Happy 25th Birthday to the Energizer Bunny + Save $10 at Walmart

By Shannon Gurnee
In Electronics Review
November 6, 2013

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Energizer Bunny's 25th Birthday + $10 Rebate

Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear Energizer Bunny!!!  Happy birthday to you!!  Can you believe our cute and upbeat Energizer Bunny that keeps going….and going….and going…is celebrating it’s 25th birthday?  I couldn’t believe it.  Well, guess what?  With the Energizer Bunny’s birthday, you get a chance to celebrate with a $10 rebate available from Walmart.

Energizer Bunny's 25th Birthday + $10 Rebate

Energizer Bunny Birthday + $10 Rebate

Energizer Bunny Birthday

Rebate, you say?  $10 to put towards holiday gifts or groceries?  Yep and it’s super easy to claim!  I headed to my local Walmart and picked up a few goodies, as well as the Energizer Max battery packs.  I found a really cute display for the holidays that had the Energizer Max batteries I was looking for.  I knew exactly what they were as soon as I saw the specially marked packages of the Energizer Max Batteries.  There was a little blue label on the front that had the words, “Get a $10 Walmart Gift Card by Mail.”  Not only was I going to be getting a $10 Walmart Gift Card for a rebate, but I also had a $1.00 coupon off Energizer Max Battery Packs of 8 or more that I was using right there in the store.  I should have printed 2 since I bought 4 packs, but that’s all good.

Energizer Bunny Bday 2

Energizer Bunny Bday 3

With 6 kids, we are constantly going through batteries, so we try to keep a good supply of them on hand.  With specials like this, I can’t help but stock up!  We even have a battery section in our house where the kids can get new batteries when they need to.  They love to play video games, so this battery section comes in handy when their remotes run out of battery power!

Thanks to Energizer and Walmart, we earned at least 2 $10 Walmart Gift Cards.  I’ll be heading back for more batteries since I can earn up to 4 rebates per household.  What will we be using our Walmart Gift Cards for?  Well, this Christmas, Frank and I would really like to purchase a Playstation 4 for our family gift.  This means we’ll be purchasing new games, remotes and other accessories which these gift cards will help with a lot! 

What will you use your $10 Walmart Gift Cards from the Energizer Max rebate for this holiday season?


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17 Responses to “Happy 25th Birthday to the Energizer Bunny + Save $10 at Walmart”

  1. Love the battery station! I need to get something like that in our house so everyone knows where to find batteries. Plus it might help keep them out of the junk drawer.

  2. Shannon Gosney says:

    Tammilee – the battery station is awesome! Frank put it up and it has helped get us organized a ton. Much better than a Ziploc bag filled with batteries – ha ha!

  3. That battery station is so freaking awesome! I hide mine in the garage and hate going in there to find them.

  4. Gianna says:

    Probably groceries!

  5. Mariah says:

    I’m also in love with that battery station! I just had my little girl so we’re back to having a ton of baby gear that needs batteries! Staying stocked up is key!

  6. Shauna says:

    What else, but holiday shopping, HA! I definitley need to go check this out because batteries are a big part of the holidays! HA

  7. Which reminds me – adding it to my shopping list!!! Getting stocked up for the holidays!

  8. We stock up every year on Energizer batteries at Christmas.

  9. I Love energizer! And I would love a rebate! Seriously I wish the Toys I bought gave me a rebate to help pay for all the batteries I have to buy to make them run. Then have the rebate with the batteries, I could then buy more toys! lol.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Amber – me too! The rebate is an awesome deal and the fact that you can get up to 4 rebates per household is an even better deal. Time to get ready for the holidays!

  10. JULIE FLEMING says:

    I purchased 2 24 pack aa batt put the codes in for rebate it says they are invalid please help

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