Watch What You Say!

By Shannon Gosney
In Mommy Moments
August 29, 2009

I usually don’t swear around my kids. However, today I dropped something on the floor and the words “Son of a bi*!@” slipped out of my mouth. Then, out of the mouth of my 3 year old, as he was heading out to play in the backyard, I heard the same exact words. Oh crud!!!!

I’m hoping and praying he’ll forget all about it and won’t say it again in nursery at church tomorrow. That would definitely be embarrassing to explain!

This had happened once before with my oldest son. I was driving and somebody cut me off, causing me to slam on my brakes. The four letter word that rhymes with duck came out of my mouth. Immediately, I told my one and a half year old that this was a bad word and mommy shouldn’t have said it. I figured I was safe.

Later that night, he was trying to take the Elmo stickers off the sheet and he whispered the exact word I used earlier that day. OH NO!!! He said it one more time. I buried my head in the pillow so he couldn’t see my reaction. Then my husband and I explained that it was a naughty word. Thankfully, it didn’t take him long to forget.

The moral of the story: watch what you say because it may be repeated (by your 1 or 3 year old)!!!

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3 Responses to “Watch What You Say!”

  1. Heather C says:

    Uh-oh! I hate to tell you this, but my little one remembered, word for word, something I had said six months earlier when she was using the salt and pepper shakers from my place settings as cymbals…and said them – no, no – yelled them, in the middle of a busy restaurant.


  2. Aline says:

    Kids seem to have big ears for bad words. They also, tend to learn these words rapidly and use them perfectly within context at a very young age. I used to use the word sh_t frequently while lugging groceries, my babies car seat, and other assorted junk back and forth from house to car. I was tired and overwhelmed and so my vocabulary degraded. Well I bet you can guess what were the first words out of my youngest child’s mouth. I had to clean up my act quickly. My baby had a potty mouth.

  3. mommalovesmee says:

    I agree…! kids pick up such words faster….

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