growing things in a glass container like that but what a fantastic idea for people who have limited space or who don’t have yards they can plant large gardens in 🙂

  2. Rebecca Swenor says:

    It is an awesome things Unilever is doing with there promotions as well as you and your family are doing. Great job to all. Thanks for sharing.

  3. kim says:

    I do like supporting our local farmers and try to buy from them when ever possible. Love your basil photo. I have a whole new like for Basil

  4. We recycle but I really like the idea of up-cycling glass or plastic jars to grow your own food. This is something that would fit our small space perfectly.

  5. Debi says:

    I am making these containers planters for my herbs. Like this week

  6. Jenna Em says:

    Kudos to them for creating this sustainable living program. It gladens me when big companies do good.

  7. […] In our home, we like to recycle and upcycle where possible. We recycle our bottles, glass, cans and boxes. We upcycle our large containers and use them to hold holiday candy, loose nuts and screws and other goodies. Thanks to Unilever, we took our upcycling one step further. We decided to “Be Our Own Farmer’s Market.” […]

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