Dyson or Diamonds This Valentine’s Day?

By Shannon Gosney
In Press Release
February 13, 2010

I learned a very interesting statistic in regards to Valentine’s Day.  More than one-third of women surveyed want a vacuum over a diamond this Valentine’s Day!  Caravan Opinion Research, with the support of Dyson, found that a high-end household appliance to a loved one as a gift is not as controversial as once thought.

Additional findings include:

– 74% would like a special dinner with their loved one
– 55% would like a spa treatment
– One-third would like weekly flowers sent to their home for a month (34%) or a designer pair of shoes or handbag (33%)

I did not receive any compensation for writing this post. 

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8 Responses to “Dyson or Diamonds This Valentine’s Day?”

  1. The Gosfam says:

    Weekly flowers would seem like a little much 🙂 I do like flowers, but they do normally last a little over a week. If I was in need of a vacuum I may choose that over diamonds.

  2. Angela says:

    I would LOVE this vacuum.. I would be happy getting that for Valentines day… I don’t mind stuff like this as gifts but ONLY if I ask for it first. However, my hubby would NEVER buy me something like this as a gift. He said so himself.. He will buy me what I want appliance wise when I ask for it not as a gift.. LOL but as far as this vacuum goes, although I’d love it. I won’t get one until my current one gives out. I don’t like being wasteful 🙂

    Happy Valentines day all!

  3. shelly says:

    I think I’d just take a maid for a day instead of the vacuum!

  4. Robyn says:

    Haha, love it. : ) Ya know, my hubs would actually LOVE to receive a Dyson, as I would prefer the Diamonds ; )

  5. Lori Z. says:

    I got a Dyson from my husband three years ago for my birthday. His friend thought it was weird but he knew it was what I wanted–he’s pretty good that way.

  6. Kayla says:

    I’m not a mum or stay at home wife, but I can totally see wanting a vacuum over diamonds if you are one or both of those things!
    Me, I’m all for the spa experience-Give me a good full body massage and I’ll love you forever. LOL

  7. Wanda says:

    Holy Cow! I’m definitely from the Old School. I’d take the diamond. Then bring me the Dyson next week as a nice lil “just because” surprise!

  8. We are so in need of a new vacuum and I would LOVE that Dyson for my hubby for V-Day; but I would like to get a diamond for myself on V-Day.
    You know a woman CAN have everything!!

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