Just Twyxt on Your iPhone This Valentine’s Day with That Special Someone in Your Life

By Shannon Gosney
In App Review
February 13, 2013


Frank and I have been together for over a year now!  We met in January of 2012 and have had the opportunity to travel and attend many events and activities together.  With both of us being in social media, we have a tendency to post pictures about our family and friends, places we visit, and things or activities we want to remember for years to come on our social media sites (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs).  We track our appointments, events, and kids schedule through our Google Calendars and smart phones.  But we don’t necessarily track our relationship (with the exception of our anniversary and pictures we post on our social media outlets).  This is where the Twyxt iPhone App comes into play.

What is Twyxt?  Twyxt is an app that was recently released by Life of Two, Inc. and is available for free on the iTunes App Store.  Twyxt is an app for couples that allows them to capture memories while they share, have fun and get things done.  The app’s unique features include a direct messenger for two and shared calendars, as well as lists that gives couples a private space on their iPhone to communicate, share moods and photos, and cherish their life together.  Twyxt focuses on their relationship, keeps them connected wherever they are, and provides an easy-to-use platform for collecting and sharing the moments of their lives.

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– Couple’s Calendar: Twyxt offers a powerful, shared calendar that will automatically create a distinctive photobook from the messaging stream.  This makes it easy for couples to keep memories of good times and makes reminiscing easy!

– Private Messaging:  A unique, uncluttered space for couples to keep their dialogue and private notes separate from all the other distractions on their iPhone.  Special messaging include Urgent texts and a Freeze mode for moments when the conversation takes a wrong turn and couples need a playful time out.

– MoodSharing:  Use emoticons much?  Twyxy provides a unique spin on how to share your emotional state.

– Shared Lists:  Create, Add and Complete lists together in real time.  Get things done as a team!


Twyxt was born when Co-Founder Roman Weishaupl noticed his (now former) girlfriend kept an ongoing journal of their text messages.  The need for a dedicated digital space for couples (and a couple long distance relationships) inspired the four founders: Bianca, Roman, Kalai and Tyson to create Twyxt.

“Twyxt is a private, intimate and useful app for capturing and celebrating a couple’s shared life together,” said Tyson Verstraete, Life of Two Co-Founder and CEO.  “Twyxt cuts through the social noise so couples can focus on the story they are writing together about their most important relationship.”


San Francisco-based Life of Two, the creators of Twyxt, was founded in 2011 by an international team of experienced technology executives.  Twyxt is an app for couples to capture memories while they share, have fun and get things done.  CEO Tyson Verstraete was previously a Vice President/MD at BlackBerry.  President Bianca W. Loew was Founder and MD of The Interactive Advertising Bureau – Mexico (IAB).  Chief Innovation Officer, Roman Weishäupl was previously Director and Global Innovation Advisor at Germany’s TrendONE.  CTO, Kalai Kandasamy held senior engineering roles at Yahoo!, PayPal and AOL/Netscape  The company has raised seed capital of $1.1 million from global investors and angel investors.

This is a sponsored post from our friends at Life of Two, Inc.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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