Thankful Thursday

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
July 21, 2010

It’s that time of week again! Time to list what you are thankful for. This week we are doing things that start with the letter “V.”

Happy Thursday!

I’m thankful for vehicles, veterans, Valentines, and vacuums . What are you thankful for?

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8 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

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  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Things I’m thankful for starting with V, would be:
    Vacation Bible School so children can learn about God and Jesus,
    Vaccines so people don’t end up with as many deadly diseases as in days of old,
    Validated parking so I don’t have to pay to visit certain businesses,
    Versatile bloggers that make reading their blogs fun and interesting,
    Vinegar because it gives tang to many dishes and also is a great natural cleaner,
    Vitamin A because it helps our vision,
    Voters the back bone of our American Government,
    Vows said in the convenant of Love between two people.

  3. The Gosfam says:

    Vegetables, and vibrant colors.

  4. Susan Heim says:

    The first word that came to mind was “vacations”!!!

  5. Wendi P says:

    I am thankful for:

    ~good Vibes

  6. Ro says:

    I am grateful for the warm weather. Thanks for the fun grateful section!

  7. Ro says:

    Oops I didn’t see the part that said “V” Sorry about that :(.
    I am thankful for Vegetation that makes the forests so pretty :-). Hope that’s better lol. Thanks again.

  8. April says:

    I forgot to link up! 🙂

    Vikings! (that’s my high school alma mater)
    Vacuum cleaners — isn’t it funny how when you say something isn’t any good you say that “it sucks” but when you’re talking about a vacuum, you can’t really say that becuase if it doesn’t suck, then it really sucks. Ironic, huh?
    Valentines — While I don’t get into the whole hooplah of it all, I do like a reason to celebrate my four Valentines!
    Volume — I love my hair and my music both to have lots of volume. Sadly, however, neither does at the current point in my life.
    Volkswagons — Why? Because a good old fashioned game of “slug bug” is fun!
    Veterans — I shudder to think where our country would be today if it weren’t for the brave elite that lead our country’s battles.
    Vampires — ha ha.. not because of the Twilight series, but for the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Super duper love story, with a gory little twist!
    Vacations — not that I got one this year, but when you DO get to get them, they’re awesome!
    Violets – beautiful flowers! I love purple.
    Vail — (speaking of vacations) it’s a beautiful, fun city in Colorado! God’s country.
    Vegetables — I love salad! Ask my kids and they’ll probably tell you it’s my favorite food!
    Vision – I couldn’t begin to imagine not being able to see my beautiful children change before my eyes… and smile at me? I can’t imagine a life of darkness like that.
    Voters — why? Because I hope they really DO make a change this coming election.
    Virtues — I find that children (or adults, alike) are completely lacking in good old-fashioned virtues these day. Sad sad sad. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    Vets — not the military kind, but the kind that take care of our pooches and keep them safe and well.
    Veggie Tales! Broccoli, Celery, Gotta be — Veggie Tales! Cauliflower, sweet-n-sour, half an hour — Veggie Tales! There’s never ever ever ever ever been a show like Veggie Tales! There’s never ever ever ever ever been a show like Veggie Tales! It’s time for Veggie TALES!!!

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