Huggies Pull-Ups Are Great When It Comes to Potty Training Your Little One #PullUpsPottyBreaks

By Shannon Gurnee
In Baby Products
July 24, 2013

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Potty training is not an overnight process.  In fact, it can take quite some time if it’s not timed right or not a fun process.  Well, Huggies has designed Pull-Ups Training Pants with a new Monsters Inc. design that makes potty training fun!  


Pull-Ups Training Pants are the “no fear” solution for those scary feelings that come with potty training. Take the scare out of the potty training process with new Monsters U character training pants! Have your little monster take a potty break on a consistent basis to establish potty schedules and rituals using new Monsters U character training pants to make potty training more enjoyable for everyone!

Tips on Potty Training Your Little One:

1 – Don’t rush it.  If your child is fighting it, don’t push it.  Your child knows when the best time to potty train is, so follow his or her lead.

2 – Make potty training fun.  Show excitement about going on the potty and make it fun.  A great way to make it fun is with Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants.  You can find them for both boys and girls and they’ve actually come out with a new design.

3 – Use a reward system.  Rewards can vary from pieces of candy to cookies to prizes.  Each child responds best to different prizes.  Start out with a prize for sitting on the potty for a set amount of time.  Next prize gets better for going pee in the potty.  The next prize is even bigger for going poop on the potty.  

4 – Give tons of praise.  Be sure to give your child your undivided attention, praise and love while trying to go on the potty.  Be your child’s own personal cheerleader and route him or her on.  Positive reinforcement helps a ton!

5 – Be sure to have a portable potty in the car!  When potty training your child, be sure to have a portable potty in the car handy when running errands in case he or she has to go.  It never fails that your child will need to use the potty when you’re out and about and you have no where nearby for him or her to go.

6 – Be patient!  Remember that potty training takes time, so be patient with your little one.  It WILL happen, probably when you least expect it!  So hang in there and be patient.

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We love how fun the Huggies Pull-Ups are, especially with the new Monsters Inc. characters!  The Learning Designs Training Pants have patterns that fade when wet, so your child will learn to stay dry.  Plus, your child can wear them during the day and at night too.

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