Our Wedding: We’re Getting Married on a Carnival Cruise!

By Shannon Gurnee
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April 2, 2014

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Can you believe that in a little less than 11 months, Frank and I will be getting married?  Not too long ago, it was 14 months until the wedding!  Time is flying by – yay!!!  I can’t wait to marry the love of my life – one of the best men I know.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before here on my blog, but we are getting married on the Carnival Miracle in February 2015.

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Frank and I have been on two cruises together and are actually going on our next one this coming May.  We love to travel and especially love cruising.  Before he asked me to be his wife, we had tossed around the idea of getting married on a cruise.  Well, guess what?  We are getting married on the Carnival Miracle!  I am so excited! If you’re planning to get married soon, I suggest you consider look at many wedding venues for some great options and to see if they fit your needs, a lovely place would be one of these Dallas wedding venues!

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Our wedding will be an intimate event.  Even though we chose the biggest package possible, we are still only able to have a maximum of 50 non-sailing guests (the number of sailing guests is unlimited).  Our package started at $1,975 (not including taxes, fees and cost of honeymoon cruise), which you need to pay in full in order to reserve your date on the ship you want.  If you book a Carnival wedding, you will also need to pay a minimum deposit of $500 towards your sailing.  Keep in mind that Carnival only has 2 weddings for any given date.  Having this knowledge, I wanted to book our date and have a “date” as soon as possible.  I am happy to say that we do have a date – February 28, 2015!!!

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Getting married on a cruise is going to be awesome!  Not only do we pretty much have everything taken care of (other than paying the bill and minimizing our guest list), but we’ll be going on our honeymoon immediately following – to the Mexican Riviera!  I love that multiple vendors for things such as wedding catering, music, cake, seat covers, etc were already organized. However, if you want to have a say on things like the catering services, you may get in touch with the coordinators and provide your recommendations. And I was also at a wedding in the UK recently where I saw a magic mirror (like https://www.pictureblast.co.uk/photo-booth/magic-mirror-photo-booth-hire/), these magic mirrors just look stunning and take cool photos of your guests, so they’re an amazing addition to a wedding.

#Carnival #CarnivalWedding #CruiseWedding #FrankAndShannon #WeddingImage Source: Carnival Cruise Line

Frank and I chose the “Time to Celebrate…..Big!!!” Package.  The wedding ceremony is set to last about 20-30 minutes (depending on the ceremony we choose and anything we might add in).  Following will be some quick pictures and then an hour and a half long reception to celebrate!  There will even be an ice carving of interlocking hearts!  Cool, right?  Don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures to share afterwards.

#Carnival #CarnivalWedding #Cruising #CruiseWedding #FrankAndShannon #Wedding Image Source: Carnival Cruise Line

Our package includes the following items:

– Personal Wedding Planner to guide you prior to your wedding day

– Priority VIP check-in and boarding for the bride, groom and guests

– Secluded waiting area at check-in

– Private wedding ceremony location

Ceremony performed by a wedding officiant (non-denominational official/minister or notary public)

– Assistance by a wedding coordinator to escort wedding couple to their stateroom upon clearance and oversee guest needs during their wedding ceremony

– A beautiful setting – aisle runner, columns and silk floral arrangements

– Recorded ceremony music

#Carnival #CarnivalWedding #CruiseWedding #FrankAndShannon #WeddingImage Source: Carnival Cruise Line

– Bridal bouquet (8 ivory roses hand-tied) and matching Groom’s Boutonniere

– Ice Carving (sculpted onboard)

– Tiered wedding cake and keepsake cake topper

– Cake cutting service and champagne toast with keepsake etched

– Carnival champagne flutes for the bride & groom

#Carnival #CarnivalWedding #CruiseWedding #Cruising #FrankAndShannon #WeddingImage Source: Carnival Cruise Line

– 1 hour and 30 minutes Celebration Open Bar with hot and cold hors d’ouevres

– Coffee/Tea Service

– Photography service at the ceremony and reception

– A bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries for the bride & groom’s stateroom after the celebration


I can’t wait to share with you as we get closer and closer to our wedding date!  Be sure to follow our wedding on The Mommy-Files!!!

Update: Check out our post on the wedding with lots of pics here: Our Cruise Wedding Aboard The Carnival Miracle 


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20 Responses to “Our Wedding: We’re Getting Married on a Carnival Cruise!”

  1. Trisha says:

    That sounds like its going to be so much fun! I never would have thought of having a wedding on a cruise! Congratulations!

  2. Mistee Dawn says:

    Wow. How exciting. Congrats to you! What a fun place to get married.

  3. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! What a fun place to get married

  4. Barbara Montag says:

    Oh wow this is going to be so special!
    Hope they’re be lots of pictures taken.

  5. Congratulations on setting the big date! My sister got married on a Carnival cruise several years ago. It was SO much fun. She was surprised to have over 50 family and friends sign up for the week long cruise. She didn’t have any guests meeting us for the ceremony at port, which was good. She was supposed to get married while we were at port in Grand Caymen but the seas were too rough that morning. The ship couldn’t dock and no one could get on or off the ship at that port. Her entire wedding was postponed a full 24 hours later in Jamaica! She was upset about it at the time but got over it quickly. Her only problem was their rings were engraved with the original wedding date. Years later it gives them a great story — and she claims a TWO day celebration each year for their anniversary. Carnival was great to work with — just be sure to ask your wedding planner in advance about this scenario if you have guests meeting you at port for the ceremony!

  6. Triplezmom says:

    That sounds wonderful! Congratulations! My mom’s birthday is February 28, so I feel like you picked a great day!

  7. Oh my goodness! That is so exciting! What a fun venue for a wedding! I bet all the guests are going to love it too!

  8. What a great idea! I love cruises and I know you will be so happy with this decision!

  9. cindy b says:

    Congrats! how exciting! Look so beautiful!

  10. Helen says:

    I am so happy for both of you, it’s going to be an Awesome wedding, you both are going to have the time of your life. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait 🙂

  11. Melissa says:

    Congratulations on getting a date $2000 actually sounds fairly reasonable for a reception of 50 guests!

  12. What an amazing experience. The pictures will be gorgeous and it will be something no one will forget.

  13. Emily says:

    Wow, I’d never even herad of people getting married on cruises before – what a unique idea! I love the idea of your wedding being a ‘step’ to your honeymoon instead of feeling totally separate.

  14. I never knew you could get married on a cruise, but how amazing

  15. Scott says:

    What a great idea, congrats on your upcoming nuptials! We’ll keep fingers crossed for nice weather!

  16. Jenn says:

    CONGRATS!! I love this idea, so original. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  17. What a wonderful way to make your wedding fun as well as memorable! Congrats!

  18. Julie Wood says:

    WOW! I think that getting married on a Cruise ship is amazing! It takes care of a lot of the headache of planning a wedding and making sure that it turns out. Your wedding sounds like a lot of fun and the cake sounds so awesome. Congrats.

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