Vlog Hop Fun! California Girl Style!

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
March 25, 2011

I LOVE my blog and I LOVE to vlog!  Hey….that rhymes!  Hee hee!  Here are some fun words and questions California girl style!  Enjoy and feel free to vlog yourself and join in the fun!

How do you say these words?
Roof, Root, Illinois, Arkansas River, Missouri, About, Ask, Abdomen, Especially, Hierarchy, Often, Realtor, Coyote
1. What do you call it when friends get together and eat food outside?
2. What do you call the meal at noon? What about 6pm?
3. What do you call the thing you put your groceries in after you buy them?
4. What is it called when you ride a sled down a snowy hill?
5. What is another word for a stream you find in the woods?
6. What is the piece of furniture you store you clothes in?
7. What do you call the stuff you throw away?
8. What is the huge piece of furniture in your living room that at least 3 people can sit on?
9. What is the common/slang way for where you live to say, “Calm down”?
10. What do you call the colorful candy toppings you put on donuts?

If you’d like to play along, or even just watch the others, click the button above and it will take you right to Annie’s site.


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2 Responses to “Vlog Hop Fun! California Girl Style!”

  1. Hi Shannon! I am so glad you joined! Your hair looks AMAZING! Oh my goodnes, I love it!
    I found it funny how you say roof and root differently even though they are spelled the same 🙂

    LOL about the grocery question – yes, some people call it sack some call it bag. (and those northern gals say bag with an obvious accent, it’s fun! Check out Emilie’s vlog from Baby Loving Mama, she has a very northern accent)

    LOL Chill out it a very common way! And yay for sprinkles!

    See you around! The next one will be Friday April 8th, at the end of the Ultimate Blog Party from 5 minutes for mom. I don’t dare do anything blog hopping during that hehehe

  2. You are so adorable in this vlog and while I love your curly hair, you look absolutely GORGEOUS with the straight hair also…. I am SO jealous.
    I agree with Annie about roof and root – I expected you to say them both the same, but you didn’t.
    As for hierarchy, you didn’t say it funny, you were one of the 6 or so of us that said it properly… YAY!
    Hope you and the boys are doing well – how did they like your hair???

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