Cheap Sally “Bring Home the Bacon” Contest!

By Shannon Gosney
In Press Release
August 24, 2011

Thank you to Cheap Sally for sponsoring my post. As a sponsored blogger, I will not be entering the “Bring Home The Bacon Contest,” but I’m delighted to spread the word! #cheapandclever

I was not familiar with Cheap Sally until I attended BlogHer ’11 this year in San Diego.  I was surprised to learn how many bloggers out there knew of and used Cheap Sally online!  I mean, I am definitely one for saving money, especially now that I am supporting my three boys as a single mom, so how could I afford to not know about Cheap Sally?  Growing up, I loved to help clip coupons.  I would sit down with my mom at the dining room table, scissors in hand, and carefully search for coupons in the Sunday paper.  We’d put the clipped coupons in a pile and then place them into their individual envelopes.  I loved seeing the total at the grocery store and then listening the beeping noise as the cashier swiped the coupons across the bar code reader.  Every time I heard the beeping noise, I heard the “cha ching” sound of money we were saving on our grocery trip.  Then for the grand total!  Who knew grocery shopping could be fun for a kid, right?

Today, I still clip coupons from my Sunday paper, but I also use coupons that are available online.  I am constantly amazed by how quickly and easily I can find money savings and deals online.  Cheap Sally is a great resource for saving money on purchases you make.  Their goal is to make more people aware that online coupons are a great way to save money when you are buying anything online.  With Cheap Sally, they have found that the average person can save 15% in just one minute.  Wow!  Imagine how much you could save if you were to use Cheap Sally on a regular basis?

Cheap Sally’s goal is to make more people aware that online coupons are a great way to save money when you are buying anything online.  With Cheap Sally they have found that the average person can save 15% in just one minute.  While in the past using coupons may have been looked at negatively by some, today being cheap is truly “chic” and paying full retail is what should be looked at oddly.

If you haven’t yet heard about Cheap Sally’s Bring Home the Bacon Contest, Cheap Sally is giving away $100,000 for a guest blogging spot for the year 2012.  This opportunity is perfect for anyone with a passion for saving money and who loves to share their deals and discount finds.

The best part about winning the competition (besides the $100K, of course) is that you don’t have to move or quit your day job.  The winner will be chosen by popular vote (top 5 from each state, then top blogger from each state) and a money-saving challenge in the month of December.

Interested?   Find out more details, share the contest with your friends and followers, and register here:

Voting for winners begins September 1 so complete your profiles ASAP!

Please click here to learn more about the Cheap Sally contest. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

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  1. sounds like a fun contest, I try to use coupons, but often forget them or don’t have the time to find all the good ones.

  2. I love this idea! I just signed up and you can vote for me here:

    You can vote daily but one vote would be awesome! Thanks!

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