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By Shannon Gurnee
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July 6, 2013



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I love to travel and have learned how to keep my identity safe while traveling.  There is nothing scarier than to be away from home and learn that your identity has been stolen while you were away.  So, how can one go about protecting their identity while traveling?  Here are a few helpful tips from LifeLock:

1 – Don’t carry more than you need. Leave your checkbook and extra credit cards somewhere safe when you travel this summer.

2 – If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to take photocopies of your passport to make getting a replacement easier in the event it gets lost or stolen.  I have personally had friends who lost their id or passport and were put in a situation where they might not be able to get through the airport to their home.  Having a picture of their id and passport helped the authorities to verify they identities and they were able to get home as planned.

3 – Give your bank and credit card a heads up before you take off for your summer vacation.  I have been traveling before and had the bank put a stop on my card because they suspected possible fraudulent activity.  I knew I had money in the account when I went to purchase the item and was so embarrassed and frustrated when my card was declined.  I was told that when I travel out of town, I should give my bank or credit card company a call to let them know I’d being making purchases away from my home town.

4 – Streamline your wallet: Don’t carry your social security card or other “high risk” documents with you.

5 – Out of town? Don’t share the fun on any social media sites until you return!  

6 – Be extra aware of your surroundings when inputing your PIN.

These tips will help protect your identity while you are traveling.  Do you have any additional tips for protecting your identity while you travel?

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