Monday Mingle

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
October 25, 2009

I was making the Monday Mingle and ran out of batteries and wasn’t able to get to a few questions.  The first was if I could make an animal noise – lol!  Maybe next week, I’ll do that – lol!  The second question I was asked is if I would consider adopting.  Definitely in the future someday.  The third question was if my hair is naturally curly?  Yep, it’s naturally curly.  I used to hate having curly red hair when I was younger because kids would tease me about it.  Now I LOVE it!!!  So, here is the Monday Mingle I was able to record! 🙂

Untitled from Shannon S on Vimeo.

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12 Responses to “Monday Mingle”

  1. Karie says:

    You would look gorgeous in pink! With your red hair and complexion!

    Wayne Gretzsky is super rude….most hockey players are. Woot on Donnie….I used to have such a girly crush on him back in the day.

    LOL On the grocery cart handle, I totally feel the same way!

    Hooray on the limerick/poem!

    Happy monday.

  2. Mrs. Cox says:

    What a cute poem! 🙂

    Your battery ran out at a good time though, at least it wasn’t mid sentence. LOL

    Your hair is beautiful!

    I’d imagine hockey players to be rude, not sure why. I could just see it.

  3. Really?
    A friend of mine met Gretsky when he was still playing for the Oilers
    {Ya, Edmonton – he so rocked the Oilers!}
    Anyway, she didn’t say if he was rude or not…I’ll have to ask her.
    I hate hearing that celebrities are rude. I mean, you might get sick of the attention – but that’s kinda your job!! LOL
    Anyway, you did marvelous – and Eww, not sure I’d do either….
    how much would someone have to pay you to lick that shopping cart, Shannon?!?!
    Off to see Karie’s now….
    Monday Mingles rock…still gathering up the courage…


  4. kristin says:


  5. Andrea says:

    I love your “pink” tongue! And your poem was perfection.

  6. Aline says:

    Not sure what Monday Mingle was supposed to be about, but it definitely cracked me up. Just so you know I grew up with bone straight black hair, but always wanted curly red as a kid. The grass always looks greener on the other side. Also, you are doing something for breast cancer awareness just by simply running the giveaways. On the adoption thing about 5 years ago my husband and I became foster parents (No most foster parents are not evil! It’s a shame people only hear about the bad ones). We ended up adopting one of the babies that was assigned to our family. We already had 2 older boys. Needless to say our daughter is the love of our lives. She is the “baby” in a family of adults and gets tons of attention and love from all; grandparents, my son’s friends, our friends, cousins. Would definitely recommend adoption if you have the patience, time, and love to spare.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Your limerick was cute – good job! Erin is right – your battery died at a good time LOL. You managed to get in all the questions somehow LOL.

    Wayne Gretzky was rude?? Oh wow – that makes me sad. I always thought he seemed like a nice guy, but what do I know?

    You have the best hair – I would love it too!

    Thanks for mingling again Shannon!

  8. Lauren says:

    Haha, loved that the pink was your tongue.

    Boo on Wayne! I agree with Tammi, it is their job! If you don’t want the attention, then don’t be famous! lol.

    Loved your poem! So cute.

    Your hair is awesome, I always want curly hair like that! I have the complete opposite. Ah well! Your rock it though! 🙂

  9. Yay for naturally curly hair. I used to hate mine as a child too but now I’m secretly wishing my daughter will have curly hair when it grows in. 🙂

    Your poem was so cute. I completely skipped mine since I failed to read the questions ahead of time. 🙂

  10. Kayla says:

    Aw, that limerick was adorable!! I think you can count a limerick and a rhyme as one in the same-So your safe 😀
    Although, I’m totally with you on the celebrity thing-I haven’t met ANYONE that I can even remember =/
    It’s kinda sad. Lol

  11. Too bad your battery died because I as enjoying it! Very cute and while my first Monday Mingle was finally uploaded I’ve been watching them for a few weeks to learn more about them. I look forward to watching and sharing!

  12. I forgot to tell Jennifer that my shirt wasn’t pink. It’s actually red and white. I don’t own anything pink either! lol .

    It’s great that you love your hair now because it’s beautiful and so are you.

    I almost said maybe he was tired after the hockey game but being tired does not give you the right to be mean/rude.

    See everytime I see you, I know you remind me of someone, however I’m thinking it’s my SIL.

    I said grocerycart handle too! Because they wash them! Uck ick ick! Totally gross question. lol

    Yay! Mamma mia! Now I want to listen to it.

    LOL that’s a cute limerick ! Short and sweet!

    So good to see you again! Enjoy the week!

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