Get the Most Out of Your Vacation Without Spending Time Searching for Good Food

By Shannon Gurnee
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February 28, 2014


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Going Out to Eat

When you go on vacation, you want to be able to be close to everything that you need. If you don’t need to leave your hotel to go to dinner, you know that you are going to get good food without having to waste time looking for it. This gives you the opportunity to spend more time sightseeing and enjoying your stay.

You Don’t Go Anywhere On a Tropical Vacation

If you are going to Florida in February or Arizona for Christmas, you aren’t there to see the architecture or visit a museum. Instead, you are there to lay out in the sun, get a tan and enjoy the warm weather that you aren’t getting back home. Instead of staying in a luxurious hotel, you may book a motel room if you will be out and about most of the day anyway. If you are on vacation for your honeymoon, you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying a drink by the pool as possible.

Get a Massage

When a hotel has a spa attached to it, it gives you an opportunity to relax and have someone take care of you. There is nothing better than being able to wake up, go to the bottom floor of the hotel and get a massage or a manicure. In some cases, you may be able to have someone come to your room and give you a massage or a manicure as part of the room service offerings.

Take a Break Without Leaving Town

Most upscale communities or larger cities have resorts or spas attached to hotels. If you are having a bad week and need to unwind before the next week starts, you can book a hotel or visit a spa to recharge. For parents who have kids, it is easy to get a babysitter or have the other parent watch the kids for a few hours or overnight while you relax on your own.

If you want to spend more time relaxing and less time looking for a great place to eat, you need to check out restaurants such as the Rusty Parrot. Great prices, good food and amazing service are the three things that you are looking for and should get whenever you go out.

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