IKEA: Organizing Throughout the Year

By Shannon Gosney
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January 26, 2010

I had never shopped at IKEA until we lived in Washington.  I remember people saying what great deals they got at IKEA and how their homes were furnished with IKEA products, but I was totally out of the loop and had no idea what they were talking about.  About a year ago, my husband introduced me to the all-wonderful IKEA (angels singing in the background)!  I LOVED it and had so much fun browsing through the store and looking at all of the space saver and design ideas that were available for the different areas of the home.  WOW!

Last week, I had the opportunity to view a “webinar” by IKEA Design Expert, Janice Simonsen, who has served as an IKEA Spokesperson for the past 10 years.  She is amazing and there were so many wonderful ideas presented in the session!  The topic of the session was “12 Months of Great Design with IKEA” and the session lived up to its title.

January is the month of Organization all over the US.  With the start of the New Year, people want their homes organized and decluttered and IKEA is there to help.  They featured the Grundtal Strip and Containers, which are basically spice containers that are fixed onto a metal strip, so you can hold paper clips, thumb tacks, and other small items that may be lying around cluttering your desk.  They have so many great ideas for storage solutions at IKEA!  You’ll also find containers and racks that make use of the vertical space in one’s home – this is also a great idea for de-cluttering your living space.  Check out the SKÄR Shoe Cabinet for maximizing vertical space for the use of storage.  You can use it for shoes, newspapers, you name it.

February is generally the coldest time of year in many parts of the country.  If it’s cold, it may be difficult to get a good night’s sleep.  She recommended having you and your sleep partner use 2 separate quilts, so that you aren’t fighting over the covers (aka “sleep Swedish Style”).  With 2 separate quilts,  you can adjust the temperature to your own needs.  She also recommended IKEA’s Sultan Laxeby, which is a slatted bed base, where you can adjust the slats to your own comfort.  The position of the slats give you a different level of support and springiness.  I really liked the idea of the 3+1 Quilt, which offers both a lighter quilt and a heavier quilt that snap apart.  You can use both during the colder months and the lighter one in the summer. 

March is the month for Spring Cleaning your kitchen.  Save time and space by using Containers that have measurements on them, such as the RARITET Storage Containers.  Another idea is to repackage your products.  For example, pouring your boxes of cereal into stackable containers with an air-tight seal.  Doing this will maximize the space you have and reduce the amount of wasted food.  You should also use lower drawers to store containers with see-through lids, such as the DROPPAR Food Containers with Transparent Lids.  With this idea, you look down and see everything at once instead moving things around in higher cabinets trying to find the item you’re looking for.

In April, we celebrate Earth Day.  IKEA is here to help you find small ways to become more green!  First, select appliances that are Energy Star Certified, such as the NUTID Refrigerator/Freezer. Next, consider the size of the appliance based on your household size. Consider 12 cubic feet of refrigerator space for 2 people and add 2 cubic feet for each additional person. Choose the appliance for the task at hand, such as heating water in the microwave for a cup of tea versus on the stove top with a kettle.

In May, reorganize your bathroom.  The first thing to do to save space and maximize storage is to change out your medicine cabinet.  Consider the LILLÅNGEN Medicine Cabinet, which has 2 mirrored doors and an end unit for additional storage.  You can also maximize the vertical space in your bathroom by using a high cabinet, such as the LILLÅNGEN High Cabinet 1 Door, and Shelves.  Each member of your family can have his or her own shelf, giving each member personal space for bathroom items and taking advantage of the vertical space in the bathroom.  Another idea is to change out the shower curtain or floor mat.  You can do this under $30 and it will change the whole look of your bathroom.

June is all about celebrating the summer and the return of warmer months.  At IKEA, you’ll find Solar Powered Lights.  Not only are they cute, but they use little energy. 

In July, work on graduating your child’s room to the next grade.  Don’t design the room yourself, but get your child involved.  Have him tell you what kind of characters or cartoons he likes.  Give him magazines or cartoons to look through to get an idea of the type of color theme he likes as well.  Next, purchase furniture that can be transitioned over the years, such as the IKEA Minnen Children’s Bed, which has an extendable bed frame.

August’s theme was an important one for us.  We live in an 800 square foot home with 5 people and space is always something we’re lacking.  In August, IKEA focuses on living in small spaces, whether you are a student, have a roommate, or live in a small home like us.  This is where it becomes so important to make use of vertical space available in your home.  The first tip is to keep dominant furnishings in the same color, which help avoid visual clutter and keeps it much more calm.  The second tip is to make efficient use of furnishings, such as using stackable furniture and pulling it out when needed.  She suggested the Lack Side Tables.  The third tip was to declutter your home by storing small items in coordinated storage for a cleaner look, such as with the Kassett Products.

September is focused on optimizing your TV viewing experience.  To prevent eye strain, light up the background of your TV.  Keep the tv at eye level from where you’ll be sitting.  You can also be comfortable while multitasking, such as through the Dave Laptop Table.

October is another storage month.  With the change of weather, it’s the perfect time to clean out your closets.  Look for products that have drawers where you can store extra items, such as under beds or couches.  Look for storage solutions that will fit under the bed or other pieces of furniture.  Use shelves and storage bins like a “crown molding” around the entire perimeter of the room.

November was focused around creating a comfortable guest room.  I thought there were some good ideas, even though we don’t have a guest room at this time in our life.  She talked about providing extra pillows, blankets, and decorations to help your guests feel welcome and at home.

December is the month of family gatherings and holiday parties.  With holiday parties come much food preparation.  IKEA offers the BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart, which has wheels on the bottom for easy maneuverability around the kitchen.  These are great because you can line them up next to the kitchen counter for extra counter space or use them as a beverage and appetizer cart at gatherings.  Your guests can help themselves to food and drinks while you enjoy your party. 

I LOVE IKEA and am amazed at how many wonderful ideas were presented in this webinar.  I look forward to working with IKEA in the future!

I received no product nor compensation for writing this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  2. The Gosfam says:

    I was just introduced to the actual IKEA store this past year. LOVED IT!! A little more then I expected, but FUN stuff. I had to laugh about the sleeping with separate quilts thing. My husband and I already do, because he claims I steal the covers, and it really is the other way around 🙂 Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Kayla says:

    My mum loves IKEA as well, although we don’t get to go as often as we like since it’s more into Chicago(about an hour and a half give or take from where we are). I think IKEA is wonderful, though! They have SO many things for all different kids of people and their prices are so reasonable, you can’t help walking out with more then you intended to leave with. LOL

  4. Thanks for all the great tips, I’m looking forward to trying some if we ever get this house sold, our new one built, and moved! Have a great weekend.

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