Hasbro Family Games Review & Giveaway

By Shannon Gosney
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September 13, 2009

I love Hasbro products and have had a blast reviewing some of my favorite games in the past few months. Playing games was a big thing in my home growing up. I would play games with my dad and sisters. Usually we had tons of fun. Sometimes, we got competitive, but overall it was a great bonding experience. I’d like for my kids to have a similar type of experience in our family. I was excited to receive some great games, including Scrabble (the Diamond Edition), Connect Four, Battleship, and some fun Card Games!
Hasbro has announced that it’s having it’s first National Family Game Night on Wednesday, September 23rd! On this day, Hasbro is encouraging families to stay home together that night and play games to help families reconnect and reenergize relationships. There are all kinds of games you can play from Hasbro on this night. Check it out!
I love the game of Scrabble and was really excited to receive Scrabble: Diamond Anniversary Edition. It’s actually a game I’m good at and can win at (LOL). Can you tell I’m well qualified in the losing position? It’s funny to see some of the words people will come up with. We just played Scrabble with some friends from church last week. I actually won that game! I ended it with a word that was challenged. If someone doesn’t think the word you put down is real, they can challenge you. If the word isn’t in the dictionary, you lose a turn and have to take your tiles off the board. This word just happened to use the rest of my tiles. I wasn’t sure if it was a word, but thought it might be. They looked it up and it WAS!! I WON! I was super excited. It’s a great game that brings family togethers and introduces you to new words. Tons of fun!
If you love Scrabble, you’ll love the kids version of Scrabble Junior: Dora The Explorer Edition. In this game, kids work to get rid of their tiles by matching their tiles to the letters in the words on the board. Can you spell Diego or finish the end of the word “backpacks?” Each time you complete a word, you win chips. Plus the game is 2-sided – in both English and Spanish!
I remember playing the game of Battleship with my dad growing up. I remember how excited I would be when I finally hit a part of one of his ships. Once I figured out what direction to send my missiles in, the words “You Sunk My Battleship” were heavenly sounding to my ears! This is a family classic and one that should be in every household!
Connect Four is another favorite. They’ve recently come out with themed versions of this game, such as Sponge Bob. However, I received the Classic Connect Four Game, which my boys love. They don’t quite get it yet, but like filling it up with the colored pieces and then releasing the lever and watching them all fall through. I have a lot of fun playing the game with my husband. We laugh regardless of who wins the game! This is another classic game that should be in every household.
Another card game from Hasbro that I love is the all new Scrabble SLAM! Card Game. It’s so much fun! Scrabble Slam is a high-speed four-letter word game. Your goal is to change one letter of the four letter word, creating a new word, until you get rid of all of your cards. This game definitely takes creativity, but can end with lots of laughter! This game is ideal for ages 8 and up!
If you love Monopoly, you’ll love the new Monopoly DEAL Card Game! This is ideal for ages 8 and older. In this fast-paced and addictive card game, your goal is to collect 3 complete property sets. However, there are Debt Collectors, Forced Deals, and Deal Brokers that can change your good luck at any time!
Hasbro has also introduced another new card game called Crazy Old Fish War Card Game. This is a great game for kids ages 7 and up. You’ll enjoy four card games made into one simple, exciting card game! Your goal is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards through Go Fish style matching, declaring War on each turn, using your Crazy 8s to help you, or using the Old Mermaid’s special powers. Your kids and you will have a blast playing this fun card game!

Thanks to Hasbro, 5 lucky readers will receive a game from the Family Game Night Collection (1 winner per items below):
– Scrabble Diamond Edition (1 winner)
– Scrabble Junior: Dora the Explorer (1 winner)
– Connect Four (1 winner)
– Battleship (1 winner)
– Variety of card games including Crazy Old Fish War, SLAM, and DEAL (1 winner)


– Visit Hasbro and tell me in a comment what game is your favorite or a game you’d love to play!


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– Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, September 27th, 2009.**IF YOU SUBMIT A COMMENT AFTER 11:59 PM ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH, IT WILL BE DELETED**
– Please leave your email address in your comment so I can verify you are the winner of the prize. Winners will be responsible for claiming their prize. Email notifications will not be sent out.
– Winners must respond within 48 hours of the winning post or another winner will be chosen.

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  98. Playing games with the family is the glue that keeps them together.
    Rosalinda Vargas
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