7 Essentials You Need to Bring when Traveling to Europe for the First Time

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 17, 2014


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A romantic place filled with gorgeous architecture and rich history, the whole of Europe is a dream destination of many people. While you want to get lost there for days, you must remember to bring enough (not all) essentials like wedge boots, jeans and cardigans especially when you’re traveling for the first time.

Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Geneva and Milan – all cities brimming with new adventures and unparalleled escapades will have to take a step backward for a minute as you discover the limitations of your beloved luggage. Of course, whatever you bring (and whatever maximum weight the airline limits you) must coincide with the climate and your length of stay. Know what you need to pack by preparing these 7 essentials.

1. Footwear. For the fashionistas, it’s great to bring a pair of wedge boots in neutral color which you can match with your every outfit. Of course, a pair of sandals and flats should also come in handy, but there will be times when you need to brave a cold weather and you’ll want to look good in photos. Wear this pair of booties at the airport to save space inside your luggage.

2. Skinny Jeans. Choose a pair of skinny jeans made of stretch material to give you room for long walks. Whether you’re choosing dark or light-washed jeans, make sure you’ve worn them first before travel so you’ll know how they fit you and what tops will look great on them.

3. Basic Tops. Round-neck tees, striped long sleeves and camis should be packed right away. Colors like black, white, blue, and beige can be easily accessorized with a necklace or scarf. They’re very versatile so you can wear them over and over again during your trip. Make sure they’re of cotton material so they’re comfortable and can absorb sweat during spring and summer.

4. Down Jacket or Coat. Weather in Europe is very fickle-minded so be prepared with a down jacket or a trench coat. Again, pick neutral colors like gray and cream when you’re travelling during spring and summer. Light colors tend to bring you some positivity during your tours as they will look weightless than when you wear dark ones. Black coats will tend to drag you and they seem to be on the heavier side. You’ll also want to consider bringing a rain jacket.

5. Basic Language Phrases. You can either buy a book or download an app on your
phone to study a few European phrases. A book can keep you busy during the entire flight with
its complete feature on phrases and tourist attractions. On the other hand, an app can provide you with correct pronunciations and it may come free of charge. A lot of European countries in the Schengen area aren’t well-versed in English so it’s handy to keep a few phrases up your sleeves.

6. Power adaptor. The sockets and plugs you normally use in the US won’t be entirely compatible with the ones in the UK or in other parts of Europe. Make sure you get a number of power adaptors for your cameras and mobile phones. You need lots of charged up gadgets and sometimes, looking for them at your destination can be tasking. If you can find a universal power adaptor back home, go and grab one as you can use this for a lifetime.

7. Crossbody bag. Always bring a bag that’s enough to carry your passport, money, hotel key, camera, phone, wipes, hand sanitizer, and a tube of gloss. A lightweight one is advisable as your bag will tend to get heavy after visiting souvenir shops. Also, a crossbody bag is better than a handbag so your hands will be free to get photos captured or hold maps en route to the next destination.

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