Major Life Changes

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
February 24, 2011

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know that we’ve had some major life changes in our family.  Almost a year ago, in March, the boys and I moved from Seattle to California to live with my parents.  I am amazed at the happiness I have found in my life since then….and it feels great!

In January, I started taking classes again at the local community college.  While I do have my Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science, with a minor in Business Management, it’s not really an area I can get a good paying job without experience or more education.  After much exposure to legal proceedings and jargon (given circumstances), I decided that I might really like a job in the area of Paralegal Studies.  I was right!  I love it!  It is so fascinating learning about the different types of laws, procedures, branches of government, and more!

In addition to taking classes, my status recently went from legally separated to divorced in February….and from stay-at-home mom to student mom.  Going back to school is so different this time around.  I don’t want to pass my classes….I want to ace my classes!  I am doing that for sure in my Business Law Class.  I have an A right now and am ranked as #3 out of 35 students.  Now that I’ve said this on a public site, I’m going to be even more inclined to keep up that grade point average.  Hee hee!

Brian is doing an amazing job in school!  He has so many friends and loves to learn.  He is also playing Basketball and has shown tremendous improvements over the stretch of the season.  Plus, he’s active in Cub Scouts, of which I am the Den Leader.  The other day, us parents were brainstorming on places of work to visit (i.e. one parent works with the newspaper and another parent is a firefighter).  Brian looks up at me and asks, “Mom, what are you going to do?”  LOL  I told him, “Well Bri, I’m the Den Leader.”  LOL  Kids sure do say the silliest things.

Dallen is also doing well and loves his preschool and friends.  He is even printing his name and various other words.  He’ll be totally ready for Kindergarten when it starts.  In fact, when we take Brian to school, Dallen will most often ask when he gets to go to Brian’s school.  I’m so glad he loves school.

Sam is growing so fast and I can’t believe how tall he’s getting!  He is busy learning his ABC’s and various other songs that we teach him here at home.  He loves to spend time with his Grandma and Grandpa and I LOVE it when I come home from classes and he runs up to me and shouts, “Mommy!,” accompanied by a big leg hug!  His brothers usually follow behind him.

Anyways, I am still around, although I haven’t been posting on The Mommy-Files as regularly as I did before. With all these changes in my life, I’ve looked into scheduling an Astrology Character Reading Consultation Appointment and help with these changes. However, we are starting to get things in order and everything seems to be falling into place.  I hope you are all in good health and doing well.

Thank you so much for your support and friendships!



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14 Responses to “Major Life Changes”

  1. Tara Funair says:

    Glad you are doing well and it sounds like your personal life is glowing with happiness. I’m very happy for you and your boys. A happy Mommy is so important and it reflects in your children. Keep up with your studies and I’ll be looking for the post that says you are #1 out of 35 students 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am so proud of the way that you have handled all the change that has come your way! You are so very strong and I am in awe of that! You rock Shannon 🙂

  3. admin says:

    @Tara…that would be awesome! Ha ha…a worthy goal I think! 🙂

  4. Chick Bowdrie says:

    You can do it 🙂

  5. Gosfam says:

    GREAT rundown girl!! I am so happy for you and how things are turning out. I hope to join you before too long in the back to school category. Not sure what I want to go into yet, but I want to go back. Love the pic of you and boys–super cute.

  6. So glad to hear that things are going so well with you and the boys. Congrats on going back to school and finding something you love so much.

  7. Jammie says:

    I noticed you had not been around much, I have not been reading the more personal parts of your blog, so I had no clue you was going through this mess. I am glad it is over for you though and you are going back to school to better your education! That is just awesome, I always wanted to go in the law field, but I am to scared to return back to school eek.

  8. Michelle jadaa says:

    Im so glad things are going well ,you are such a good example to your children too.Im sure this is just the beginning of a wonderful life:)

  9. Louise says:

    I’m so happy to read that you are doing well. School, mommy and blogger you are amazing! You have shown all of us a lot of strength!

  10. Julianna R says:

    I am so happy for you! Sounds like things are going much better. 🙂

  11. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’m so happy for you. I know you’ll rock as a Paralegal, especially with all the other background you have in other fields.

  12. I just knew things would work out wonderfully for you.
    I am SO happy that you are doing so well and the boys are thriving. Your decision to move to California, while difficult, was the best thing for you and your little family.
    Know that I am always here for you for anything you need.
    God bless you and all my love and hugs to you and the boys!!

  13. Rachel D. says:

    It sounds like you are happy, which is great! You definitely have some major life changes, but as long as you and your boys are happy…then it sounds like they are great changes! I’m glad to hear you are doing so well and good luck in everything! You are a great Mom!

  14. Eileen says:

    Good luck Shannon on your new adventure! I am just catching up on some of the personal facets of your blog so forgive my ignorance.
    I also had 3 kids and divorced, me in my late 20’s. Went back to school as a scared mama, not nearly equipped to meet the world in any other capacity other than mom. School was certainly not a breeze, but gave me a way to interact with adults for the first time in a decade and find buckets full of confidence. I also worked SO hard to pull the A’s. It was a great way to show my kids (then students) a good example. That was over 15 years ago, and since have carved a whole new life…marriage, worked out of the home, and added to my family. Life CAN be SO good after the challenges that take us to new adventures!

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