Looking for a Divorce Attorney in Arizona? Look No Further!

By Shannon Gosney
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August 29, 2012
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Going through a divorce can be a frustrating process, but not so much when you have good family lawyers Melbourne by your side who understands Family Law.  At Hildebrand Law, you’ll find quality and licensed family law attorneys who focus only on Family Law and remain current and focused on the constantly changing divorce laws. However, before going through a divorce, you have to finalize your decision to divorce or not! Hildebrand Law focuses on the following areas of Family Law: Divorce, Legal Separation, Community Property, Business Valuations, Paternity, Spousal Maintenance, Child Custody, Child Abuse, Child Support, Orders of Protection, and Mediation Services. You can also consult an experienced divorce and family lawyer from professional law firms like Brazeau Seller Law, who can provide expert legal counsel, innovative solutions, and legal support related to the transfer and preservation of wealth.

Each state within the United States has different proceedings for obtaining a legal separation or divorce. Hence, it is advised to hire a No-Fault Divorce Lawyer who is familiar with the family laws in your state. In the state of Arizona, the legal separation procedures are almost identical to divorce proceedings.  Similar to divorce proceedings, a Court is required to divide the parties’ property and debts, enter orders providing for the care and custody of the parties’ children, child support, and if appropriate, spousal maintenance.  So, what is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?  The biggest difference is that the spouses remain married and cannot, therefore, remarry in the future without subsequently converting the legal separation to a divorce.  Some clients choose to select a legal separation rather than a divorce for religious reasons or, in some circumstances, to ensure the continuous access to health insurance through the spouse’s group health insurance plan.

Even though the parties are still married in the eyes of the state, with a Decree of Legal Separation, the spouses no longer have the same property rights or responsibilities they had before the Decree was issued.  Specifically all of the assets and debts that each spouse receives or incurs will be treated as that spouse’s sole and separate property.

At conveyancing solicitors Blackburn, we deal with property purchases and sales, so if you’re based in Blackburn or beyond, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide a variety of Conveyancing-related services, aiming to help as many people as possible who are on the property ladder.

The Arizona Court may only proceed with a legal separation if both parties agree to do so.  The court is required to convert the case from a legal separation to a divorce proceeding if either spouse requests to do so.

Look no further than your Scottsdale divorce attorneys for help in your Family Law matters.

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  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    when I went thru my divorce after 30yrs of marriage,I wish I had gotten what I paid for,I had to pay out 1500 bucks an still ended up on the short end ,basically due to the fact that I was scared of him an was willing to let everything go just to get out,,,wasnt smart but the lawyer should have insisted that I not do it that way,,,oh well been 10 yrs now an im so happy

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