Safely Dispose of Prescription Drugs with the Pill Terminator

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
March 11, 2014

#TerminateOldPills #sponsored

#TerminateOldPills #sponsored

You go to the doctor, where he or she writes you a prescription.  You fill your prescription at the local pharmacy and head home.  You take the prescription as needed – sometimes using it all, sometimes having pills leftover.  So, what do you do with the prescription drugs when you don’t use them all?  Normally, I would say you throw them away in the trashcan outside so they are outside of the reach of little ones.  I never thought about the potential for abuse of the medications after I dispose of them!

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Did you know that approximately 6.8 million Americans abuse prescription drugs and 70,000 children are hospitalized each year from accidental poisoning or prescription drug overdose?  The disposal of unwanted and expired prescription drugs creates an equally serious dilemma.  How does it do this?  Well, lacking a cheap and convenient option, many of us simply throw our unwanted medications in the trash or flush them down the toilet, contaminating landfill and municipal water supplies.

#TerminateOldPills #sponsored

April 26th is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.  The purpose of this day is to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.  You can check back on April 1st on the site to find out about collection sites near you.  So, how are you supposed to dispose of your unwanted medications?

“National Prescription Take-Back Days have been extremely successful in removing an estimated 3.4-million pounds of unwanted and expired drugs. Take-Back Days are scheduled several times a year at over 5,000 Take-Back sites across the country. Complimentary to these Take-Back Days, Pill Terminator offers inexpensive and quick safe disposal everyday and everywhere at the convenience of the user. The next National Prescription Take-Back Day is slated for April 26, 2014,” adds Doman.

#TerminateOldPills #sponsored

A safe way to dispose of your unwanted medications is through the use of the Pill Terminator.  Pill Terminator is a ground-breaking new product that provides a safe, affordable and convenient way for individuals and institutions to dispose of expired and left over prescription medications and drugs.  Pill Terminator is formulated to meet and exceed FDA and EPA guidelines for the disposal of prescription medications.  This option provides the ideal solution for families, medical centers, funeral homes, nursing homes, animal clinics or drug rehab centers searching for a quick and environmentally responsible way to get ride of unwanted pills and drugs.

Based on expert reports by mat rehab los angeles, The Pill Terminator is about the size of a soft drink can.  It is a drug disposal jar that can eliminate up to 300 medium sized pills, or the equivalent quantities of capsules, liquids and powders.  Doctor inspired and chemist developed, the product is extremely easy to use.  All you do is pour the unwanted medications into the container, add warm water, shake, and then throw it into the trash, knowing that the medication has been safely disposed of.  You can currently purchase the Pill Terminator by ordering online or calling their toll free phone number.  Right now, you can a 15% discount by using the Code “March.”  Remember, shipping is always FREE!!

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Those Media Girls and Pill Terminator.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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  1. Rust says:

    It’s a good concept but I wonder at what happens down the road when it ends up whereever the *trash* ends up. I do worry about meds in our water supply.

  2. Mel says:

    I used to throw mine in the garbage too, never considering that someone might abuse them later on! #Client

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