Sponsored Post: Treat Sore Throats with Chloraseptic Spray

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
March 20, 2014


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Let me blunt – sore throats stink!  With a sore throat, it’s uncomfortable to swallow and to talk.  When sore throats happen, I want relief – stat!  When you can’t wait to get rid of a sore throat, you look for a name you trust for fast, effective relief: Chlorasepticยฎ.

So what are the symptoms of a sore throat?  Characteristics of a sore throat include pain, itchiness or irritation of the throat.  You may experience difficulty swallowing food and liquids, plus the pain may get worse when you try to swallow. Other symptoms include a dry throat, swollen glands in the neck, white patches on the tonsils, and hoarseness.

#Chloraseptic #Health #Spon

How can you treat a sore throat?  As I mentioned earlier, Chloraseptic Throat Spray is a great way to treat your sore throat quickly and effectively.  Chloraseptic’s throat sprays are awesome because they offer fast and effective relief for sore throats to moms and kids alike.  Plus, they come in many different flavors, such as Cherry, Honey Lemon, Menthol and Citrus.  Chloraseptic Throat Sprays are also free of sugars and additives!

The Chloraseptic Throat Spray offers fast acting relief of your sore throat pain in a Cherry Spray.  It is #1 Pharmacist recommended and is Alcohol Free, Aspirin Free and Sugar Free.  Chloraseptic Throat Spray is easy to use, small enough to carry around with you and safer for young children to use than lozenges.  

Ways to Prevent a Sore Throat

So how can you prevent a sore throat?  Since many of the underlying causes of sore throats are infections, there are different steps you can take to help you prevent future infection.  

– Repeatedly wash your hands throughout the day.  This will kill germs and bacteria that can cause viral and bacterial infections.

– Do not share drinking glasses or utensils with others.

– Use hand sanitizers whenever soap and water aren’t available.

– Limit your contact with commonly touched surfaces.

– Reduce your exposure to allergens such as pollen, dust and mold.

– Avoid cigarette smoke.

– Keep a humidifier in your home to eliminate dryness.

#Chloraseptic #Health #SoreThroat #spon

How to Treat a Sore Throat

In addition to relieving pain with Chloraseptic Throat Spray, there are a few other ways you can treat a sore throat.

– Gargle with warm salt water.

– Drink lots of warm fluids, such as water, tea and soup.

– Avoid allergens and irritants, such as smoke.

– Reduce inflammation with acetaminophen and ibuprofen

– Suck on Chloraseptic Throat Lozenges.

How do you treat your sore throat?

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  1. Amy Orvin says:

    I have tried Chloraseptic spray before and it’s great for temporary relief. I use it when I have strep throat, too.

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