“Care Bears: Bear Buddies” DVD Review & Giveaway

By Shannon Gosney
In DVD Reviews
October 31, 2009

Care Bears Bear Buddies

I remember watching “Care Bears” as a little girl.  I remember even owning a Care Bear (or 2 or 3).  I was excited to introduce “Care Bears” to my boys, even though it was somewhat different than what I used to.  Overall, it was the same idea though.  I was excited to review “Care Bears: Bear Buddies” on DVD!  My boys enjoyed watching it as well!

Lionsgate released “Care Bears: Bear Buddies” on DVD on September 22nd, 2009.  Included on the DVD are eight never-before-released episodes from the top-rated Saturday morning CBS TV series. While supplies last, the all–new release comes packaged with a lovable toy bear buddy making for an incredible value.  These adorable toy bears come in 6 different color characters, but are available for a limited time only, so kids will be eager to search for their favorite color bears on store shelves – and collect them all!  Come journey with the Care Bears into Care-a-lot where the Care Bears learn about being true to themselves and each other.  Watch as Share, Oopsy, Love-a-lot and the rest of the Care Bears embark on new adventures that focus on “friendship” from creating a rockin’ music band to trying to cheer up a sad friend. Care Bears: Bear Buddies teaches kids valuable lessons about being true to themselves and each other, understanding, and forgiveness – themes of emotional intelligence that help kids develop and are mom-friendly.  The DVD retails for $14.98.

1 lucky reader on The Mommy-Files will win a copy of “Care Bears: Bear Buddies” on DVD!!!


– What is your favorite Care Bear?


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I received a copy of “Care Bears: Bear Buddies” on DVD from a PR Representative to review for this post! All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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387 Responses to ““Care Bears: Bear Buddies” DVD Review & Giveaway”

  1. We love the Lucky Green Carebear. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Bridgette Groschen

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  6. Alicia Webster says:

    I don’t know the name but I like the one with the rainbow on her tummy.

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  10. the one with the sun on her tummy. i cant remember her name. my room was care bears when i was little!

  11. Cheryl W says:

    My favorite Care Bear is Good Luck bear (Green one with the shamrock). I loved him so much I even wanted a tatoo of him on my chest when I was 7. Thank goodness I didn’t follow through when I grew up. LOL

  12. Cheryl W says:

    I voted for you.

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  17. Bekki Orr says:

    Tender Heart Bear was my favorite. I really miss my Tender Heart Bear glass from Pizza Hut. It finally shattered after like 15 years. bekki1820cb@gmail.com

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  21. Amanda Starr says:

    Always loved Grumpy 🙂

  22. Linda Kish says:

    Bedtime bear

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    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  24. Noreen says:

    Good Luck Bear, which is one of the four I still have from when I was a kid and now my girls play with

  25. Noreen says:

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  26. My favorite was Baby Hugs from the original set..pink one with the diaper
    My daughter likes Love-a-lot-bear and Tenderheart

  27. I follow on twitter

  28. A Kruse says:

    It is a toss-up between Grumpy Bear (he was so endearing!) and Love-a-lot Bear. Oh, this takes me back. I would love to share it with my kids!

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  32. Vickie Couturier says:

    My favorite would be Cheer Bear

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  37. adrienne Gordon says:

    Funshine bear.

  38. Jamie Z says:

    Funshine bear is my favorite!

  39. denise says:

    I liked Funshine bear too. I also liked the rainbow one.

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  44. Julie Cutshaw says:

    main entry: mine would be Tenderheart Bear

  45. corrie says:

    omg i used to love the care bears, i like funshine bear with the sunshine on his belly.

  46. carol says:

    funshine is one of my favorites.,.would love to win this for my grandkids..thanks for the great giveaway

  47. My favorite Care Bear is grumpy bear because he needs lots of love. : )

  48. Twitter follower
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  49. jakell meckley says:

    sunshine bear!

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  58. Tanya Ramirez says:

    I loved funshine bear as a child

  59. Ellen C. says:

    I like Sunshine bear. Thanks for the chance.

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  63. Heather S says:

    Sunshine bear

  64. cindy berg says:

    funshine bear also

  65. judy brittle says:

    I have always loved Funshine bear. They are all so cute! Thank you!

  66. judy brittle says:

    I clicked to vote. I hope thats the way to do it.

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  70. Jaime P says:

    I haven’t seen Care Bears for awhile, but I remember Tender Heart

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  74. I always LOVED Cheer Bear!

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  77. christopher h says:

    harmony bear

  78. Sunshine Bear is our favorite Care Bear.

  79. following you thru google friends

  80. LyndiLou says:

    I like Wish Bear… because I like stars, and the Wish Bear has stars on it’s tummy!

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  88. We like Wish Bear and his buddy Twinkers!

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  90. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    My grandkids love Harmony Bear. Thanks!

  91. Leona P says:

    I like sunshine bear

  92. I have your button on my blog!

  93. Shelley Mitchell says:

    I loved sunshine bear!! I would love to win this for my cousin. She has 3 boys and finally just had her baby girl she wanted to so badly. She needs some girly movies for little girl – she has so much boy stuff but not much girl stuff. My fingers are crossed!

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    i am trying to remember the care bears names. I think Sunshine bear was my favorite

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  105. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I like Good Luck Bear.

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    I like the Sunshine Bear! Thanks!

  108. Marie says:

    We’ve always liked Love-a lot!

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  111. Rachel Sue says:

    My favorite is cheer bear

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    I like Bedtime Bear!

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  115. Emilee says:

    I like Hugs and Tugs

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  118. Katrina says:

    Definitely sunshine bear 🙂

  119. Tanya says:

    Sunshine Bear is my fave

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  122. Gayle J says:

    Our favorite was Cheer Bear

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  129. Erica C. says:

    Good Luck Bear is our favorite 🙂

  130. Katherine C. says:

    When I was a kid I had the carebear with a cupcake on his tummy. That is my favorite, although I have forgotten the name of the bear now.

  131. Kimberly R says:

    My favorite is Funshine Bear.

  132. angie says:

    My favorites are Tuggs and Huggs, the baby carebears.

  133. Felicia K says:

    I like Harmony Bear.

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    I voted for you.

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  140. Kenny N says:

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  141. Kris says:

    I love Rainbow Bear.

  142. Tender Heart is my fav

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    I like Good Luck Bear.

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  149. Daniel M says:

    don’t know anything about care bears other than my niece is a fan and would love this

  150. Chacoy says:

    I like Good Luck Bear:) Do you remember the Care Bear Stare? TOOOOOOO CUTE!

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  153. I always loved the Grumpy care bear. Someone’s gotta love bad guy right? lol

  154. I like Funshine Bear.

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  156. erica g says:

    My favorite Care Bear is Cheer Bear!

  157. I loved Funshine Bear!

    I follow on twitter! @lovelyk

  158. Jill Myrick says:

    Our favorite Care Bear is Loves-A-Lot.

    THank you so much for the chance to win.


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  165. fave care bear is Love a lot Bear

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  167. My daughter likes the Rainbow bear…

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  171. Brandy C says:

    My fave care bear is funshine bear!

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  176. Jill P. says:

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    My favorite bear was always TenderHeart bear!

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  181. Cristi says:

    I used to watch Care Bears as a child. I would love to win this for my daughter for Christmas!

  182. I like Tenderheart! Thanks!

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  185. ReggieMann says:

    Favorite is Grumpy Bear 😀

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  187. Ed Nemmers says:

    Funshine Bear!

  188. Erma says:

    I like Cares alot bear.

  189. I follow on Twitter @coriwestphal

  190. Annette E says:

    My favorite is Share Bear.

  191. shawna says:

    I like Sunshine Bear!

  192. Melanie says:

    Cheer Bear was always my favorite.
    But Grumpy Bear always cracked me up as a kid.

  193. Amy DeLong says:

    grumpy is my favorite


  194. Amy DeLong says:

    I voted


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  197. susan smoaks says:

    grumpy bear is my favorite care bear

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  201. Leslie S. says:

    I like the twins,baby hugs and baby tugs.Thanks!

  202. Roxann says:

    I like Grumpy bear.

  203. nan lara says:

    i’ve always like share bear

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  207. Maggie M says:

    Grumpy Bear of course, how can you not relate on a bad day 🙂

  208. Renee Weiner says:

    Lov a lot is my fav bear. I have a family of care bears.

  209. Bridget Michelle Combs says:

    Grumpy is my favorite

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  213. Gianna says:

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    Grumpy Bear will always be my favorite!!

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