10 Tips For Managing & Organizing Your Family

By Shannon Gosney
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April 13, 2010
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My 3 boys and I now live with my parents in California. My stepmom is great at organizing and scheduling! I asked her for suggestions for the 10 tips for managing and organizing your family. Here is a list we came up with together! Also, please understand that I have not mastered anyof these tips in my life, but strive to master them. I do the best I can do and continue to improve every day.

(1) Have a family calendar where everybody knows the schedule of the other members of the family. This is very important when you have different people that need to be transported to different places. Keep the family calendar in a visible place (i.e. the refrigerator).

(2) Before going to bed, be sure the kitchen and living room are clean. It’s refreshing to wake up in a clean living space.

(3) Assign a day of week to different chores you have. For example, I like to wash the sheets and Mop on Mondays, toilets (bathroom) on Tuesdays, etc.

(4) Include children in helping with household chores. Having your children help with chores teaches them responsibility and helps the chores to get done more quickly.

(5) When children are playing with toys, have them play with one type of toy at a time. Too many toys leave them overstimulated and created a clutter-filled home. (I am still learning this one.)

(6) Establish routines with your kid. Routines help children to feel comfortable because they learn to know what to expect.

(7) Ensure that young children get naps. Not only does it reduce the amount of drama in the later afternoon and evening, but it gives you some down time as well. This is a necessity for any mom!

(8) Don’t overbook. It gets very easy to sign up for activity after activity and commit yourself to helping others or volunteering for different events. Overbooking can create stress for you and your family.

(9) Enlist the help of your spouse and/or family to help out with the kids. This gives you a chance to get some down time.

(10) Get some “me” time. I truly believe every mother needs some “me” time. Whether it’s going to the grocery store alone, sitting down to read a book, or going out on a date. Get some “me” time!

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  1. These are such great tips, Shannon! I totally agree about a schedule, routine and especially naps for the little ones! I hope your post wins you the GC, I’m sure with the 3 boys, you are always in need of clothes – especially undies and socks… I remember those days! πŸ™‚

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