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By Shannon Gosney
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January 17, 2013

Florida Wedding 2012

Over the past year, I’ve taken literally thousands of pictures!  I’ve taken pictures of our family, of our trips, of products I love, of nature….the list goes on and on.  I take those pictures so I can look back on and immediately place myself through memories in those pictures – remembering the way I felt, what I saw, even the scents that were in the air.  Photos capture and preserve the memories of those moments we have and want to cherish in our lives!

I remember being a kid and having the old school scrapbook albums – you know the ones that had a sort of adhesive page cover that would hold the pictures in place on the page.  There was an album that I hadn’t looked through in a long time and when I opened it one night,  I found my pictures were faded and basically ruined.  The majority of photos in that album were thrown in the trash, with no hope of being saved.  After going through that experience, I know that I want to keep my pictures safe and hand them down through the generations in our family.  This is where YesVideo comes into play.

Scanning Back in the Day

I remember how excited I was to get a scanner and start scanning in some of my photos from home to post on Myspace (yes it was that long ago).  It did the job, but it took FOREVER!!!  Separating the pictures, opening the scanner, placing one picture on the scanner, pressing the button, waiting for the little light to scan across the glass, and then for the picture to come up on the computer.  It’s no wonder that I didn’t scan in all that many pictures!

High School Photo 1


High School Photo 2

Home scanning not only takes a long time, but the quality of the picture is often diminished.  A lot of the pictures had grainy pixels and the overall look was not one I was really pleased with.  I wanted high quality scans and it just wasn’t happening with the scanner.  Nowadays, there are higher quality scanners, but it is still a timely process and you’re not getting the same quality photos you would get with the YesVideo service.


About the YesVideo Photo Scanning Service

With the YesVideo photo scanning service, you can transfer or scan your photos (and even your photo album) to digital and DVD.  This ensures that they’ll be available for future generations of your family.  The process is simple.  YesVideo’s photo transfer service scans photos through manually a capture, crop and color-correct process.  Each photo image has dust and dirt digitally removed from the scanned photo’s surface.  With YesVideo’s unique photo transfer to DVD service, you will receive digital .jpeg files of all of your photos.  Plus, you’ll be able to share the scanned photos in online photo albums, or get creative by making video slideshows or photo collages!  You can even download your scanned photos to your computer and share them on Facebook or send the scanned photos to friends and family.   I know what I’ll be doing soon!

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  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    wow,,thats some good ideals,,ive heard of this before but didnt know how it worked,,thanks for clearning that up,,you take awesome pictures

  2. Karen says:

    This is a great way to preserve and share family photos!

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