How to Approach Healthy Weight Loss with Common Sense

By Shannon Gurnee
In Health
October 17, 2013


I remember being a young girl and kids teasing me about my weight.  I wasn’t heavy, but I was thin and that resulted in comments such as “Skinny Minnie” or “Thin as a Rail.”  3 kids later, I wish I still was familiar with those sayings.  While I am not considered overweight, I do know of a few areas on my body where I could shed a few pounds.  I also have many friends who would like to lose weight.  So, how about a common sense approach to healthy weight loss with one of the Weight Loss Programs in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Do I have your attention now?  It can start innocently – ordering pizza after a busy day, eating an extra snack during the day, or the workout that never took place (I think I spend more energy thinking about it than actually trying to do it).  Fortunately, there is Herbal Magic – a comprehensive weight loss program with nutrition centers that are designed to help you change the way you look at food and weight loss.  There are no strange concoctions, pre-packaged meals or crazy fad diets.  Sweet, right?

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What’s even better is that this weight loss program helps real people lose weight and keep it off.  Herbal Magic uses nutritional and health experts that design comprehensive weight loss plans to help you lose weight. Choose from the top 5 weight loss pills that actually work. Personal Health Coaches will support you along the way and will help you develop habits so you can maintain your ideal weight for the long run.  Real food, a Personal Health Coach and natural health products – it’s common sense, right?  Not only that, but it works too!

What is the hardest part of losing weight for you?

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2 Responses to “How to Approach Healthy Weight Loss with Common Sense”

  1. Caroline Hileman-Schaffer says:

    The hardest part for me are those late night snacks. I eat healthy & workout, but after 8pm, I’m starving and just the worst foods!

  2. While I don’t need to lose too much weight (I need to tone up myself), I do remember when I was nearly 50+ lbs overweight and it was not a happy feeling! Now the hardest part about staying healthy and a good weight is food cravings; I’m horrible with sugary crap food cravings!

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