Keep Your iPhone Alive with the IOGEAR GearPower 2K Device

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 9, 2013

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As a mother and blogger, I love taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends via my social media channels – you know, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I also love to check my emails and play games here and there.  With all that I do on my phone, my battery drains pretty quickly. 

IOGEAR GearPower 2K 2

IOGEAR GearPower 2K 3

There have been times when we’ve gone to a social media event or theme park with our family and I’ve had to find somewhere to “plug in” so I could continue snapping pics and spreading the word through social media for the rest of the day.  What a drag to sit at the wall waiting for my phone to charge up to the point where I could use it again.  Well, I have found an awesome solution.  I can’t believe I didn’t have one sooner!  Let me introduce you to IOGEAR’s new GearPower.

 IOGEAR GearPower 2K

With IOGEAR’s new GearPower mobile charging family, there are no worries about my phone dying when I’m out and about or traveling.  I can go to social media events and theme parks with my family and not worry about my phone going dead.  This pocket-sized mobile power station provides quick, convenient charging for drained devices in any location! 

GearPower 2K

The GearPower 7K (GMP7K, MSRP: $59.95) will fast-charge an iPad or, with its two USB ports, simultaneously charge most smartphones, MP3 Players, digital cameras or your son’s hand held gaming system. 

The GearPower 2K (GMP2K, MSRP: $29.95) is a more cost-effective option.  It’s smaller than a deck of cards and will charge most smartphones or portable media players to full capacity with power to spare.

“The two new GearPower mobile power stations support traveling consumers with portable charging options in varying capacities to suit their needs,” said IOGEAR CEO Jack Wang.  “IOGEAR will continue to develop competitively priced solutions that fit into our evolving mobile landscape.”

I really liked the IOGEAR GearPower 2K device and used it to keep my iPhone alive while we were at Disneyland and California Adventure for an entire day.  It was easy to use and carry.  To charge it, I simply plugged the charger into the GearPower device and then hooked the USB into my laptop.  Easy peasy!  I was actually surprised by how long it really did charge my iPhone.  I think this will make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the iPhone or smartphone user in your life!

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7 Responses to “Keep Your iPhone Alive with the IOGEAR GearPower 2K Device”

  1. What a nifty device! I have a battery back up that I take when I’m traveling but it’s so freaking heavy, and it makes my iPhone heat up when it’s charging. This looks like a better option!

  2. mrsshukra says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this product! I’ve been looking for a mobile charger!!!!

  3. ellen beck says:

    I liked this review. I am seeing more people talk about android and it is nice to see something about Apple!

  4. I would love to have an iPhone and if I did I would want the iogear GearPower 7K for charging my phone. I’m hoping to get an iPhone next year.

  5. Ashley Smith says:

    I have an iphone and I would love this device. I want it!

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