I’m a YesVideo Ambassador! How Do You Cherish Your Memories? #YesMemory

By Shannon Gosney
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November 27, 2012
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I remember taking pictures when I was younger.  I’d take my wind-up camera with me to school and continue taking pictures until the film ran out.  Then I would turn the whole camera in to be developed.  It was a huge deal once I had a camera with 110 film and then an even bigger deal when 35mm film came out.  I remember the entire process of developing and picking up my pictures.  I would go to the store, fill out the envelope, put my roll of film in the envelope and then drop it into the slot.  My pictures would be ready and waiting for me in a week.  You probably remember just as well as I do the disappointment when your pictures didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped they would.

Then came along the digital camera (**insert the sound of singing voices – “awwwww”**).  You could print or delete whatever pictures you wanted AND you didn’t have to wait for a week to see how they turned out.  Not to mention many of the digital cameras let you take video as well.  Score!!!  Plus, the overall quality and color of the pictures were 300 times better than the older cameras!

Oh and let’s not forget our large video cameras that would have to be hoisted up on our shoulders to take footage.  I remember my mom and stepdad filming our Christmases and one year we were watching them.  I couldn’t believe how bossy I was with my sisters!  I mean, I was the oldest and all, but wow (*insert laughter*).  Unfortunately, all of those videos have been lost.  The videos from my childhood are no longer in existence.  If only we had a service like YesVideo available to us back then.  I can make sure my boys memories are preserved with YesVideo!

I have a lot of fun going through pictures of me and my friends back in the day.  It’s even more fun when I get to reunite with them and take pictures of us now!  My best friend in high school was a girl named Jan.  We were in Girl Scouts together, hung out at recess together, and pretty much did almost everything together!  I lost contact with her for a long time after graduation and then reunited with her.  It was awesome to see her again in person and you better believe I documented it with a picture!

So, how do I preserve my pictures and keep these memories safe and sound?  This is where YesVideo comes into play.  I can now take any photos or albums I have and have them all transferred to a DVD.  At YesVideo, you’ll find that their proprietary state-of-the-art photo transfer and scanning technology ensures the best in class transfer quality!  Plus, no-touch album photo capture makes it even easier and you don’t even have to take the pictures out of the album!  Check it out.

Join us tonight at 8:00 pm CST (that’s 6:00 pm California time) for a YesVideo Holiday Twitter Party!

WHAT:   YesVideo Holiday Twitter Party

WHO:  Sponsor = @yesvideo / Panelists = @themommyfiles, @ZipporahS, @ConnieFoggles, @MamaDweeb, @RachelFerrucci

WHERE:  #YesMemory, #HolidayMemories Tweet Chat Room HERE

WHEN:  8:00 pm CST

Prizes include:

  • DOOR PRIZE – Blu-ray Player {must fill out door prize form to be eligible}
  • $50 Gift Card to CVS and $50 YesVideo Transfer Service Coupon
  • $50 Gift Card to Walmart and $50 YesVideo Transfer Service Coupon
  • $50 Gift Card to Costco and $50 YesVideo Transfer Service Coupon
  • $50 Gift Card to Sam’s Club and $50 YesVideo Transfer Service Coupon
  • iPhone Camera Lens Kit


Win a $20 gift certificate from YesVideo by tweting before the party

Winners will be announced at 8:05pm CST Tuesday 11/27 at the @YesVideo #YesMemory Twitter Party. Every tweet counts as an entry. No maximum entries. Simply tweet out one or all of the following to be entered:

Tweet & Win –

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Let’s talk #HolidayMemories w/ @YesVideo Tues 11/27 @ 8PM CST Win Gr8 Prizes RSVP today http://ow.ly/fyXXd #YesMemory

This post is part of a paid ambassadorship with YesVideo.  All opinions expressed in this p0st are 100% mine.

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    I didn’t miss this twitter party! Had a good time!

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