Featured Blogger Friday

By Shannon Gosney
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October 17, 2009

Featured Blogger Friday

I love Featured Blogger Fridays because it gives all of my readers and visitors, as well as myself, a chance to get to know other bloggers out in the blogosphere.  Today, I have the privilege of introducing a blogging friend of mine – Caryn.  I actually had the opportunity to meet her in person at the General Mills Eat and Greet in August 2009.  I love her positive and cheery personality and her blog, Rockin’ Mama is awesome!  Without further ado…..here’s Caryn!!

Featured Blogger Friday - Caryn

 Rockin Mama

What made you choose the name of your blog? 

My husband actually came up with the name.  There are a lot of stereotypes about mothers.  We both wanted a title that would capture moms at their best…still hip, laughing, dancing right alongside their children. 
Who designed your blog? 

Hmmm….tough question…I’ve had several “makeovers”  Chelle from Soodz, Emily from The Little Window Shoppe and most recently Nicole from The Pixel Boutique
Why do you blog? 

It’s a creative outlet for me.  I like to write…I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book.  Right now it’s a way of interacting with other moms and keeping a photographic, journalistic record of my son’s life.
What is the purpose of your blog? 

To be heard….to share information, to connect with other moms, to talk about the products we like and use in our home so that other moms have a resource to go, to bring other moms together, to effect change, to bring to light important issues (wow…so many!), to record my son’s precious moments
Do you have any blogging tips (i.e. from those getting started to those who have been blogging longer than you)? 

Write well…write often….write from your heart…be authentic….  There are a lot of blogs out there….think about how yours will be different and stand out amongst the rest.   Find a way to create community, encourage discussion and interaction on your blog…don’t make it one-way communication
Are you married?  If so, how long? 

Yes…almost 5 years this spring
Do you have children?  If so, how many? 

1 little boy (2) and a little girl on the way
What is your favorite movie of all time?  Wow…just one? 

Gone With the Wind….Timeless…
Who is your favorite actor?

Matt Damon
What is your favorite dessert? 

Tiramisu (hope I spelled that right!)
What is your favorite holiday? 

 And of course, you know me, there has to be a chocolate question.  What is your favorite candy bar?  My favorite??? 

Anything dark chocolate!

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  1. Kayla says:

    Wonderful interview!

  2. I love Caryn… she is so sweet, and I can’t wait for the baby to come, I am sure she is going to be gorgeous, just like her son. I’m also waiting for your baby shower for her!!

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