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By Shannon Gosney
In Featured Blogger Friday
August 26, 2010

Yes….Featured Blogger Friday is back!!!  It’s been a while, but I’m back at it.  As a blogger who’s been in the business (lol) for almost 2 years, I love “giving back” by putting other bloggers in the spotlight.  It also gives me a chance to get to know other bloggers out there in the ever-growing blogosphere!  Today, I’m excited to feature The Crafty Charlestonian!

The Crafty Charlestonian                   

What made you choose the name of your blog?

I’d been thinking that I wanted to start a blog to share craft ideas and tutorials for a loooong time and one day “The Crafty Charlestonian” just came to me. I’m crafty and I’m probably the proudest Charlestonian you’ll ever meet. I absolutely ADORE Charleston (South Carolina, not West Virginia) and I never want to live anywhere else! 
Who designed your blog?

I stumbled through my blog design for the first couple of months and then thankfully a very dear friend of mine, Katie, over at Pickles & Paisleys and Baby Bumble B came to my rescue. So all thanks go to her for my amazingly awesome blog design…which gets complimented all the time. Thanks Katie!
What do you love about blogging?

There are SOOOOO many things I love about blogging, but most of all, I love my readers. I love their comments, emails, and little messages of encouragement that they so-often send me!
What is the purpose of your blog?

The original purpose of my blog was to share craft tutorials, sewing projects, coupon advice, share coupon workshops around the Charleston area, and gardening advice. Very quickly however, my blog became focused on product reviews and giveaways. I’m still offering craft tutorials and sewing projects, but the majority of posts are reviews and giveaways.

Are you married?  If so, how long?

I am married to my wonderful husband, Sean. We’ve been together since 2005 and married since 2008. We just celebrated our second anniversary on August 23rd! Sean is my soulmate, my best friend, and an amazing father to our girls. We are truly blessed to have each other. Some people go their entire lives not knowing a love like we have, so we thank God everyday for each other. (I know I know, you just threw up. Sorry….but its true!) : )
Do you have children?  If so, how many?

I have two beautiful, amazing, brilliant, spunky, curious, wonderful little girls. Hensley will be two on October 3rd and Daycie will be one on November 12th. We also have three doggie-children….Athena is almost 5 and quite the little priss, Bailey is almost 4 and is our Scrub-Muffin, and Jackson is 3 and is our Baby Boy. They are just as spoiled rotten as Hensley and Daycie, too!
What is your favorite movie of all time?

Always has been and always will be Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman…there’s just no way to pick between those two!

Who is your favorite actor?

When I was younger, I loved Leonardo DiCaprio. Now I’m really into the entire male cast of True Blood, however. (Seriously…Jason Stackhouse…MMMMM!) : )
What is your favorite dessert?

I recently gave up all sugar, flour, and processed foods so right now, ANYTHING sweet is my favorite dessert. LOL Seriously though, my absolute favorite is Cheesecake…or my Grandmother’s Caramel Cake, or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, or cake from Carlo’s Bakery, or…
What is your favorite holiday?

I’m a BIG fan of Halloween…and not because I’m all gothic or freaky or anything, I just like the holiday! I love the costumes and all. But even as much as I love Halloween, Christmas is still my favorite holiday and even more so now that I have Littles to share the magic of Christmas with. Watching Hensley’s face last Christmas was priceless. I can’t wait to see both of their faces this year when they come down the stairs and into the living room and see all the presents under the tree. (I’m getting chills just thinking about it!)
If you were on a deserted island by yourself, what are 2 things you would have?

A Kindle and an Ipod (not that I own either…but we’re pretending right?!)
And of course, you know me, there has to be a chocolate question.  What is your favorite candy bar?

Again, with the sugar questions! Aaaaah! I’m going crazy here! : ) My favorite candy bars are Skor and Heath bars, but at this point, that’s another area that I would probably classify ANY candy bar as my favorite right now. Ha Ha Ha

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