Monday Mingle – March 8th, 2010

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
March 7, 2010

Welcome to Monday Mingle! Monday Mingle was started by Jennifer at Eighty MPH Mom and it’s a lot of fun….and REAL!!! Feel free to join in and mingle with us!

P.S. We actually pay them on a weeklyΒ basis and we also eat Lorna Doones (shortbread) throughout the year!

P.P.S. Brian’s note at the end was NOT planned – lol!

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16 Responses to “Monday Mingle – March 8th, 2010”

  1. Mellisa says:

    How fun to let your son join in!! I would love to do this with my kids — but I think they would be making silly faces the whole time!!

    Happy Monday Mingle!

  2. LOL – Brian is pretty funny! He sure does a lot of chores – that is awesome! It really is helpful too. Mine did chores at an early age too. As my hubby would say “it builds character” LOL

    I really do wish I liked camping…I think in the right setting with the right people and guarantee of no bears, I might like it (gee, I don’t ask much do I).

    Thanks for mingling Shannon!

  3. Angel says:

    I am hopping on this carnival this week for the first time.. I refuse to allow my kids in lol they would be camera hogs and embarass the life outta me..

  4. Karie says:

    He is so cute Shannon! I love his curls, he reminds me of my youngest boy with the long hair and curls, so cute. HA HA I couldn’t get into the Girl Scouts. Yes we put our Thin Mints in the freezer too! I love them! We have the Tagalongs too….YUMMO! Have a great week lady!

  5. Hi Shannon!!!!
    I really like your idea for the allowance.
    What are these Samoa’s I keep hearing about? Seriously, we only have 2 kinds here and they kinda suck! LOL Kinda bland. Boo!
    Your Son is Hilarious!!! What an opportunist, someone send that boy to art camp! Ha!

    Have a great week, Shannon!


  6. Wow, you really lucked out on the chores your children do. I need to get some of that vibe here. πŸ™‚ Work ethic is a bad word around here. Love the “per year of age” idea but I would go broke if I gave my mom chores.

    The Girl Scouts are going to love the Keebler comment. πŸ™‚

    Have a great week!

  7. I love the way you do chores in quarters! Awesome!
    Your son is cute. I love the curls!
    Tithing is important to teach your kids…

    I LOVE girl scout cookies.
    YUM. Samoas first, then thin mints, then peanut butter ones.
    Thanks for mingling.
    Have a great week!

  8. Alex says:

    What a great way to do allowance!

    I was a girl scout for many years as well. I notice they have changed the names of a lot of the girl scout cookies. My favs are Samoas and Thin Mints too. And the Keebler Grasshopper cookies ARE exactly like Thin Mints. That’s how I get through the off season as well.

    OMG Brian is soooo adorable! Lol. Loved the end.

  9. Chores – wow, you guys are getting a great deal with the chores. I use to charge my parents $1 per chore that added up to about $5 a week.

    Girl Scouts – Yes, the Keebler ones taste a lot like the Thin Mints but I don’t buy them too often or I’ll get burned out by the time the real ones come around.

    Camping – LMAO I love his note at the end.

  10. trishden says:

    Your son is a adorable. All those blond curls!

  11. Awesome that you have assigned chores :).
    bet they LOVE the quarters
    yay on the awards .. I don’t know what it means though
    we freeze ours too
    the kiddos are so cute

  12. Badger Mom says:

    Love that Brian joined you in the Mingle. He so calm! How did you wind up with a calm kid?? I want one of those!!!

    Like the $$ per age year idea. If we adopt the money route, that’s probably what we’ll be using.

    I put our Thin Mints in the freezer too. I also do that with peanut butter cups. And M&Ms. So GOOD.

    Hope the quarters are enough to get him to art camp. Maybe he should take some drawings door to door. πŸ™‚

  13. That’s a really good system for figuring out an allowance. I love that idea. πŸ™‚
    And I love Brian’s hair. It’s fabulous.

  14. Kayla says:

    Happy Monday Mingle!

    I think your the first mingler I’ve come across yet that actually gives their kids money for chores-I think your payment method is very fair πŸ™‚

    Wow-That is a SERIOUSLY long time you were in Girl Scouts. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone being in it THAT long…Although that’s quite an accomplishment!

    Look at that little toothless cutie ^.^
    I love how your kids are in the mingle this week!!

    I love the ending-The little artist wants to go to camp πŸ˜€

    Have a great week!

  15. Brian is SO sweet, I really enjoyed his mingling with you. I really LOVE the Thin Mints frozen, too, but I cannot buy too many of them because I can eat an entire sleeve in one sitting my self!
    You seemed so embarassed by Brian’s last statement, but don’t, we all know how it is… we have had to say no to our kids about one thing or another and he seems to have taken it in stride. You are a great mom and he know’s it as do we.

  16. Monique Rizzo says:

    I love their Strawberry Jam.
    Thanks for the chance.

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