National Preparedness Month and $25 Giveaway #2

By Shannon Gosney
In Blogging Randomness
September 18, 2010

This month is National Preparedness month and I am excited to be working with Clorox and American Red Cross to share important information that will help us prepare for emergencies. This week, we’re focusing on Building an Emergency Preparedness Kit with your family.  Building a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit is an important component of emergency preparedness.  Here is a checklist you can use to start your kit:

  • Water (minimum three day supply for evacuations, two week supply for home, washing, and drinking)
  • Non-perishable foods (minimum three day supply for evacuations, two week supply for home)
  • Assorted battery pack (purchase the pack that provides a variety of battery sizes so that you’re prepared no matter the need)
  • Flashlight
  • Multipurpose tool
  • First aid kit
  • Medications (at least a 7 day supply)
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio (NOAA Weather Radio if possible)
  • Extra Clothing
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items
  • Cell phone with chargers
  • Family and emergency contact information
  • Extra cash
  • Emergeny Blanket
  • Maps of the area
  • Copies of important documents – in case of emergency, you’ll need copies of birth records, household lease or deed, medications list, passports and homeowners insurance policies. If you cannot locate your insurance documents, contact your homeowners insurance company and they should be able to provide a copy for you.
  • Household liquid bleach.  Did you know that bleach, like Clorox Liquid Bleach, can not only disinfect surfaces but also can be used to create drinkable water?  Here’s how:

To Disinfect Surfaces:  Use 1/4 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water, or as directed on the label, to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces in your home.

To Disinfect Water:  If you need to purify water during an emergency, (and do not have the means to boil it for 3-5 minutes), you may disinfect your water using bleach.  If water is clear, add 8 drops (1/8 tsp) of bleach per gallon of water.  If water is cloudy, add 16 drops (1/4 tsp) of bleach per gallon of water.  Mix the solution thoroughly and let it stand for about 30 minutes before using it.  Properly treated water should have a slight chlorine odor.  If it doesn’t, repeat dosage and allow water to stand an additional 15 minutes.  The treated water can be made drinkable by pouring it between clean containers several times.

Check out your local home supply store.  Many of them sell pre-assembled emergency preparedness supplies that provide a great foundation for the full kit you will need to build.

When disaster strikes you could ANYWHERE, so make sure you have either a full or abbreviated emergency preparedness kit (i.e. food, water and change of clothes) at work and in your vehicles.

Make sure the members of your household are aware of each kit, its content and its location.  In the event of an emergency, its essential to make sure everyone, even the children, are prepared.

Do you have pets?  Are they included in your preparedness plan?  If not, they should be!  You’ll find out more about creating a plan for your pets in next week’s blog post!

For more information, please visit and download the preparedness guide: Prepare Yourself Now for Peace of Mind Later.


1 lucky reader on The Mommy-Files will win a $25 gift card to use towards their emergency preparedness kit!!!


– Tell me in a comment what natural disasters have happened in the area where you live.


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As a blog tour participant, I received information and giveaways from The Clorox Company and Consumer Queen at no cost to me.  I was compensated for my time by The Clorox Company for participating in this project.  All views are 100% my own.

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513 Responses to “National Preparedness Month and $25 Giveaway #2”

  1. sandy says:

    tornadoes, earthquakes- floods- ice storms

  2. jennifer horn says:

    We had flooding in the spring and tornadoes are always a possibilityin Tn.

  3. Katherine C. says:

    We have brush fires and earthquakes.

  4. jennifer horn says:

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  9. Sunshyn V says:

    We’ve had a couple of blizzards and just recently have had tornado warnings nearby. Aside from that, its typically flooding near the river.
    chainmail(at) iwon(dot)com

  10. Sunshyn V says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs

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  13. Christina G. says:

    Tell me in a comment what natural disasters have happened in the area where you live.

    We have had tornadoes and floods. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Christina G. says:

    I voted for you at Top Mommy Blogs.

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  19. Kim says:

    We have hurricanes.

  20. Kim says:

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  24. EMMA L HORTON says:


  25. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by themommyfiles and Kim McHughes, jennifer horn. jennifer horn said: National Preparedness Month and $25 Gift Card Giveaway -… […]

  26. EMMA L HORTON says:

    e-mail subscriber

  27. Adrienne Gordon says:

    tornado, hurricane and floods.

  28. Rhonda Mason says:

    We don’t have many disasters happen here in Maine but a few years ago we survived an ice storm which knocked out power for days, took down trees and stranded people all over the state. Being without power in the dead of winter is an awful scare! We learned then how to prepare and not to expect that we are safe from disasters. Thanks
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  29. Rhonda Mason says:

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  33. Mami2jcn says:

    We’ve had hurricanes on the coast, tornadoes in the center of our state.

  34. Mami2jcn says:

    I voted for you at top mommy blogs.

  35. Mami2jcn says:

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  39. debp says:

    We get tornadoes, floods, blizzards, ice storms.

  40. debp says:

    I am a email subscriber.

  41. debp says:

    I am a gfc follower.

  42. Amber G says:

    Tornadoes happen often where I live!

  43. Amber G says:

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  45. Amber G says:

    I follow you on Twitter – my Twitter ID Is @AmberGoo

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    I like you on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore

  47. Jennifer B says:

    I biggest one I have witnessed so far are really bad blizzards and ice storms! Ice storms are so scary to me.

  48. Jennifer B says:

    voted on top mommy blogs

  49. Jennifer B says:

    follow you on twitter @bayctygrl

  50. Jennifer B says:

    your Fb fan Jennifer Bee

  51. Jennifer B says:

    follow on google Jennifer

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  53. Pat says:

    tornadoes and ice storms

  54. Jackie says:

    Hurricane Floyd hit us a couple of years ago. The whole town flooded. We lost the police station (new one had to be built) and the library was destroyed and had to be renovated. So much damage was done. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmaild ot com

  55. Jackie says:

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  57. Maureen says:

    Where I am we have had rains that produce flooding. In the winter we have had blizzards and snow so that you couldn’t get out of your house.

  58. Jackie says:

    I subscribe via email
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  59. Karen says:

    The worst “disaster” we had was when the city declared our drinking water was contaminated with high levels of E Coli so we had to boil our water for several days until the City discovered it was all a mistake. What a huge waste of time, energy, and a huge financial loss to many restaurants who were closed-down until the water was declared safe to drink by the County Health Dept.

  60. susitravl says:

    We have lots of tornadoes. My oldest niece’s car was just destroyed by one on 9/15. They showed it on all the local news channels and the weather channel it was on the front page of the paper. 🙁

  61. susitravl says:

    Follow your blog via GFC

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    Facebook Fan! (SusanBenegas)

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  64. Cynthia R says:

    In NC we get Hurricanes nearly every summer

  65. Cynthia R says:

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  66. Cynthia R says:

    GFC follower, CindyWindy2003

  67. Jennifer says:

    When we lived in Louisiana, we were hit by Katrina… then we moved to Texas and a few years later, we were hit by Ike… it seems the hurricanes follow us!

  68. Jennifer says:

    I like you on facebook

  69. Jennifer says:

    I follow you via GFC

  70. Jennifer says:

    E-mail subscriber

  71. Karen M says:

    Here in the desert we have fires and during the monsoon season we can have occasional flooding, but it usually dries up fast.

  72. DeeAnn S says:

    Here is southeast PA we have bad snow and ice storms, floods, side effects of a hurricane every now and then, and the ocassional tornado. Thanks.

  73. DeeAnn S says:

    email subscriber

  74. Elaine Lund says:

    I live in Mass. so we don’t get tornados, hurricanes etc. But! Last year there was quite a bit of rain and lots of people had flooded basements and yards. Also, several years back, we had a downburst come through the neighborhood. The occasional blizzard….

  75. Elaine Lund says:

    I voted for you!

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  80. Linda Kish says:

    Fires and earthquakes

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  81. Linda Kish says:

    I am an Email subscriber

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  82. Deb Anderson says:

    I’m in “Tornado Alley” so yeah, we get a lot of tornadoes. I’ve learned that in addition to all the wonderful things you mentioned above, when disaster strikes have an extra pair of shoes handy and ALWAYS have your ID on you.

  83. Deb Anderson says:

    voted Top Mommy Blogs

  84. Deb Anderson says:

    twitter follower

  85. Alicia says:

    For the first time ever, a tornado hit our town. It knocked down lots of trees,but, thank goodness no serious damage and nobody was killed.

  86. Deb Anderson says:

    FB fan

  87. Deb Anderson says:

    GFC follower

  88. shirley says:

    We have had wind storms, tornados, and the last few years 4 bad ice storms with no electric for up to 2 winds.

  89. Deb Anderson says:


  90. Alicia says:

    Follow you on Twitter

  91. Alicia says:

    Fan of yours on Facebook

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  93. shirley says:

    Voted for you

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  98. Alicia says:

    Voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs

  99. Alicia says:

    Entered Eagle Brand Ice Cream Challenge

  100. Alicia says:

    Entered National Preparedness Giveaway #1

  101. Julie Moe says:

    We’ve only had tornados

  102. Julie Moe says:

    Follow on twitter @juliemeagan

  103. Julie Moe says:

    I follow on gfc

  104. Julie Moe says:

    I subscribe

  105. Heather S says:

    We had fires in a forest near us in the GA mountains. It is scary to see the devastation.

  106. Heather S says:

    follow on twitter @buzz8

  107. Heather S says:

    follow on GFC buzzd

  108. Alicia says:

    Entered #1 National Preparedness Giveaway

  109. Small Footprints says:

    We’ve had flooding and high winds.

    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  110. Small Footprints says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs – Good luck!

    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

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    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

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    I subscribe to your email updates (reducefootprints at gmail dot com)

  115. Jennifer Reda says:

    we’ve had a couple of nor’easters in new jersey, not much else

  116. Jennifer Reda says:

    i follow you on twitter (redfuzzycow)

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    i like you on facebook (jen reda)

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  120. Christy says:

    Forest Fires!

  121. Christy says:

    I’m an email subscriber

  122. Jennifer Reda says:

    your button is on my blog

  123. Christy says:

    I’m a google follower

  124. Sharon says:

    We have blizzards and wild fires and tornadoes, but thankfully not too often!

  125. Sharon says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs.

  126. Sharon says:

    I follow you on twitter @sharonjo2

  127. Sharon says:

    I’m a facebook fan of The Mommy-File.
    (Sharon Olivier)

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  129. Sharon says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  130. shelly says:

    When I lived in Sault Ste. Marie, MI years ago we got six feet of snow in 24 hours-its wild what the lake effect can do. The national guard had to comein and dig out the town.

  131. Linda Lansford says:

    We have had many hurricanes in Florida

  132. Linda Lansford says:

    i gfc

  133. Linda Lansford says:

    i voted

  134. Suzanne K says:

    We have earthquakes, fires and mudslides here

  135. Jessie C. says:

    Winter storms and flood here.

  136. Jessie C. says:

    Voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs

  137. Jessie C. says:

    @tcarolinep twitter follower

  138. Jessie C. says:

    FB fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  139. Jessie C. says:

    GFC follower

  140. Jennifer Short says:

    Last year we had 300″ of snow, mainly in about six weeks. We got hit with a “snow hurricane” as the newsmen called it and had EIGHT FEET of snow in our driveway. Thankfully we didn’t lose electric, but were trapped in the house almost three weeks. To help spread the cost of getting ready for winter this year, I’m already buying a good many extra groceries each time I go to the store.

  141. Jennifer Short says:

    I follow you google connect. jenndiggy

  142. Jennifer Short says:

    I follow you on Twitter. jenndiggy

  143. Jessie C. says:

    I’m a subscriber

  144. Alicia Webster says:

    Nothing so far in this area (Winchester, VA), but I have only lived here five years. But I was in two natural disasters where I am from, a flood and an earthquake (Santa Cruz, CA)

  145. Amanda W says:

    Lots of hurricanes.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  146. Amanda W says:

    Voted for you on TMB.

  147. Amanda W says:

    Follow you on twitter @amandawk

  148. Amanda W says:

    I’m a follower.

  149. Holly W. says:

    Mostly just Wild Fires and sometimes Flash Floods!

  150. Holly W. says:

    I Follow The Mommy-Files on Twitter ..her5boys480

  151. Holly W. says:

    I follow you on GFC…brkwalker

  152. Holly W. says:

    I Subscribe to your blog!

  153. Nicole C. says:

    We have had a major ice storm and tornadoes.

  154. Nicole C. says:

    I follow on gfc.

  155. McKim says:

    We have had a few floods, tornadoes but the biggest threat recently have been forest fires.

  156. Brieanna N says:


  157. Linda F says:

    We have had blizzards and hurricanes in my area.

  158. Linda F says:

    follow on Twitter

  159. Linda F says:

    email subscriber

  160. Kiara says:

    We mostly have floods.

  161. Lori says:

    Ice storms occur in my area.

  162. Lori says:

    twitter follower @hushsweetscove

  163. Lori says:

    following on twitter @hushsweetscove

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    sweetscove is a gfc follower

  165. Kent O says:

    Down here in Georgia, we had a lot of flooding last year including my basement flooding twice and the kid’s stuck at school because the water was so high in the streets.

  166. sandra says:

    recently we’ve just had some major thunderstorms

  167. sandra says:


  168. sandra says:

    Voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs

  169. Kristen says:

    We have earthquakes!

  170. Kristen says:

    I follow on GFC

  171. Theron Willis says:

    My community is hit by occasional earthquakes. I store water in two fifty gallon barrels with the addition of Clorox bleach to prevent the growth of bacteria. This amount of water can last a family of four for one week.

    I subscribe via GFC.

  172. Amanda S. says:


  173. Amanda S. says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  174. Tari L. says:

    We have had a tornado touch down nearby and have had some high wind and rain damage from hurricaines.

  175. Pat says:

    At our house we lived through the Northern California earthquake in 1989. We had prepared our emergency kit and still have one today, just in case.

  176. Pat says:

    I’m an email subscriber.

  177. Claire says:

    Fires and earthquakes… oh, California!

  178. Christina says:

    Tornados, lots of high winds, and floods. At least we have a basement which is great for the tornados and winds, but not good for the floods as it can gather water down there.

  179. Christina says:

    I am an email subscriber.

  180. marci says:

    We get a lot of flooding. I have had several friends and neighbors drown from them plus my uncle lost his house to a flood.

  181. marci says:

    Voted for you on TMB 🙂

  182. marci says:

    like you on FB 🙂

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  185. scottsgal says:

    tornados happen in the midwest

  186. scottsgal says:

    like you on facebook

  187. Nad says:

    Where we live, we have earthquakes and forest fires.

  188. Nad says:

    I follow you on twitter @nadicherie

  189. Nad says:

    I follow you via GFC

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    I subscribe via email

  191. Janna Johnson says:

    Wonderful contest! Thanks for entering me!
    Janna Johnson

  192. Elizabeth I says:

    I am in Wisconsin and I learned that tornadoes happen here! topgun34er(at)hotmail(dot)com

  193. Joy Bennett says:

    Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

  194. Joy Bennett says:

    GFC follower

  195. Christine says:

    We often have big snowstorms but this summer we had a huge flood! 🙁

  196. Christine says:

    I am an email subscriber

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    Voted for you on top mommy blogs

  198. Christine says:

    I follow you on twitter = @justicecw

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    I am a FB fan = Christine W

  201. Christine says:

    I have your button at Cute Stuff

  202. jessica brust says:

    We have had earthquakes, tornados, and floods!

  203. danielle says:

    Wind and rain here, but we are Katrina evacuees.

  204. rebecca says:

    Nothing much comes to mind, but we are Katrina evacuees, and I was a teen when Camille came through.

  205. angie says:

    We have had tornadoes in my area.

  206. katklaw777 says:

    I live in Illinois…we have had tornadoes, blizzards and floods. Thanks for the giveaway.

  207. katklaw777 says:

    I subscribe via email.

  208. Daniel M says:

    the blizzard of ’78, a hurricane that only seemed to hit our yard (lost 4 trees, nobody else did)

  209. Debbie C says:

    Tornados, floods, ice storms, snowstorms, windstorms, we get it all. Lucky us. We need to be prepared.

  210. Debbie C says:

    I follow on Google Friend Connect. (Debbie C)

  211. Tonya Dean says:

    Flooding, we are near the Mississippi River and have faced major flooding.

  212. Lisa Davis says:

    I can’t think of anything other than floods. We had a nasty storm last year that brought down a tree (which brought down the power lines) a block down from our house. Pretty eery looking down the street of live power lines draped over the trees. When I was little we lived in Tennessee for a bit and experienced a horrible storm that shook our whole house, I remember hiding under my bed paralyzed with fear. A tornado just missed us. To this day thunder and lightening really rattles me and the thought of tornadoes gives me goose bumps!

  213. Lisa Davis says:

    I voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs

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    I follow on twitter (lilpinksocks)

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    I’m a fan on facebook (lisa a davis)

  216. Cynthia C says:

    We had a terrible storm in my area that left us without power for four days. Being on a well, that meant we were also without water. It was truly miserable.

  217. Cynthia C says:

    Like you on fb (Cynthia Conley)

  218. Cynthia C says:

    Following on gfc (clc408)

  219. amber says:

    We’ve had tornadoes, just had a bad storm that made the power go out for a day just last month too. Thanks!

  220. amber says:

    I follow on Twitter (lipstickncandy)

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    I voted on Top Mommy Blogs

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    I’m a blog subscriber.

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    I like you on Facebook (Amber H)

  224. Wendy M says:

    We have blizzards and tornadoes here.

  225. Wendy M says:

    I follow in GFC

  226. Wendy M says:

    I am a facebook fan

  227. Lynda E says:

    Mostly floods, but we’ve also had a few tornados and a small earthquake.

  228. Denise B. says:

    We have been hit with mostly floods and high-wind damage and some hurricances.

  229. Lori A. says:

    We mostly have tornados and flooding in my area.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  230. Lori A. says:

    Voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  231. beth shepherd says:

    Thank you

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    I like on fb
    thank you

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    I sub
    thank you

  234. Lori A. says:

    Follow The Mommy-Files on Twitter
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  235. Lim says:

    I’m in VT so the worst we normally get is bad winter storms. Occasionally we have some flooding that isn’t the anticipated spring thaw flood. We did get a down wind? down surge? wind surge? Something that was a just shy of a tornado a few years ago. It only damaged a small area along a back road. No deaths and I don’t even think there were injuries.

    That being said. Winter can be pretty harsh and some storms are more severe than others.

  236. Lori A. says:

    Fan of The Mommy-Files on Facebook
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  237. Jessica Gragg says:

    Here in Arkansas we had flooding this year, a major ice storm that knocked out the power for two weeks last year, and an F4 tornado the previous year.

  238. Jammie says:

    We had really bad flooding in may, we also have straightline winds. When my husband was younger they had 90 tornadoes in one night hit the surrounding area

  239. Jessica Gragg says:

    Following on Twitter and retweeted contest.

  240. Jammie says:

    I follow you on twitter Jammie79

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    I am a facebook fan Jammie Morey

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  244. Sharon Harmon says:

    Here in Colorado we get avalanches and flooding very rarely.

  245. Sharon Harmon says:

    a Fan of The Mommy-Files on Facebook 😉

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    Google Friend Connect Follower 😉

  247. Lori A. says:

    Follow through Google Connect
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  249. Kelly says:

    We’ve been hit by a couple of hurricanes and an occasional tornado in the time that I’ve lived here. I wish I could find a place to live with a great climate and a lack of scary storms, though!

  250. Peter G says:

    Hurricanes!! Living in Florida, the first year we were here four came through. High winds, so much rain. A store in St Petersburg had the roof collapse and the whole area flooded. Trees went down and we couldn’t get out for three days. Power came back on and it was strange to see that lamp posts were bent at exactly the same place.

  251. nan lara says:

    ice storms/snow storms/hurricanes
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  252. nan lara says:

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  260. Carol W. says:

    In my area there’s been flooding and blizzards.

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    I subscribe by email.

  263. Sue Farrell says:

    Our mail natural disasters are tornadoes.

  264. Jeff says:

    We had 4 hurricane’s in one year.

  265. Jessica says:

    I just moved to Virginia from Wisconsin. In Wisconsin we would get flooding every spring. Every 2-3 years FEMA would actually get involved and declare it a “disaster area”. I’m not sure what to expect now.

  266. Jessica says:

    I follow you on twitter (@jjak2003)

  267. gala says:

    Hurricanes (Katrina for ex)

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  272. Sarah Hirsch says:

    where i live we really only see tornadoes as far as natural disasters go

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  275. Shannon A says:


  276. Aisling says:

    We get tornados in Missouri plus an occasional earthquake and periodic flooding.

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    I subscribe to your blog.

  279. Tom says:

    Lower level hurricanes and floods. Thanks!

  280. Donna L says:


  281. Debra F says:

    The closest thing I can think of is when we had widespread flooding….our basement flooded with a good foot of water

  282. Paula Michele says:

    We have hurricanes, floods, occasionally a tornado, and Nor’easter.

  283. Paula Michele says:

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  286. Erica C. says:

    We had the terrible east coast blizzard last year. This year, we’ve had tornados, hurricanes, and even an earthquake…all very minor though.

  287. Jill Myrick says:

    Fortunately we don’t have to contend with hurricanes or tornadoes in NC but we do have trouble with flooding and large amounts of snow.
    I have seen several homes wash down the side of a mountain due to rain and up to 42in. of snow at one time. With the power being out for up to three weeks. We now have generators and gas logs just in case.


  288. Jill Myrick says:

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  292. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Flooding both flash floods and the river by my house will overflow its banks. This has never affected us because we live on a huge hill, but it has hurt those who can least afford it. Tornados have hit the area too, but we have always been lucky.

  293. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I voted for you, and you are still at #20.

  294. Monique Rizzo says:

    The only thing I can think of was the Eruption of Mt. St. Helens many years ago.Thanks for the chance.

  295. Deanna G. says:

    We’ve had flooding & earthquakes.

  296. Deanna G. says:

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  302. wcc says:

    We’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes and floods here. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

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  306. Crystal F says:

    We had Hurricane Hugo, a bad ice storm and a tornado a few weeks ago. Thank you!!

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    I’m a subscriber!

  308. Amy Delong says:

    floods have happened in our area

  309. Amy Delong says:


  310. barbara wright says:

    We were right in the middle of Hurricane Fran. We had no power or water for about 10 days.

  311. barbara wright says:

    We were without power and water for 10 days with Hurricane Fran

  312. barbara wright says:

    Sorry for the duplicate comment, but I got a page of html errors when I hit submit, so I thought the first one hadn’t worked.

    I Follow The Mommy-Files on Twitter – bsw529

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  316. allyson ayala says:

    we live in california- so earthquakes would be our natural disaster

  317. We live right smack in the middle of Tornado Alley. We also get floods and blizzards from time to time.

  318. Jodi says:

    Here in Michigan we get our share of tornandos and flash floods.

  319. Joanne Schultz says:

    We’ve had some hurricanes in the past, but nothing recently. Some snowstorms early in the season cause power outages – people who live more in the country sometimes lose power for a week at a time.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  320. Joanne Schultz says:

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  325. Carol G says:

    Tornadoes, and more often than one would think, floods.

  326. Harriett D. says:

    We have hurricanes. Somme times we have ice/snow storm in the winter.

  327. Debbie says:

    I lived through Hugo. We have had other hurricanes but that was the worst.


  328. Harriett D. says:

    We have hurricanes to come through.

  329. Debbie says:

    I lived through Hurricane Hugo. We have had other hurricanes but this was the worst.


  330. loni says:

    Fortunately, I have not been affected by them, but we have had quite a few larger tornados in the area.

  331. Melanie says:

    I used to live in Louisiana, and I was one of the areas affected by Katrina.
    We were somewhat prepared, but we had no idea what to expect and didn’t have
    everything we needed.
    Right now I live in TN, and Im in “Tornado Country”, so a kit like this
    would be great to have.

  332. sarah says:

    I live in Upstate NY and we don’t get much in the way of natural disasters. Two summers ago there was a minor tornado that did practically no damage but throw lawn furniture around. But we can get some pretty nasty winter storms.

  333. Gena says:

    I live right in Tornado Alley. Some of the houses in my neighborhood are rebuilt frm the last time

  334. Felicia K. says:

    We had a really bad flood here in 1993. Our city still has the water level marked on the sign coming into the city.

  335. Felicia K. says:

    We had a really bad flood here in 1993.

  336. Eileen says:

    The big one here was a tornado over the summer, odd since I live in CT!

  337. laurie says:

    we have tornados

  338. laurie says:

    we have tornado

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  343. Laura says:

    Unfortunately, our area was just hit with tornados

  344. Rhonda Mason says:


  345. Christine says:

    I’ve lived in Southern Cal my entire life, so earthquakes are a regular occurrence. They don’t (excuse the pun) rattle me.

  346. Christine says:

    I *like* The Mommy-Files on FB.

  347. Rosey says:

    We moved shortly thereafter, but we lived in Palm Beach County for eighteen years. The last year we were there, 3 major hurricanes in a row hit where we were. We were without electricity for 21 days straight.

  348. Rosey says:

    I follow you on Twitter (mail4rosey).

  349. Susan Smith says:

    I live in Kansas so tornados have come to visit us a few times. None have touched down close to us thankfully

  350. Susan Smith says:

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    Like you on facebook

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  353. Jimmy says:

    I haven’t experienced any disasters. My area usually just gets thunderstorms….occasionally a tornado.

  354. lilshuga2001 says:

    we just have really strong winds! Grrrr! 🙁

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  359. Angela Winesburg says:

    Hurricanes only one tornado since I’ve lived here, thanks for the chance!

  360. Kirsten T. says:

    Very rarely, a tornado is around. Every 7-10 years we get mounds of snow (2-3 feet like this Feb – yuck) . Overall, a pretty safe place to live.

  361. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    the big snowstorm hit hard this year.

  362. Becky S. says:

    A couple of months ago there was some bad flooding and a few tornados (which aren’t very common in my area)

  363. Becky S. says:

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  367. Sheila says:

    We get hurricanes.

  368. brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…I was living in the SF area during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, 6.9 on the Richter scale !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  369. brian e. says:

    Voted for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs !

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  372. Karen R says:

    We live in tornado alley.

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  377. Lisa L says:

    We have power outages sometimes due to thunderstorms or snowstorms…but thankfully no big natural disasters

  378. Lisa L says:

    I’m a GFC follower

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    I’m a subscriber too

  380. Lisa L says:

    Voted for you @ Top Mommy Blogs

  381. Brandy Byrne says:

    We’re not close to the coast but we’ve had our fair share of hurricanes come through. Also plenty of tornadoes.

  382. Brandy Byrne says:

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    Brandy B

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    Brandy B

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  388. Breanne says:

    Hmm in like 1974 there was a tornado and a few people died. My senior year (2 years ago) there was a little earthquake! I slept through it and most people did too. There was also a bad flood that year.

  389. Breanne says:

    I voted on Top Mommy Blogs

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    I follow you on Twitter @RazzMyBerry.

  391. Chrysa says:

    Most years we have a tornado within 30 miles of us.

  392. Breanne says:

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  397. reallycool31 says:

    We’ve had tornados and small earthquakes here.

  398. DanV says:

    We’ve had hurricanes

  399. Leslie Price says:

    I live on the beach in Florida, so hurricane season is always an adventure around here…

  400. Leslie Price says:

    Twitter follower @lprice79.

  401. Leslie Price says:

    GFC follower.

  402. trixx says:

    We actually just had a tornado here in NYC a few days ago!

  403. trixx says:

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    I follow via Google Friends Connect!

  406. Karen says:

    We’ve had blizzards and ash falling from a volcano eruption.

  407. Alicia says:

    Wildfires in the foothills surrounding the city.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  408. Alicia says:

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    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  409. Shannon says:

    flooding, droughts, tornadoes

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  414. Veronica Garrett says:

    We have had several devastating tornadoes.

  415. Tammy Greer says:

    We have wildfires here because when it’s dry and hot it doesn’t take much for a fire to start and spread very quickly.

  416. Pamela S says:

    I live in the Midwest so our most common emergency is tornado. Luckily we’ve never been affected too much, but I had a brother who was affected for about 10 days. Thanks.

  417. Pamela S says:

    Subscribed to feed.

  418. Sand says:

    Flooding and sandstorms are an issue as well as heavy winds.

  419. Sarah L says:

    Blizzards & tornadoes have happened here in Colorado. Thanks for the contest.

  420. Sarah L says:

    voted for you

  421. Sarah L says:

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  424. Charlene Kuser says:

    We have had a small earthquake and a twister in my area

  425. Charlene Kuser says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs

  426. dawn says:

    Earthquakes, enough said.

  427. Charlene Kuser says:

    I am following you on Twitter (@Swtlilchick)

  428. We had a hurricane years ago which left some damage, but haven’t had any major disaster recently

  429. Follow you on twitter (@SAHMofDQ)

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  433. Your button is on my blog (website listed)

  434. Gianna says:

    Lots of tornados. Some wiped out whole towns.

  435. Charlene Kuser says:

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    I am following you on GFC (Charlene)

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  438. Daniel M says:

    just a hurricane that only happened in our yard (lost 3 trees, nobody else did)

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