October is the Month to Think Pink

By Shannon Gosney
In Lifestyle
October 13, 2009

October signifies Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which explains all of the pink products, logos, and bags around you this time of year!  Sadly, most people are familiar with or know someone who has been affected by breast cancer.  You may have a close friend, family member, or your own struggle with breast cancer.  Have you heard anything about the Cyro-Cell Breast Cancer Donation?

I was recently told about Cryo-Cell International, Inc, who is partnering up with the National Institute of Health (NIH) to explore the possibility of utilizing menstrual stem cells to treat breast cancer.  Why menstrual stem cells?  Stem cells from menstrual blood are proven to be a rich source of stem cells.  They have actually become the subject of extensive, aggressive stem cell research and development.  Experts even anticipate that C’elle stem cells will be the next frontier for diagnostic and regenerative medicine.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Cryo-Cell is offering to make contributions to the Susan B. Komen Foundation.  They will give $50 for each purchase of the “Protect Baby, Protect Mom” service and $25 for each purchase of the “C’elle Menstrual Stem Cell” service.  Learn more about the C’Elle Breats Cancer Donation 


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2 Responses to “October is the Month to Think Pink”

  1. Jessica says:

    This sounds like such a great cause, thanks for spreading the word!

  2. As I mentioned on another blog, when I first heard of this, I thought, oh, gross! But, the more I thought of it, the more it made sense. As the uterine wall prepares for a baby, it thickens with enriched blood, but then you don’t get pregnant, it sloughs off, and there must be really nutrient rich stem cells that were ready to provide for a baby. This is truly an amazing field of research and a wonderful cause, thank you so much Shannon for bringing this to our attention.

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