Finding the Best Wine for You….With the Help of Likelii

By Shannon Gosney
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November 19, 2012
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How many times have your found yourself wandering up and down the wine aisle in the grocery store, trying to figure out which wine would taste the best for the most reasonable price?  Which wine will go with the meal you’re preparing?  I can tell you that from first-hand experience, it can be VERY overwhelming!

You’re walking up and down the aisle, browsing the different bottles filled with wine and suddenly the labels all start to look alike.  You try to differentiate with the price tags, but that doesn’t do much good either.  The next step is to choose a wine you recognize – one you’ve had before and remember well.  It may even be a wine suggested by a friend or family member.

For us, we choose wine based on previous experience, price, wine description on the label, and word of mouth.  For example, we went to a Halloween Party a few weeks ago, and at the party was really amazing wine!  I remember the name and the taste of the wine, and know that if I found it for a good price in the store, I would buy it in a heartbeat.  There are other wines that I’ve had friends recommend and I remember those recommendations when I’m looking for a wine to try.  For example, there was one wine I was recommended by a friend who knows a lot about wine and was available at a big box store.  I bought it, tried it and loved it.  Now, whenever that friend gives me advice on a wine to try, I’m gonna go with it.  And of course price is a big factor!  For special occasions, we might be willing to spend a little bit more on a nice bottle of wine, or buy a wine that has a label that is a more elegant looking or goes with the food we are eating.  How do you choose your wine?

Likelii is a site I was introduced to that makes wine selection a lot easier!  At Likelii, they believe the best wines are the wines that taste best to you.  The best wine recommendations for you are based on the wines you have liked in the past.  You tell Likelii a wine or two you have liked in the past, and their two algorithms work together to provide you with a list of wines you are likelii to like based on your tastes.  As you try and rate wines, their recommendations get better and better for you.  Just like Spotify does for music or Netflix does for movies.  And best of all, you can buy the wines right on the website or take your list with you to your local wine store.

I like the fact that Likelii makes wine selecting so much easier for you, but also that the company is women-founded and a women-lead start-up company!

Right now, Likelii has a contest going on where you can enter to win one of 3 $100 gift codes, just for trying out the recommendation engine and leaving your feedback.  Entering is simple.

1 – Try the recommendation engine by entering one or two wines on the homepage that you have liked in the past.

2 – Get recommendations and see how Likelii did!

3 – Fill out a brief survey on your experience by clicking on the Feedback page (see the tab on the left).

4 – That’s it, you are entered to win one of 3 $100 gift certificates in free wine from

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  1. Christian Alejandro N says:

    Haha my girlfriend is amazing with picking out wines. I’m awful. I like wine, but I never seem to have the right eye for it.

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