Martha Stewart Throws Bloggers Under the Bus

By Shannon Gurnee
In Blogging Randomness
October 16, 2013

For a long time (up until the scandal and this recent video interview), I really liked Martha Stewart.  I had even subscribed to her magazine at one point.  I wanted to be as crafty and creative as she appeared to be.  With the criminal charges against her, I have to admit that I looked to other sources for my crafty and creative ideas.  Many of them were from magazines and bloggers.  Yep – that’s right!  I said bloggers!  

I recently read another blogger’s article regarding Martha Stewart and watched a video of an interview with her. I have to admit – I was disgusted! The video really gets to the heart of what she feels about bloggers around 1:44.

It’s interesting to me that Martha likes Twitter a lot, yet has an issue with social media. Some say the interviewer set her up to answer in a biased way, but if Martha was really the expert she claims to be, she would have known better than to generalize a group of individuals – in this case, bloggers. Martha says, “Who are these bloggers? They’re not trained editors at Vogue magazine. I mean there are bloggers writing recipes that aren’t tested, that aren’t necessarily very good or are copies of everything that really good editors have created and done. So bloggers create a kind of popularity, but they are not the experts and we have to understand that.”

Really??!!! Wait a minute…so because we don’t write for Vogue magazine or haven’t had our recipes tested, we don’t know what tastes good or is a good meal for our family? If we had our own magazine and product line, would you say we were experts then? I can tell you that I do publish recipes on my blog and do NOT publish them if they don’t taste good. I do have my recipes tested by experts (my family and friends). I do photograph my recipes myself and learned to do it on my own, rather than pay someone a high salary to do it for me.

Martha – social media is all about “word of mouth” interactions and I don’t think you are coming across as a very favorable person in this situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if your sales went down after this interview.

What are your thoughts?

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33 Responses to “Martha Stewart Throws Bloggers Under the Bus”

  1. I agree with everything you said.
    I saw her speak at BlogHer and she said the right words to give the impression she could relate and realized the value in what we do. But, words are words and she was paid to be there and I should have known better to take them as sincere. I feel like we as bloggers have been stabbed in the back a little. Sort of like you might see with a shiv in prison. Wonder if she learned it there.
    Furthermore, I find it very amusing that I have received pitches for Martha Stewart branded products rather recently. Maybe PR didn’t get the memo that Martha has put bloggers on the shitlist.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Wow! I know, I couldn’t believe it when I watched it, so I watched it again. She almost seemed like she was threatened by the power of bloggers and of social media.

  2. Carolyn West says:

    Martha has definitely got me all in a tizzy. How many people in the world have been an editor for Vogue? I’m guessing a handful at best. I’m guessing she thinks that unless you have worked for such a high profile magazine, you have no idea what you are doing. I’m sorry, but I’ve been writing a blog for almost 4 years and gosh-darn-it people are STILL reading it. That must mean I have some value as a blogger. And recipes? I have NEVER posted a recipe that I poached from another person or site and I have NEVER posted a recipe that I didn’t cook myself and serve to my very-willing and very-happy family. I would say that makes me an EXPERT in what my family likes. And as far as crafts go… there are SO SO SO many awesome craft bloggers that put Martha to shame.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Carolyn – exactly! We are bloggers – that means real feelings, real life situations and real posts.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      PS…Congrats on blogging for 4 years! I’ve been doing it for over 5 years and, like you, still have people following me and reading my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Debbie says:

    Never really cared a whole lot about her before but now.. cant stand her. To generalize like that… Never will I recommend anything that woman has a name on!

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Debbie – totally agree that the generalization was neither professional nor cool. It was really disappointing.

  4. I couldn’t care less what Martha Stewart thinks about anything much less bloggers. I think she’s shooting herself in the foot and her PR team is probably having a hell of a time especially since they know the value of bloggers but some people are going to do what they want to do not matter the consequences.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Jessica – I know, right? I’ve had a few bloggers say that she has a blogging event this weekend. Should be interesting.

  5. Ann Harrison says:

    What she said is pretty ridiculous, it’s illogical and doesn’t make any sense. “Bloggers aren’t trained editors at Vogue magazine.” Hmmm… What?! “…Bloggers writing recipes that arenโ€™t tested, that arenโ€™t necessarily very good…” Obviously the person sharing their recipe thinks it’s good! Oh Martha, that’s just a dumb thing to say.

    She has let it be known what she thinks of others who, like her, create and share their creations through Social Media. This interview isn’t going to help her reputation but honestly, I’m not surprised. Obviously she’s forgotten her beginnings – A caterer who, I am positive, had her recipes tested the same way bloggers do. If she had access to creating a blog at the beginning of her career I’m sure she would have.

    Oh, Martha! Why do you have to say such stupid things?!

  6. There is a small part of me that wonders if she did this on purpose. Not only for the attention it brings her but as some crazy social experiment.

    A lot of people are defending her saying that she didn’t mean ALL bloggers but I very clearly felt her disdain was for all bloggers. Perception is reality and I perceived her arrogance crystal clear.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Yep – I think she does want the attention, but it’s like I tell my kids, if you want positive attention, do good things. Don’t do naughty things or say mean things because it won’t be beneficial in the long run.

  7. Nikki says:

    Wait, Vogue has recipes? I’m so out of touch, I thought they featured fashion that no one aside from super models could (or would) ever wear. I’m disappointed in Martha. I’ll be honest, though, while I like some of her stuff, I’ve never been that fond of the woman herself. I just can’t relate to her. Turns out, she can’t relate to me either!

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Ha ha – I know, right? I was thinking the same thing. Doesn’t Vogue have fashion, sex and beauty? I thought thats what it had. I don’t remember recipes in it???

  8. Chelsea Day says:

    I honestly am so disturbed by her comments but have yet to figure out how to respond with out using foul language. The more I watch the video the harder it gets.

  9. Anne Younger says:

    Makes me happy I gave up on her after her scandal!

  10. Ronni Keller says:

    I am #NotAnExpert but she’s a #Hypocrite
    That post was well said! I guarantee she’s dealing with a PR nightmare right about now. Power to the non-experts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Roni – ditto! Who said you have to be an expert anyways to share your thoughts and feelings and new discoveries! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. WOW!!! who is she to say we are not experts–blah!! I didn’t end up in jail –I hope her greeds gets her what’s coming to her!! Karma is a you know what!!
    you also need to take it from where it comes stupid people say stupid things

  12. Martha can suck it! I really dislike that woman, and dislike her even more now. She needs to go away.

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      LOL Tiffany – It was definitely very “un-expert” of her to say the things she said. Totally lame!

  13. mel says:

    Perfect post! When I watched that video I was shocked! Some of the best recipes and ideas, I have gotten from bloggers. Nothing like putting her foot in her mouth…:(

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      I watched it and then watched it again and am so disappointed with the arrogance she has for “those bloggers.” Yeah – nice attitude Martha!

  14. Annemarie says:

    This is so surprising, I saw her speak last year and she was so positive about bloggers and saying how much she respected us. Not a very smart on her part to say these things.

  15. As awful as this sounds I’m going to give Martha the benefit of the doubt and I’m going to wait for her apology before I dig into her. I think we’ll be hearing one soon. Just a hunch.

  16. So frustrating!!! To discredit an entire community like that is ridiculous! Martha doesn’t know who she messed with!

  17. Lena says:

    That is too bad that people of this rank talk about something they don’t understand and feel threatened by. Of course she doesn’t write or read her own blog. Of course, she doesn’t mage her own Twitter account of FB page. The pond is big enough for all of us

  18. Caroline Hileman-Schaffer says:

    I’d rather get recipes from fellow bloggers then a magazine. The pictures are all altered. Did you know that when they show cooked Turkey it’s really undercooked & not eatable? Martha should be ashamed of herself. Word of mouth is much more important & stronger then any paid ad campaigns!

  19. I’ve never liked Martha Stewart. i don’t think she comes up with her own Ideas. I think she’s a puppet who displays and shares already done recipes and crafts done by “”” WHAT WHATS THAT Women in society”” and quiet possibly OH wait maybe they blog too. If she ever had an original idea I’d be amazed. She just created full blow FREE PRESS and everyone is giving it to her. She’s an axx

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