Hula Grill Serves Delicious Food & Is Family-Friendly! #MauiwithKids

By Shannon Gurnee
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September 7, 2013



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We had the opportunity this summer to travel with the boys to Maui for my little sister’s wedding and spend some time with family and friends.  While in Maui, we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal at fun, family-friendly restaurant called Hula Grill.  It was a memorable experience and one I would definitely repeat the next time we’re in Maui!

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One of the things I noticed when we first walked into the Barefoot Bar section of the Hula Grill was the sand-covered ground.  There’s a reason why they call it the Barefoot Bar.  As soon as we sat down at the table, the kids were in the sand playing – something they encourage at the Hula Grill!  The kids also had a great time drawing on the coloring sheets given to them by the server.

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The first thing we did was order drinks.  Wow – they were good!  I ordered a Lava Flow and Frank ordered a Beer Sampler.  Talk about hitting the spot.  I was in love with Maui’s Lava Flows!  The kids ordered lemonades, Sprites, and chocolate milks (with free refills).

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The staff at Hula Grill brought an amazing sampling of appetizers.  My favorite appetizer was the Poke Tacos dish, which included Raw Ahi with shoyu, Maui onions and chili flakes.  Amazing!!!!  I also really enjoyed the Local-Style Potstickers, which included Kalua pig, Maui onion, and Ponzu dipping sauce.  Again, those were amazing!

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Next up was the Caesar Salad.  It tasted really good, especially the baked croutons!  Of course the boys scarfed down helped me eat the croutons off my salad.  Makes my mouth water thinking about it.

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Then came the main entrees!  I ordered the Filet Mignon, which was served over mashed potatoes with asparagus.  Frank ordered Grilled Fish Tacos and they were really delicious.  Both dishes were absolutely amazing!

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The kids ordered from the Keiki (Kids) Menu.  They ordered Grilled Cheese and Chicken Strips with French Fries.  They really loved dipping the fries in ketchup and enjoyed their meals.  They even had virgin drinks for the kids.

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And of course, what dinner is complete without dessert?  We were served the most amazing dessert on the island of Maui – Baked Hawaii!  The Baked Hawaii is Hula Grill’s Island version of the classic dessert, Pineapple upside-down cake, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, topped with toasted meringue and caramel rum sauce.  So amazing!

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The atmosphere of the Hula Grill was relaxing and pretty.  We were very close to the beachfront and could sit back and take in the Maui sunset.  There was a band playing music and even a Hula dancer, who gave a few members of the audience a chance to learn Hula.  The Hula Grill has delicious food, a welcoming atmosphere, and is totally family-friendly!  

Be sure to follow Hula Grill on Facebook for new dishes and updated restaurant information.

It was overall an awesome experience and I would definitely return to Hula Grill on our next trip to Maui!  A good night was enjoyed by all!


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15 Responses to “Hula Grill Serves Delicious Food & Is Family-Friendly! #MauiwithKids”

  1. Julie Wood says:

    WOW! What an amazing place to eat and have a nice dinner. Maui looks like a fabulous place to take a trip. I liked all the food that you had. The dessert looked so delicious. I want to go there! The Hula Grill is amazing!

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Julie – the Hula Grill was amazing! I was so impressed with the food, the service, the view, and the atmosphere. Plus, I love that it was a kid-friendly restaurant.

  2. Shauna says:

    Oh my goodness… what a great and fun time. Love the floor… I think my kids would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it

    • Shannon Gosney says:

      Shauna – my kids loved the sandy floor. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It was lots of fun! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my goodness! I think i had died and gone to heaven at a hula grill like that! That looks absolutely amazing! I would love to visit the Hula grill for a date night. Most amazing night ever!!

  4. Seriously, first off LOVE that you can dig your feet in the sand!!! and the food looks amazing! I will have to keep my eyes open to see if they open a location closer to me–thanks for the heads up–great review

  5. Danielle says:

    Yum! This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it the next time we visit.

  6. Cinny says:

    Oh, that food looks soooo good! I want to try this out.

  7. This place looks great! I absolutely LOVE Maui!

  8. Camille says:

    We are actually in the planning stages of a trip to Maui with our kids! Definitely saving this info for later when we are down to meal planning.

  9. Cindy Brooks says:

    We’re taking our grandson on his first trip to Hawaii next summer. I think he’d love this place and the food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I have never been to Hawaii, I would love to go someday. This looks like such a kid friendly place to eat. I would love to eat there if I ever make it to Hawaii.

  11. Emily says:

    Man it looks so nice and relaxing. Would be perfect for a late summer date night :).

  12. We don’t have any fun restaurants like that here – so I’m super jealous πŸ™‚ But this looks just beautiful – and I love that it has a lot of different options!

  13. Elena says:

    the food looks good. I would love to eat there

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