Rice Krispies Treats Springtime Garden

By Shannon Gosney
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March 24, 2010

As many of you know, I have the opportunity to serve as a Rice Krispies Ambassador through The Motherhood. I received a box containing a bag of marshmallows and a box of Rice Krispies. I was challenged to create a recipe that followed this theme: “Easter’s more fun with yummy Rice Krispy Treats Recipes.” I sat down and brainstormed and finally came up with a fun Easter idea surrounding Rice Krispies Treats! I call it “Rice Krispies Treats Springtime Garden.”

Rice Krispies Treats Springtime Garden


2 tbsp butter
2 cups marshmallows
Green food coloring
3 cups Rice Krispies Cereal


2 tbsp butter
2 cups marshmallows
Food coloring
3 cups Rice Krispies Cereal

To make grass:  Melt butter in saucepan.  Add marshmallows and continuously stir until marshmallows are melted.  Turn off heat and add food coloring until marshmallows are shade of green desired.  Stir until well mixed in and smooth looking.  Add Rice Krispies Cereal and stir, until evenly coated.  Spread in bottom of bread pan or 8×8 pyrex dish.  Flatten with buttered spatula (prevents treats from sticking).

To make eggs:  Melt butter in saucepan.  Add marshmallows and continuously stir until marshmallows are melted.  Turn off heat and add desired food coloring color and stir continuously until well blended.  Add Rice Krispies Cereal and coat evently.  Spoon into dish and allow treats to cool for 10 minutes.  When cool to the touch, grab a handful of Rice Krispies Treats.  Shape with hands until it looks like an egg.  Decorate the eggs with icing and sprinkles.

To make flowers: Grab a handful of Rice Krispies Treats and create a ball.  You can decorate these more as desired.  Stick a wooden skewer into the flower and stick the other end into the “grass.”  Decorate with a ribbon!  You now have a fun Rice Krispies Treat Springtime Garden!

Decorate the eggs on the “grass” and add marshmallow bunnies.

***Check out the recipes for other bloggers participating in The Motherhood Campaign as Rice Krispies Ambassadors!***

Disclosure: This is part of a paid campaign sponsored by Rice Krispies® cereal.

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18 Responses to “Rice Krispies Treats Springtime Garden”

  1. I love the bunnies. They are so cute!

  2. That’s too pretty to eat! Great ideas.

  3. Caryn B says:

    How creative you are! LOVE IT!

  4. Anne G says:

    This is so cute. I have about 3 unopened boxes of rice krispies in the pantry, I think I should make rice krispie treats.

  5. Angela says:

    cute!! I love rice Krispy treats!!!!

  6. Chefdruck says:

    What an adorable scene! I love that you made the grass out of Rice Krispies. Someone is going to have an amazing snack biting into that. Adorable!

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  8. This is just UBER-cute! You did a fantastic job! LOVE IT!

  9. I swear there must be something wrong with me because I just can’t get it right when it comes to rice crispies treats. They’re either too hard or too gooey. Too gooey is ok but if they are too hard…yuck and messy. I’ll have to try again.

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  11. That is SO cute… I would never have thought of that. I love to make Krispie treats (my boys say I make the best ones in the WHOLE world) and don’t ever make them in any shape except boring squares. This is just so creative, I bet your boys loved them. Great job.

  12. These are adorable!! I think my daughter would really enjoy creating them!

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  14. Wow..this is the best recipe I’ve ever found..!! I wish I can make rice krispies by my self.

  15. Would you believe it if I told you I’ve never been able to make soft rice crispie treats?! Mine are always too hard. I’m going to try your recipe. 🙂

  16. Elena says:

    Your treats look so cute! I have never made rice Krispie treats before.

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