“Nailed It!” Latest Fashion Tips for Your Nails

By Shannon Gurnee
In Fashion
August 9, 2013

Skin careModern Rules for Wearing Nail Polish and Looking Fashionable

When wearing nail polish, women used to follow a number of rules. A lady was supposed to have fingernails of a certain length and shape, and generally, she would only choose from a selection of colors in the cream to red family. However, over the years, additional colors have become available, and the different varieties available for women have increased drastically. You can wear nail polish in a way that makes you look more casual, more glamorous, or more fashionable.

Understanding the distinctions in the nail polish styles can help to choose an appropriate look. After all, you don’t want to pair the wrong nail style with your great new fashion look. Here are some of the updated and modern rules.

Keep Nail Designs for Quarter Inch Nails or Longer

Some of the most popular nail designs now include rhinestones, nail art, and more. You can make them incredibly artistic or just use them to add a splash of color. They are the perfect fashion customization for any social occasion whether you choose to buy or rent dresses online. To pull them off well, you should make sure that your fingernails are at least a quarter of an inch over your fingertips. Nail designs on nails shorter than this will give the appearance of the dreaded sausage fingers, making your fingers look thicker and stubbier.

French Nails Have Much More Variety

One of the new fashion trends for the fall this year include French nails with different base colors. The classic French nails include the red base, the cream base, and the pale pink base. Blue bases, burgundy bases, and purple bases are starting to make their appearance among the pop star icons like Miley Cyrus. The bold white tip creates a strong contrast. Do not pair this with a printed casual look. Opt for a sleek elegant fashion style. Otherwise, the French nails will clash. One of the newer trends that may also be picking up is the use of rhinestones and single small stones fastened carefully to the base of the nail to add a little glitz.

Ragged Polish Is Fashionable, Ragged Nails Are Not

Scuffed and ragged nail polish has started becoming more fashionable over the years. It started out as the textured polish and then transitioned into artistically scraped polish. Plain blunt nails with scuffed polish can work great for fashion, but there is one catch to it. The fingernails must be filed and clean. Ragged nails are not in fashion. Most people still associate them with illness, bacteria, and unsanitary behavior. Glitterbels shared tips on removing gel polish at home successfully. The ragged polish goes best with gothic, punk, and trendy styles that go a little more edgy. To give it that punky look, you’ll want to use a color that shows up well like black, purple, or blue. Paler colors tend to blend into the nail bed and do not create the dramatic effect. They do work well with casual and formal wear, provided the overall fashion plate has a bit of an edge of its own.

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  1. Jennifer Young says:

    Good to know! I only paint my finger nails maybe twice a year, but always have polish on my toe nails. My daughters want finger nail polish all the time. I am always trying to do fun and different styles for them!

  2. Yvonne Woodstock says:

    Yay I guess I am doing a good job on my nails. I am really blessed to have naturally strong long fingernails. I love French manicures and my other favorite polish are metallics, especially Essie mirror metallics penny talk.

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