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By Shannon Gosney
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February 1, 2013

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Not too long ago, we felt like it was a good time to get our carpets cleaned.  Funny enough, it was actually the day before that I was carrying groceries into the house and decided to run some items back to our room.  In my hand, I had makeup, toothbrush, toilet paper, and a carton of egg nog.  Wouldn’t you know that I stepped right in the middle of the handle of our reusable shopping bag and before I knew it, I was flying through the air.  Fortunately, the egg nog broke my fall.  Unfortunately, it spilled all over the carpet!  The very next morning, the carpet cleaners came and they spent a LOT of time and chemicals on that one spot trying to prevent a stain from forming. A dirty place attracts pests and with a good pest control service provider one can get rid of them.

Accidents like spilling egg nog on the carpet can create unwanted messes and potential problems. In this case, the quick response of scheduling professional carpet cleaners helped mitigate the situation. They diligently worked on the affected area, using their expertise and specialized chemicals to prevent any lasting stains. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is crucial to avoid attracting pests, as it helps in getting rid of vermin. Seeking assistance from a reliable pest control service provider can effectively address infestations, ensuring a pest-free and comfortable living space.

In our home, we have white carpets.  Yes, I said white carpets!  If you are a parent, you are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Why in the world would they have white carpet with kids?”  This is not anything we put in ourselves, but the white carpets were there when we moved in.  You can just imagine how dirty they can get with six kids running in and out of the house at one point or another.  As if it is a surprise, it is really hard keeping white carpets clean.  Not to mention how costly it is to get them cleaned by a professional company on a regular basis.  Let’s not forget about all the chemicals that are used when the carpets are cleaned!

This is where GreenChoice Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning comes into play!  At GreenChoice, you’ll find the best quality carpet cleaning available.  Plus, they only use Green Cleaning Materials!  Whether you are looking to clean your carpets, clean your leather and upholstery, or clean your mattresses thoroughly to get rid of bed bugs – GreenChoice is there for your carpet cleaning needs!

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3 Responses to “GreenChoice is There for Your Carpet Cleaning Needs”

  1. Eileen says:

    I have not heard of this Shannon, but being someone who has toxin and scent sensitivities, to the point of being put down for the count, I am interested in this and grateful for companies who are changing for the environment and the people.

  2. Sonya Morris says:

    My family spills everything and there is no way I could have white carpet! We do have some carpet in the house and with a dog I do like getting my carpets cleaned but hate what is put on it to clean it. I am glad to read that there is a green way to do it!

  3. Andreas says:

    Actually very useful suggestions are supplied here.
    thank you so much.Keep in the great works .

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