Girl’s Night Out and Dogs

By Shannon Gosney
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July 30, 2009
Lately, I’ve been having a Girl’s Night Out at least once every 2 weeks. Girls Night Out means that hubby watches his kids and I get to go out and do something with a girlfriend, such as go to a chick flick, go out to eat, or go for ice cream.

We chose to go for ice cream! It was so hot yesterday that the ice cream shop had about 10 flavors left. So of course I chose one with chocolate. Within seconds of stepping outside the door, my ice cream began to drip and melt. We were heading over to some chairs in front of the shop and noticed a pregnant woman trying to clean up the mess from her daughter spilling a cup of ice cream down her leg and on the ground (Vanilla I believe it was). I offered to go in and get some water to help her clean it up.

I came back out and she had it mostly cleaned up but used the water to do a final rinse of her daughter’s sticky legs. The water and the sticky ice cream made a nice mess on the ground, but nothing that wouldn’t dry up within an hour I’m sure.

My friend and I were amazed at how many people walking their dogs wouldn’t let them lick the ice cream/water mixture. I had to laugh! I mean…..these dogs drink out of the toilet and sniff each other’s behinds, but they aren’t allowed to lick up the ice cream and water mixture on the ground?

I had to laugh at one lady that had a pair of pugs (NOTE: I didn’t actually laugh at her). She didn’t want the dogs to lick up the ice cream, but then proceeded to tie them to a newspaper stand right next to the mess. After a few minutes of no success tying them up, she took them over to the door and tied them up there.

Now the poor dogs could watch everyone else eat ice cream. Poor things! I’m not recommending you feed dogs ice cream, but I did feel bad for them. Growing up, my grandma would give her dog a small bowl of Pecan Praline Ice Cream every night – one of those great memories I don’t ever want to forget.

Stay cool and have a Happy Thursday everyone!

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