Creating a Baked Herb Salmon in Foil Recipe with STAR Olive Oil

By Shannon Gurnee
In Food
December 5, 2013


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A few months ago, Frank helped a family friend with some computer problems.  They offered to pay him, but he wouldn’t take it.  They wanted to do something to say thank you, so they gave us some fresh fish.  Yummy!  I love fresh fish and have to admit that we don’t tend to buy it very often.  It’s been in our freezer waiting for me to create a good recipe with it.  I finally created one!

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil

While in Walmart the other day, Frank and I noticed the new STAR Pairings Olive Oil Selection.  I have seen and purchased the STAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but seeing the new Olive Oils created a whirlwind of recipes I could finally make with our fish at home!  The flavors included Arbequina (for Vegetables), Hojiblanca (for Poultry and Fish) and Picual (for Beef and Lamb).  I immediately reached for the Hojiblanca.  I started thinking about what recipe I could create when I got home.

What is special about the STAR Hojiblanca Olive Oil?  It is extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first pressing and made only with Hojiblanca Olives.  This fruity oil is smooth and persistent, with an aroma that lingers on the palate, as well in the memory.  Compliment the delicate flavors of white meat and fish with the medium intensity of the STAR Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Your tastebuds will thank you.

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– 2 Salmon Filets
– Chopped Garlic
– STAR Hojiblanca Olive Oil
– Foil

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil

#shop #cbias #STAROliveOil


1 – Rinse Salmon in water.

2 – Preheat oven to 400° F.

3 – Place Salmon on a piece of foil and fold up around it so it forms the shape of a bowl.

4 – Pour STAR Hojiblanca Olive Oil over Salmon.  I like to use a lot to keep the fish moist in the foil.

5 – Chop 2 cloves of garlic (I use a Garlic Press to do this, but you can also use a knife or food processor) and spread over salmon.

6 – Shake desired amount of Rosemary, Basil, Thyme on Salmon.  I used a spice that had the 3 ingredients as a blend.

7 – Close up the foil over the Salmon.  This will help steam the Salmon and prevent oil splatters in your oven.

8 – Bake for 20 minutes.

9 – Let stand in closed foil for 5 minutes.

10 – Serve over Fettuccine noodles or couscous.  I also added in some Hojiblanca Olive Oil in the Fettuccine Noodles for extra flavor.

11 – Garnish with orange slices and enjoy!!!

Would you like to try the new STAR Pairings Olive Oil?  Well, STAR is holding a giveaway right now on Facebook where 5 winners will win a set of the 3 different Olive Oils, including Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina.  Head on over and enter today!!

Have you used the new STAR Olive Oil Pairings?  What recipe would you create?



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7 Responses to “Creating a Baked Herb Salmon in Foil Recipe with STAR Olive Oil”

  1. Wow, I had no idea there were specially made olive oils. I am getting the Star oils when I visit Walmart later this week. I love cooking with olive oils and can’t wait to try the different types of Star Oils.

  2. Dawn Lopez says:

    Wow, this sounds fantastic. LOVE that the clean up is so minimal too. Great idea!

  3. Susan says:

    this looks amazing, so delicious and easy to make!

  4. Looks like a great recipe! YUM! #client

  5. I love cooking salmon in foil. It is so easy and seals in the flavor so well. This recipe sounds great!

  6. Ashley M says:

    This looks so yummy, I’m a huge fan of Salmon and it’s nice to be able to mix things up a bit. Plus, I love how mess free this recipe is.

  7. Lori Pace says:

    Oh this looks SO amazing!! Thank you Shannon! #client

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