Marriott Tots Travel Too Giveaway

By Shannon Gosney
In Giveaways
June 23, 2010

Summer is here and families are packing up their bags and their kids and heading out to fun destinations.  This summer, I’m planning on taking my boys to Disneyland and we are so excited about it!  Taking vacations can be fun, but traveling with tots can definitely have it’s challenges.  Anybody who has traveled with a little one will more than likely be nodding their head in agreement with that statement.

I am excited to be working with The Motherhood, an amazing group of moms, and Marriott to bring to you “Marriott Tots Travel Too.”  We are gathering together different travel tips that moms and dads have for traveling with little ones! 

When you stay at Marriott, it is their goal for you to feel just like you are at home, providing many of the ammenities you would have and use in your home.  Tots Travel Too is a program that was created by Marriott to help make traveling easier for families with young children.  This program is available at more than 2,500 Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn, and TownPlace Suites Hotels in the Continental USA and Canada.  ” As a parent with a child under three, I am definitely aware of all the planning and stress that can happen when traveling with toddlers,” says Peggy Fang Roe, Vice President Global Brand, Management, TownePlace Suites & Marriott Executive Apartments, Marriott International, Inc.  “We’ve developed the Tots Travel Too Program to meet the unique needs of families traveling with very young children.  By helping reassure parents, the Tots Travel Too Program helps them to relax, enjoy their trip, and create long-lasting and happy memories with their families.”

The complimentary Tots Travel Too Program provides guests with different ammenities upon request.  For bedtime, guests can use a Travel Cribs with freshly laundered COVERPLAY covers for their little ones.  For bath time,   your little one can take home an adorable squirting toy.  Also available are outlet covers, nightlights, and various toiletries for your little ones.  These are available at the front desk.  You can also pick up a complimentary disposable bib in the breakfast area.


To celebrate summer and traveling with toddlers, 1 lucky winner on The Mommy-Files will win a $250 Marriott Gift Card and a Marriott Tots Travel Too Welcome Gift Basket (pictured on left).


– Leave me a comment with 1 (or more) travel tips for traveling with toddlers!!


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I am working in partnership with Marriott and to cover the Marriott Tots Travel Too program and have received a stipend.

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744 Responses to “Marriott Tots Travel Too Giveaway”

  1. LynnC says:

    I know there are a lot of people out there traveling with kids because I see them when I am alone or with my almost 3 year old….so I guess all the new good tips have already been submitted. Old tried and true tips: travel with snacks and new (to the child) playthings and books, keep a good supply of wipes near by, and keep your cool.

  2. Make sure you have some of the toddlers items from home (blanket, stuffed animal, etc) I find my youngest getting homesick after a few days away from home and the lovies help!!

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  6. Kelsey says:

    Pack lots of snacks and fun games, and don’t forget there fave toys!!

  7. Rosalinda Vargas says:

    I love to see their eyes open wide with wonder and excitement!

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  10. Rosalinda Vargas says:

    Travel Tip – Call ahead and reserve a Pac-n-Play. This is a crib n play pen.

  11. Joy Bennett says:

    Take a an extra Tshirt for yourself in the carry on bag because usually my tots spill, spit or some how mess up my clothes too when I’m traveling.

  12. Sarah D. says:

    Pack toys/fun stuff to do, stop frequently to stretch everyone, be patient.

  13. Steph says:

    Always pack a bag with at least one diaper, a ziploc with wipes, a small water bottle, entertainment and most important…patience. Traveling with kids can be really stressful, try and not let it get to you.

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  15. Sarah G says:

    My tip is to bring snack-sized Ziploc bags, filled with your toddler’s favorite finger foods. It keeps them occupied opening and closing the bags! 🙂

  16. Sarah G says:

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  17. Beth Warren says:

    Tip for traveling: bring plenty of snacks, maybe bring DVD for kids to watch. Travel early AM or middle of the night so kids sleep most of the way.

  18. Beth Warren says:

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  19. Margaret Smith says:

    My best tip is to bring along a small pillow, blanket and favorite stuffed animal to help the kids rest when travelling. Also, we bring a few favorite small toys, some snacks and drinks.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  20. Margaret Smith says:

    I voted.
    Thanks again

  21. Margaret Smith says:

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  22. McKim says:

    I always pack several zip lock baggies. You never know when you will need one for a dirty diaper, unfinished snack, etc.

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    Thanks again

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  29. Marilyn Wons says:

    When traveling with toddlers I try to start off the trip when they are ready for nap time. At least this way they sleep through some of the trip.

  30. Lesli C says:

    Bring a lovey and favorite book(s)! Something familiar from home makes such a difference!

  31. Lesli C says:

    I voted for you!

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  33. Stephanie says:

    Those DK board books with lots of pictures kept both of my kids occupied for a long time when they were toddlers. (My First Colors Board Book, My First Truck Board Book…there are several in the series.)

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  41. Kristen says:

    We always make sure to pack crayons and notebooks/coloring books as not all restaurants have crayons when we are traveling.

  42. Denise S says:

    Takes lots of games, books, and special treats along on a long car trip.

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  46. Amber G says:

    My tip is to keep plenty of snacks on hand!

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  49. Maddy says:

    Make sure that you bring one of their loveys and try to maintain their usual schedule.

  50. Tanya Clapshaw says:

    My daughter turned two while we were traveling in Europe, so we’ve definitely learned a few things about how to travel with a toddler! Here are our top tips:

    –SLOW DOWN. You can’t travel at warp speed when you have a cranky two year old, so plan extra time for naps, or playing, or whatever. You’ll be surprised how much more you see, and also how nice people are when they see you as a family, instead of as a tourist!

    –Take a convertible stroller. We took one that converted into a baby backpack, so we could carry our daughter when climbing stairs, or walking over rough streets. This also got her up out of crowds, and she could talk to her Daddy when she wanted to.

    –GALLON ZIP TOP PLASTIC BAGS–great for keeping wet clothes or diapers separate from the other stuff in your suitcase. Also good as baby barf bags (don’t ask….)

    –Take something that’s familiar to your child. We took a portable DVD player with a few of her favorite shows in English (she was really confused by the other languages people kept trying to speak to her), and her favorite blanket. As long as she had those things and us, she had a sense of ‘home’.

    –Bring someone extra to help! We brought a friend who helped schlep luggage, babysit so my husband and I could get some time alone, and just be extra help for getting reservations or doing legwork around town while the baby was napping. It made a big difference, and he had a great time (even if he had to learn how to change a poopy diaper….)


  51. Tanya Clapshaw says:

    I’m also following you on Twitter, and befriended you on Facebook 🙂


    spiderdevo8 AT hotmail DOT com

  52. Debra F says:

    As I’m sure many have already said….make sure you always have snacks for the kids. And, even though I’m sure many would disagree, those little gameboys have been a lifesaver for us when we travel. We do limit how much time they can play, but there are times when you just need them to settle down and be quiet, and those surely do the trick.

  53. Deanna U says:

    Toddler travel tip: Have plenty of snacks on hand! These can be lifesavers on long, restless trips!

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    keep healthy snacks handy!

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  66. merle says:

    keep them in the buggie.

  67. Shelley Johnson says:

    Bose noiseless headphones!

  68. Tori says:

    bring the dust buster to keep the car clean as you go.

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  73. Dana says:

    My tip for traveling with toddlers is to pack several extra outfits…especially some that are “disposable”.
    I also like to pick up a bag full of small toys or activities from the dollar store and keep them as a new surprise for when they get bored or aggitated.

  74. Dana says:

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  76. Robin says:

    Snacks, toys, books will keep them occupied.

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  82. Stephanie Vollowitz says:

    Put together a bag of NEW toys and activities and things toddler has never seen before – flashlight, sticker books, coloring books, etc. A portable dvd player with new dvd’s also saved us last month!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  83. SANDY says:

    call ahead to confirm and see what hotel has or can get
    get a multipurpose stroller, car seat

  84. hminnesota says:

    Keep plenty of ziplocs handy …and also some garbage bags. lots of small packages of food.

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  88. shawn mckim says:

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  89. Travel tip: Leave earlier than you normally would so you can have plenty of time to make extra stops if needed!

  90. Tim says:

    Cutting down on stimulation has helped in my experience.

  91. Melissa says:

    Bring a portable dvd player and some comfy stuff from home, like a blanket or lovey!

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  95. The Gosfam says:

    I have a few simple things: snacks, extra clothes, and fun activities to keep them entertained!! Also don’t expect too much from them 🙂

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  103. Gena says:

    Baby Wipes! No matter if you are staying in a hotel, traveling on a plane or driving in a car you would be well served to have baby wipes (or sanitary wipes) on hand at all times. They are so valuable for cleaning your child’s messes that are made as well as runny noses or any other bodily function you might come across!

  104. Amber says:

    My tip is to bring along snacks, it’s a great way to keep them busy when you hear “Mommy I’m hungry…” 100 times 😉 Bring along easy to clean and easy to store treats such as raisins, Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, mini pretzels, etc. It saves time and money from having to stop on the way, and they store well and won’t make too much of a mess if spilled.

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  115. cathiem says:

    Try to make the vacation START from thr minute you leave your house.

  116. allyson ayala says:

    the vacation is what you make it be…stay calm cool and collected, and things will be great

  117. Tricia Andrews says:

    Make sure everyone’s medications are packed, and take photocopies of prescriptions in case meds get lost on the trip. Have your health insurance card with you (with a photocopy packed seperately). If traveling to a foreign country, check out medical facilities in the area, and consider getting travelers insurance that cover medical needs. A few hundred dollars in travel insurance is better than a $20,000 medical evacuation back to the US bill!

  118. jennifer says:

    A DVD player in the car!

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  121. nicole says:

    Pack a tag jr. It is awesome for toddlers to use and makes a lot of fun sounds and tells stories.

  122. Lori A. says:

    You definately need to plan stops if it’s a long trip in the car. I like to try and find rest stops or plan around meals. You canfind nice parks in the areas you’ll be driving to stop for a picnic lunch where the kids can run around a bit. Of course, you should always have plenty of “back-up” activities for in the car.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

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  131. Shanna says:

    It is always a good idea to take disinfectant spray. Use it when you have to make stops at public restrooms.

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  139. Patrick Coleman says:

    Make plenty of stops while driving to break up the little ones boredom

  140. Shanna says:

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  141. Ashley S says:

    DVD player!! but also keep as much of a routine as possible. Children are very perceptive to change

  142. Jeff says:

    Lock the car doors!

  143. Judith says:

    I would like to say leave the toddler with grandma but I don’t think that is exactly what you were thinking.
    My tip is to plan, plan plan. If there is a long car ride plan to stop every 2 hours, food potty and stretching. But don’t overly stimulate the toddler. make sure you have all important document adn enjou the trip.

  144. Judith says:

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  148. april j says:

    When we travel with our toddler son on the airplane I always have lots of snacks for him.
    Along with a variety of small toys so we can keep him busy.

  149. hollowsins says:

    I take a little of everything i could possibly need.Travel sized items are great for making a toddler/baby to go bag.I have a cosmetic bag with tylenol,bandaids,aloe wipes,neosporin etc so it is all always there and together

  150. Cynthia Mercado says:

    I always have a bag of tricks and treats available. This includes but not limited to: books, toys, wipes, coloring books, crayons.

  151. hollowsins says:

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  152. Nanette Olson says:

    Wrap small toy gifts and give them to the child throughout the trip, when they get restless.

  153. sandra says:

    always carry wipes for dirty hands and faces and butts

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  167. Judith says:

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  168. Linda says:

    My travel tip is to travel during nap time or in the evening when they would fall asleep while traveling.

  169. Heather S says:

    Bring a portable dvd player and games to keep them occupied

  170. anna t. says:

    A portable DVD player is a must.

  171. Denise B. says:

    We bring along a portable dvd player and some Veggie Tales dvd’s.

  172. Erica says:

    I always bring entertainment coloring books, dvds etc., extra clothes in a seperate travel bag that stays in the car so i dont have to dig through the luggage if an accident occurs before we arrive.

  173. Carol says:

    Pack lots and lots of varied snacks for any trips.

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  181. Ellen P. says:

    I try to bring toys and books they have not seen in a long time to make them exciting.

  182. Monique Rizzo says:

    Bring a variety of snacks and pack an actvity bag with crayons,color books etc.
    Thanks for the chance.

  183. Ellen P. says:

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  185. Katrina says:

    My advice is to pack some healthy snacks and some books and maybe a favorite toy for each of your little ones, but not to over-do it…Have fun with your Summer travel!!


  186. Carrie says:

    Our survival tip is to lower our expectations for how things will go, and build in lots of free time to the schedule. And to take as many small, new toys as possible, since these keep the kids’ attention better than the toys they know and love.

  187. Joanna Price says:

    I pack outfits into Ziploc bags, so I have all the pieces (socks, undershirts, etc) all ready together!

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  191. shannon says:

    bring CDs… sing alongs prevent crying! 🙂

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  193. lilshuga2001 says:

    Always pack lotsa snacks and lil activity things….. 🙂

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  198. nan lara says:

    i would suggest their own pull son who was almost 2 felt like a big boy going through the airport pulling his..he even pushed it all around during our layover and wore himself out..he then slept nicely on the plane
    nannypanpan at

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  202. Michelle says:

    Always take along lots of snacks! Hungry toddlers are not fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  206. Katie Kaminski says:

    Get a DVD player

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  209. Linda Lansford says:

    Make sure they have toys and a dvd

  210. Sarah Hirsch says:

    if you’re driving, try to drive during naptime or bedtime when possible

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  213. We prefer to drive at night. The next morning we may be a bit tired, but our daughter sleeps through the whole trip!

  214. Susan Bywater says:

    My travel tip is snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Things like goldfish crackers that take a while to eat.

  215. Jacob says:

    My best tip is about the actual activities. When you have a toddler it is a good idea to go to a place that has places for the toddler to have a good time too. Walking tours are an excellent activity. Your toddler can walk or you can push the stroller and both of you will enjoy the scenery. Botanical gardens and zoos have things that will stimulate your child and you can enjoy it too!

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  220. Ken M says:

    Travel tip – don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks. You never know when you’ll get stuck somewhere

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  226. Aura says:

    take frequent stops to let them let off energy and take a full change of clothing for yourself too

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  228. Rachel C says:

    I make sure my kids bring one (small) toy from home, and LOTS of fun snacks!

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  232. Julie says:

    Lots of snacks and books!

  233. Katie says:

    Bring plenty of toys even though they may take up some room, tots have short attention spans and get bored easily. Also funny music to play on the CD player , my kids always love sing alongs even if they cant pronounce all of the words , makes it even cuter!!!!

  234. Katie says:

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  237. hjm says:

    We try to stay near a playground or park when choosing hotels. Good to have somewhere outside to go.

  238. Donna says:

    sign me up

  239. Lisa Davis says:

    Find out where all the parks/children’s museums/etc. are before you leave and make sure to get the kids out at least once a day to play and run amuck!

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  246. Darlene Alexander says:

    Keep baggies(s) of nutritional snacks handy and if they each have their own they will be much happier.

  247. Cynthia C says:

    My tip is to take some sort of backpack to carry the toddler in.

  248. Cynthia C says:

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  250. Vickie Couturier says:

    My best tip ive learned thru the years is if at all possible travel at night,the kids will sleep thru most of the ride


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  259. Sharon A says:

    Pack a bag with toys, snacks in small amounts to distract a toddler when they get antsy.

  260. Nicole says:

    Pack lots of snacks!

  261. Nicole says:

    twitter follower momsavesmoney

  262. Keep something for them to occup themselves with… coloring books, etc.

  263. Annette D says:

    When my kids were too young to understand the concept of time, they still asked the question that all parents dread “When will we get there?’” To give them an answer that they could understand, we would tell them in terms of their favorite TV shows. So 1/2 hour would be, “we will be there in one Barney.” The answer seemed to satisfy them because they understood how long the Barney show lasted.

  264. Annette D says:

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  267. Kristen says:

    Pack plenty of snacks because you don’t always know when/where you’ll be able to get something, and a hungry kid is a cranky kid! ….adults too, for that matter!

  268. When traveling whether is going overseas or other state make sure you have books, toys that they love to keep them occupied. Always travel close to their sleepy time, take their favorite soft music with them (great in the car)
    Hope that help!
    showmemama @ ymail dot com

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  274. Stephanie Grant says:

    I always keep my sons favorite snacks and toys in the car while traveling and we stop often to let him streatch his legs and keep him happy in the car seat!

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  281. Katie Stewart says:

    We just took a car trip to Idaho a few days ago and we left at our son’s nap time so that he could start out the trip with a good long nap. It worked great, he woke up happy and was good the rest of the car trip (about 4 hours). Also, I think you should bring a few favorite toys/items, as well as a few new things they’ve never seen (a new coloring book or toy, etc.) Also, bring plenty of plastic bags and baby wipes, they are great for mess clean ups!!

  282. Linda F says:

    Pack lots of different snacks.

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  285. anna t. says:

    My kids insist on the portable DVD player when traveling.

  286. Lori A. says:

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  287. Tara V says:

    The best tip I have for traveling with toddlers is make sure you have lots of fruit or another health snack for the little ones to munch on during the ride!

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  299. Veronica Murillo says:

    So far we only did small trip with the kids, by car, so I always pack lots of snack, Capri Suns, for them. And in the car…portable DVD player!!

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  303. Main: My tot travel tips are: 1. Take a pack-and-play if you can. This saved us big time on our last hotel stay! 2. Take your toddler’s favorite pillow and blanket and stuffed animal for the familiarity and security. 3. Take some “new” play things they have not seen before or in a long time, so they will be more entertained.

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  308. Patti Berry says:

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    keep you toddler comfortable and bring lots of snacks.

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    A portable DVD player makes the trip go faster for little ones.

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  321. kim says:

    bring lots of choices for them to play with because you never know what they’ll be in the mood to do

  322. R Hicks says:

    Take along a bag of their favorite toys and give him or her one to play with. When they bore of it then hand them another one~

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  323. mickeyfan says:

    Keep your sense of humor! Things WILL go wrong, kids WILL be cranky, etc etc. It’s how YOU deal with it that can make or break a trip. (And if possible, at the end of the “ordeal” take a day where you can decompress, do laundry,etc without having to get right back into the grind.)

  324. Cynthia R says:

    Always bring the child’s favorite toy, book, stuffed animal and blanket.

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  328. Kristi C says:

    I always make sure to have drinks and snacks on hand when we travel.

  329. Anne says:

    My best tip is too be flexible, and take lots of snacks.

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  339. Becca says:

    Not having kids of my own but with a newphew, when I travel with him I notice my sister always has plenty of food on hand, and lots and lots of baby wipes!

  340. polly says:

    always remember to bring their favorite toy/security blanket when traveling!

  341. polly says:

    publicly follow gfc

  342. Ro says:

    I think it is important to bring some entertainment in the hotel for your little one. I don’t bring all their toys but a favorite toy, a special blanket, and great dvds. This makes the trip a lot less stressful :D!

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  356. LT says:

    My tip is to take some of their own toys they are familar with, and maybe 1 or 2 small new things for distraction! And don’t forget snacks!

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  363. Rosie says:

    Planning ahead to avoid delays, hotels that aren’t child friendly, and bad food at restaurants and hotels. Working with a travel company really helps. Also, be sure to pack healthy snacks for those long trips.

  364. Erin M. says:

    Never underestimate the power of a portable DVD player!
    Elmo and Dora can surely save your peace and quite on a road trip.

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    My tip for traveling with a Toddler is stick to his/her schedule. Don’t mess with the nap/sleep routine!

  373. Jennifer G. says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway – @take2mommy – at 10:40 pm est on 6/28. Dunno how to put the url in here!

  374. Tara O. says:

    Snacks are a must. You never know when you might be stuck somewhere or if your schedule will be off.

  375. Schmitt says:

    The emergence of cheap and nearly disposable digital media players that can hold a few hours of kids shows and movies are a boon for traveling with little ones.

  376. Chrysa says:

    Always keep lots of healthy (and non-messy) snacks on hand. Empty belly = crabby kid!

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  381. Danielle says:

    bring familiar items like a stuffed animal or blankie. sometimes being in a new place can be overwhelming so it helps make it feel more like home.

  382. Danielle says:

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  385. Kathy Scott says:

    I believe that if you take your kids with you everywhere you go from the beginning they will be great travelers as they grow up. A portable dvd player is a must for a road trip.

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  391. Angela Winesburg says:

    Make sure you have lots of games and toys to keep them entertained so they don’t get bored and start to complain, thanks!

  392. Jennifer says:

    MAKE sure you bring lots of towels and baby wipes

  393. Jennifer says:

    I follow you on twitter (@jkgorcery)

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  395. Jen says:

    Bring way more clothes than you think you’ll need for them!

  396. Robin says:

    Lots of distractions and toys.

  397. Louis says:

    as many the previous posters stated, bringing plenty of snacks is essential to keep your toddler occupied and happy.

  398. Laura says:

    We bring snacks and toys that the kids don’t have at home – they behave really well in order to earn these treats

  399. Amanda S. says:

    Don’t forget to bring their special toy/blankie/etc., and then don’t forget to bring it home!

  400. marci p says:

    If you travel on a plane, bring lollypops with you. It helps them get through the pressure change easier

  401. Autumn b. says:

    bring lots of healthy snacks so you don’t have to eat out of the vending machine

    autumn398 @

  402. Jennifer says:

    I follow Marriott on twitter (@jkgorcery)

  403. Phil says:

    Whether driving or flying, we always try to travel overnight so the kids can stay on a normal sleep schedule.

  404. Daniel M says:

    always bring a 1st aid kit!

  405. Brittany says:

    Don’t expect too much out of them. Sometimes while we are on vacation I want to go and see everything but my 1 year old may not have the same plan. I think just going with the flow is key. If I get stressed out then no one has fun.

  406. Brittany says:

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  411. Amy Howe says:

    dont forget their binkie!!! the vacation will be a lot happier for everyone

  412. priscilla hogrewe says:

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  413. Sonya says:

    Bring lots of snacks, and bring a couple of new toys/coloring books that will keep them busy!

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  416. paul haddock says:

    Their favorate blanket

  417. michelle robbins says:

    Dont travel alone

  418. Rachel Higgs says:

    Make sure they can see you in a stickup mirror

  419. Leslie Price says:

    I don’t know much about traveling with kids, but I’d suggest you check with your hotel about babysitting options. It’s your vacation, too- a little adult time alone is your right!

  420. Rosanne says:

    Dried foods like crackers with cheeese and peanut butter are good to have along.

  421. Rosanne says:

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  427. Darcy B says:

    Always carry zip lock bags, I’ve saved many a trip with a zip lock bag. Trip to Disneyland, son will not part with giant sucker–put it in a zip lock for later. My little one had an ugly diaper leakage that got on his blankie–it smelled so bad–even after trying to wash it in a bathroom–anything else would have been tossed–when we got to our hotel he was still crying—the woman that checked us in was just getting off work—she took it home and washed and brought it back to the hotel 2 hours later (I cried—she was so sweet–she told me she remembered when her children were that age–and she missed it–and was happy to help—she was a life saver!!!) One trip up the California coast –we were on a windy road over looking the ocean—one lane–no where to pull over–and my daughter gets car sick—zip lock bag to the rescue—I had her throw up in the bag & ziped it closed—-believe me I’ve had several occasions where one of them throws up all over the other 2—–it’s a lot less traumatic to give them each a bag.

  428. Sonya Allstun says:

    the vtech handheld learning system is great to take on trip they will pass the time playing while they are still learning

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  440. Jennifer gersch says:

    bring stimulating toys for kids to play with

  441. kimbly says:

    Bring lots of small non sticky/messy snacks. Invest in a portable dvd player and bring educational fun shows for the kiddies to watch!

  442. cynthia layton says:

    sippy cup need i say more

  443. Always bring a first aid kit!

  444. I voted for you at Top Mommy Blogs!

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  450. Heather Moses says:

    My number one tip is carrying a potty seat with you. When we went off to Destin,FL last year , we didn’t know the “clean” spots to stop and use the rest areas so the potty seat came in handy !! Babies were comfortable and thats what matters :o)

  451. Heather Moses says:

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  456. pat says:

    I woud like to win this one.

  457. dddiva says:

    Bring them a bag of things fun and appropriate for their ages- etch a sketch is great for this, especially if you don’t want a mess.

  458. dddiva says:

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  461. Melanie says:

    Bring their favorite stuffed animal, otherwise they won’t sleep in the car without him!

  462. Heather says:

    Bring an extra set of clothes for the kids!

  463. katie says:

    My tip is to bring snacks–paying for convenience on the go will cost ya!

  464. katie says:

    I follow on Google 🙂

  465. vicki andrew says:

    bring a small bag of toys, coloring books and crayons. I keep this up front and dole them out as needed. also easy to eat snacks like grapes, cheese cubes, sandwich squares and lots of water

  466. Erica C. says:

    Always have different kinds of snacks with you!

  467. Melissa B. says:

    Bring their favorite toys and snacks. Bring more clothes than you think you’ll need.

  468. Carla Spence says:

    Wear them out before you leave so that they’ll sleep.

  469. Sean Fidance says:

    Bring lots of snacks and toys.

  470. Anthony Hilden says:

    Best Tip: Travel with family. My son loves to travel with grandpa and grandma…it helps-the more hands, the better.

  471. Eleonore Thomas says:

    Water Wow! by Elmers coloring pads are amazing time eaters! They only use water to “paint” pictures of Dora, Diego, Disney Princesses, Little Einsteins and more, and when the image dries, the pictures can be “repainted” again and again!

  472. susan smoaks says:

    when i travel with toddlers i make sure they get time to use their energy, swimming is a great way to do this

  473. Sarah C says:

    Snacks. Snacks upon snacks upon snacks must be packed. A full kid is much easier to handle than a hungry, cranky one!

  474. Sarah C says:

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  479. Susan Smith says:

    We bring along a portable DVD player so my daughter can watch movies while we are traveling and at the hotel. We also take books and snacks.

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  483. Debra F says:

    I know many would pooh pooh me for this, but for long trip with the kids, there is nothing like the Nintendo DS to save the day.

  484. Karen P says:

    Build in lots of stops to your trip plans for potty breaks

  485. Karen P says:

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  487. shawna says:

    Having a DVD player in the car is the best!

  488. DanV says:

    My tip is to bring magnet boards to play with

  489. Ani says:

    I would take lots of little toys and for sure some color wonder markers & paper so they can be creative without the mess.

  490. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    make sure to bring their favorite snacks!

  491. Jennifer M says:

    We make several stops so my 2 year old can get out and run around (rest stops are good for this).

  492. Maggie M says:

    My tip is to take extra snacks and pack disposable spoons and forks.

  493. steven lewis says:

    If flying, ship un-necessary luggage to your destination and bring snacks and fluids for all

  494. johanna says:

    I have a portable DVD player in the car to let him watch movies… works all the time

  495. brian e. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…my toddler tip when traveling on a plane is to invest in a “CARES” (child aviation restraint system) that is designed for children between 22-44lb who are able to sit in their own airplane seat….it works !!!

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  496. brian e. says:

    Follow Marriott on Twitter: @brianpiero

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  503. Gianna says:

    Bring a backpack full of toys, games, books and activities to keep them busy.

  504. Michelle H. says:

    Bring snacks and interesting toys or books. And make sure to have potty breaks.

  505. Michelle H. says:

    Email subscriber.

  506. Trina C says:

    I only the pack enough diapers for the first day or so and then buy the rest when I get to my destination, saves room in the suitcase and when you have to pay per bag it helps.

  507. Trina C says:

    I follow u on twitter @couponsiwant

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  510. Leigh says:

    We ask for a ground level room so we don’t have to nag nag nag about the little ones feet pounding on the floor. How do feet so small make an elephant sized noise? lol

  511. Leigh says:

    I am following Marriott on Twitter under @leighbra

  512. Geoff K says:

    My number one tip for traveling with toddlers is to avoid trying to change their routine or schedule too much, even when changing time zones, because disaster can result! In addition, we try to have “practice runs” at home when we prepare the tykes for traveling and being on a plane, complete with a bag full of snacks and toys that they’ve helped pick out so we can be sure they’ll be happy with their diversions when actually in air. Thanks!

  513. Geoff K says:

    I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs – good luck!

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  520. Justine says:

    My travel tip would be to remember to bring their comfort items like blankets, pillows and stuffed friends. I also recommend getting a portable DVD player or your laptop and hitting up Redbox, you can’t beat $1 for new movies!!!

  521. Justine says:

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