When I Travel, I Use MasterCard Because It’s Accepted Everywhere! #AcceptanceMatters #MC

By Shannon Gosney
In California
June 17, 2013

MasterCard 1

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Mexico City 8

I love to travel and as a blogger, I get a lot of opportunities to travel.  One thing I’ve learned from my traveling experiences is that MasterCard is taken pretty much everywhere I go.  I’ve had other cards in the past and those cards were NOT accepted everywhere or if they were, there was an additional fee.  So, it’s good to know that I won’t have a problem in making a purchase with MasterCard when I’m traveling.

Mexico City 8

I recently visited Mexico City and it was so easy to use my MasterCard.  I love using my MasterCard because there are no additional fees for my transactions, no fees for the card, and I earn cash back on my purchases.  Plus, I love that when I purchased an item in Mexico for pesos, MasterCard automatically converted the amount to dollars on my statement and recent transactions – with no additional fees for the service!  I mean, it can get confusing paying for items in a foreign country, especially when you don’t totally understand the conversion rate.  You don’t have to worry when it comes to MasterCard though.

Touring the Central Coast

Frank and I recently went on a bike tour with his new motorcycle and we used the MasterCard at a variety of establishments, including restaurants, the movie theater, and a tourist attraction.  We handed the MasterCard to the cashiers and there was no hassle at all and no questions asked.  They simply took the card, swiped it for the amount, and handed it back, asking for a signature on the receipt.  I’ve had other cards where the cashier will get a questioned look on his or her face, flip the card over, and then shake their head saying they don’t take that card.  I have never had that happen with MasterCard.

San Francisco Walgreens Flagship Grand Opening 2


Not only do I use my MasterCard for traveling, but I also use it for my daily purchases.  This could include eating out at restaurants, grocery shopping, buying beauty supplies, and even paying bills over the phone or online.  Heck, I even bought bottled water from a vending machine in the airport using my MasterCard.  We will be traveling to Hawaii next month and will definitely be using MasterCard for our purchases.  For more pictures on my shopping experiences with MasterCard, be sure to check out my Google+ Story.

I know that if I have an issue or need to dispute a charge, the reps at MasterCard are always super friendly and helpful and get the issue resolved.  If you’re looking for a card to use for your everyday purchases and traveling, I would highly recommend MasterCard!  Be sure to follow MasterCard on Twitter and Facebook for future promotions and services.

What do you purchase with your MasterCard?

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10 Responses to “When I Travel, I Use MasterCard Because It’s Accepted Everywhere! #AcceptanceMatters #MC”

  1. Chelsea Day says:

    I love my Mastercard and use it ALL THE TIME!! Like you I have had others that were not accepted and it can be quite a hassle. We got rid of that one and switched to Mastercard!

  2. Tara Funair says:

    You are always on the Go. I love my mastercard and love that I can use it anywhere. You and Frank on the bike must have been great fun !

  3. Dede says:

    We rarely carry cash anymore. I can’t believe you were able to use your MasterCard at a vending machine though, that’s the ultimate convenience!

  4. Jen Medeiros says:

    Thanks for the post, I love hearing about cards with little to no fees, because some of them are getting ridiculously high!

  5. Brett says:

    we usually use discover everywhere but when our account was compromised early in a trip i was SO happy we had mastercard!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I always use my MasterCard – we live in a town where there are a lot of small businesses and shops. They are are very limited with what credit cards they accept, but they all accept MasterCard.

  7. I love that you are always smiling! 🙂

    That is great that MC is your traveling buddy. It is the only card I use in town and out!

  8. kymi a says:

    Love our Mastercard gives us the power to do things and get things we love. Pretty much every store I go to accepts Mastercard and that makes me smile. No holds barred :))

  9. What a fun trip! Love that MasterCard could be helpful as it can be used ANYWHERE! Cool!

  10. Great site, loved reading the articles and the information presented is useful to companies that want to promote online.|

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